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[Official Thread] GuiGui Wu Ying Jie ★ [鬼鬼吳映潔] ★ ウー・インジエ


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GuiGui Wu Ying Jie ★ 鬼鬼吳映潔
Source: AFSpotActual Name: Wu Ying Jie (吳映潔)
English Name: Even / Ghost / EmmaJapanese Name: ウー・インジエ
Nickname Name: Gui Gui (鬼鬼)Ex-Band: Hey Girl (2005 - 2009)Current Company: Polyland
Birthday: 11 August 1989
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45Kg
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Taiwan, Keelung
Horoscope: Leo
Zodiac: Snake
Idols: Ariel Lin, Mike He, Lee Teuk 
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Hostess
Pet: Gaga
Education: Zhuang Jing Performing Arts
Fears: Loneliness (Often listens to techno to sleep cos of her fear)
Collects: Stitch, Kaka&Lala, Movie&Airplane Tickets, Polaraid, Little Green Man, Stars related
Loves Eating: Cheese, Chocolate, Yakult
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Music Genre: Weird, Scary, Fast Tempo
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror FilmsGuiGui Weibo : GuiGui Facebook

Source: Wiki

Television Series


Broadcast Date

Broadcast Channel

Drama Title

Role Name



Chapters Appeared

July 15, 2007


Brown Sugar Macchiato

Gui Gui

Hei Se Hui Mei MeiLollipopWang ZiLiljayChiago Liu

Main Female Lead


Jul 26, 2008


The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries

Xie Jiao Hu Fa

Wang ZiA-weiXiao YuXiao XunYako ChanXiao ManMeiMeiA BenXiao Ma


Ep 13

Nov 7, 2008


Mysterious Incredible Terminator

Li Xiao Xing / Tian Mo Xin

Aaron YanChristine FanXiao Gui Lu Ting Wei

Main Female Lead


Feb 27, 2009


K.O.3an Guo

Huang Yue Ying

George HuXiuBenjiAlan KeWu XiongHan


Ep 44-46

Jan 8, 2011


I, My Brother

Lu Wei Wei

Thomas-Jack George HuJason TsouChung Xin YiChou Xiao Han

Main Female Lead


Mar 3, 2011

All Over China

Painted Skin

Xia Bing

Li Jong Han Fiona SitLaw Kar-yingChen Yi Rong

Third Female Lead


Sept 4, 2011


Love Recipe 

Wang Mei Ya

Kenji WuRhydian Vaughan

Second Female Lead


Oct 31, 2012


Summer Fever

Chen Wen Qing / Chen Tian Qing

George Hu

Main Female Lead


Jul 31, 2012

Zhejiang TV

Blue Dreams

Shen Xiao Qi

Han Chae YoungZhu Zi Xiao

Second Female Lead


May 5, 2013

Hunan STV

Female Prime Minister 

Dan Niang

Zanilia Zhao, Kimi Qiao, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Maggie Cheung Ho-yeeLeanne Liu 

Supporting Lead




The Four Series

Ling Yi Yi

Hans ZhangWilliam ChanMickey He

Female Lead


June 4, 2014


Incisive Great Teacher

Song Wen Wen

Nicky WuLiu Shishi

Second Female Lead


June 29, 2014

Hunan STV

A Different Kind of Pretty Man

Tong Yu Chen

Hans Zhang, Edwin Jia Wen, Tiffany Lu, Fan Shi Qi, Niki Yi, Zhang Yulong

Main Female Lead


July 21, 2014

Hunan STV

Shenzhen Roommate Diaries

Li Mei Dai

Show Lo, Mao Jun Jie, Zheng Luo Qian, Owodog

Second Female Lead




Slacker's Food Diary

Zhang An An

Dylan Kuo, Edwin Jia Wen, Tang Xin, Xin Le Er

Main Female Lead




The Girl Who Wear Earrings

Ruan Qing Tian

Dai Xiang Yu, Liu Qian Cheng, Xie Qi Jun, Zhuang Xia Bo

Main Female Lead





Date Released Title Character Name Cast Role
July 12, 2012 The Four Ding Dang
(Supporting Roles)
Ronald ChengAnthony WongDeng ChaoLiu Yifei Female Constable
December 6,2013 The Four II
August 22, 2014 The Four III




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GuiGui Weibo on Thu, August 21 at 10.54pm (KST: 11.54pm)Caption:  我接受#冰桶挑战#,請大家發揮愛心!多多關心ALS漸凍人image️接力下去@张翰 @叶祖新 @易易紫Nikiii 你們被點名了。 Translation:  I accept the #Ice Bucket challenge#, please show your love!  (Show) a lot of concern & support for ALS image .  Tag @ZhangHan @Ye ZuXin @Nikii to continue the relay.   

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GuiGui Facebook on Fri, August 22 at 3.15pm (KST: 4.15pm)Caption看完了#822四大名捕大结局#...好多激動好多感謝好多眼淚好多不想說再見,我可以很驕傲的跟大家說我的第一個系列電影是四大名捕123ee858c.png 最感謝的人是@陳嘉上Gordon 導演...謝謝你這三個字,代表我對您的所有!這四年也是對我很重要的四年...謝謝每一個人辛苦付出的人ee80a2.png 希望大家有緣再相見。 Translation:  After having watched #822 The Four Grand Finale# ... so much excitement, a lot of gratitude, a lot of tears, so not wanting to say goodbye, I can proudly say my first movie is The Four 123 seriesee858c.png .  Most grateful to director Gordon Chan ... thank you for these 3 words, it represents my everything/all to you.  These 4 years are very important to me ... Thank you everyone who has put in a great deal of efforts/hard workee80a2.png hopefully we will meet again if it's fated. 10639406_10154562039975038_69053969167641932333_10154562039585038_44500407238029


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said: Gui Gui

actually im loving how this is turning out, despite her being just one of the supporting cast, she is receiving some recognition too

thanks to Director Gordon Chan again, to me i felt like he is another father figure for GuiGui always trying to find roles that fitted her and always think of her whenever he happen to receive any scripts at all....

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Guest AvaL1430293756

@angelangie - I had to keep watching it over and over again to see~ but it would make so much more sense how fast she was going~ XD btw thank you for creating this GuiGui focus forum~! <3 if only there was a x100 awesome button for me to click next to your name! <3

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