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Found 1 result

  1. GuiGui Wu Ying Jie ★ 鬼鬼吳映潔 Source: AFSpotActual Name: Wu Ying Jie (吳映潔)English Name: Even / Ghost / EmmaJapanese Name: ウー・インジエNickname Name: Gui Gui (鬼鬼)Ex-Band: Hey Girl (2005 - 2009)Current Company: PolylandBirthday: 11 August 1989Height: 165cmWeight: 45KgBlood Type: BBirthplace: Taiwan, KeelungHoroscope: LeoZodiac: SnakeIdols: Ariel Lin, Mike He, Lee Teuk Occupation: Singer, Actress, HostessPet: GagaEducation: Zhuang Jing Performing ArtsFears: Loneliness (Often listens to techno to sleep cos of her fear)Collects: Stitch, Kaka&Lala, Movie&Airplane Tickets, Polaraid, Little Green Man, Stars relatedLoves Eating: Cheese, Chocolate, YakultFavorite Color: SilverFavorite Music Genre: Weird, Scary, Fast TempoFavorite Movie Genre: Horror FilmsGuiGui Weibo : GuiGui Facebook Source: Wiki Television Series Broadcast Date Broadcast Channel Drama Title Role Name Cast Role Chapters Appeared July 15, 2007 FTV 《Brown Sugar Macchiato》 Gui Gui Hei Se Hui Mei Mei、Lollipop、Wang Zi、Liljay、Chiago Liu Main Female Lead All Jul 26, 2008 StarTV 《The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries》 Xie Jiao Hu Fa Wang Zi、A-wei、Xiao Yu、Xiao Xun、Yako Chan、Xiao Man、MeiMei、A Ben、Xiao Ma Cameo Ep 13 Nov 7, 2008 FTV/GTV 《Mysterious Incredible Terminator》 Li Xiao Xing / Tian Mo Xin Aaron Yan、Christine Fan、Xiao Gui、 Lu Ting Wei Main Female Lead All Feb 27, 2009 FTV/GTV 《K.O.3an Guo》 Huang Yue Ying George Hu、Xiu、Benji、Alan Ke、Wu Xiong、Han Cameo Ep 44-46 Jan 8, 2011 Astro 《I, My Brother 》 Lu Wei Wei Thomas-Jack 、George Hu、Jason Tsou、Chung Xin Yi、Chou Xiao Han Main Female Lead All Mar 3, 2011 All Over China 《Painted Skin》 Xia Bing Li Jong Han 、Fiona Sit、Law Kar-ying、Chen Yi Rong Third Female Lead All Sept 4, 2011 CTV 《Love Recipe 》 Wang Mei Ya Kenji Wu, Rhydian Vaughan Second Female Lead All Oct 31, 2012 GTV 《Summer Fever 》 Chen Wen Qing / Chen Tian Qing George Hu Main Female Lead All Jul 31, 2012 Zhejiang TV 《Blue Dreams 》 Shen Xiao Qi Han Chae Young, Zhu Zi Xiao Second Female Lead All May 5, 2013 Hunan STV 《Female Prime Minister 》 Dan Niang Zanilia Zhao, Kimi Qiao, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, Leanne Liu  Supporting Lead All 2013 《The Four Series 》 Ling Yi Yi Hans Zhang, William Chan, Mickey He Female Lead All June 4, 2014 BTV 《Incisive Great Teacher 》 Song Wen Wen Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi Second Female Lead All June 29, 2014 Hunan STV 《A Different Kind of Pretty Man 》 Tong Yu Chen Hans Zhang, Edwin Jia Wen, Tiffany Lu, Fan Shi Qi, Niki Yi, Zhang Yulong Main Female Lead All July 21, 2014 Hunan STV 《Shenzhen Roommate Diaries 》 Li Mei Dai Show Lo, Mao Jun Jie, Zheng Luo Qian, Owodog Second Female Lead All TBA-2014 《Slacker's Food Diary》 Zhang An An Dylan Kuo, Edwin Jia Wen, Tang Xin, Xin Le Er Main Female Lead All TBA-2015 《The Girl Who Wear Earrings》 Ruan Qing Tian Dai Xiang Yu, Liu Qian Cheng, Xie Qi Jun, Zhuang Xia Bo Main Female Lead All Movies Date Released Title Character Name Cast Role July 12, 2012 《The Four》 Ding Dang (Supporting Roles) Ronald Cheng、Anthony Wong、Deng Chao、Liu Yifei Female Constable December 6,2013 《The Four II》 August 22, 2014 《The Four III》
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