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[Chinese Drama 2014] A Different Kind of Pretty Man 不一样的美男子


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A Different Kind of Pretty Man 不一样的美男子
Country: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Broadcast Network: Hunan Satellite TV

Broadcast Premiere: June 29, 2014

Number of Episodes: 20

Zhang Han as Gao Yuan Shu
cr: @湖南卫视不一样的美男子

Emma Wu (Gui Gui) as Tong Yu Chen
cr: @湖南卫视不一样的美男子

Zhang Yunlong as An Yifei

cr: @湖南卫视不一样的美男子

Edwin Gerard as Chaochen

Tiffany Lu as Li Yi

Fang Yilun as Ye Jiangfan

Niki Yi as Xiao Qi

Fan Shi Qi as Xiao Qian
Wei Lu as Shao Fei

Guo Xiqian as Muzi


Sources: weibo.com, tumblr.com, mydramalist.com, baike.baidu.com

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Guest xybershock

【影视预告】[西瓜]@于正1978 将和湖南卫视合作的新剧,由李慧珠执导,于正编剧,#杨蓉#担任女一号,7月1日开拍,剧情融合了"傲娇极品男"遇见"结婚狂女孩"、易容高手和女主的爱情追逐,以及生化危机、美人鱼、无头鬼、半面妆、悬棺传说等各种桥段。预计今年十月接档#流星雨3#,登陆“青春星期天”![心]b42c1205jw1eh1yq6r1tqj20u215odld.jpg

The gist of the above post is that the above drama will air AFTER "Meteor Shower 3" which is in OCT 2014.
 "MS3" will be airing on June 22nd using Korean Style Drama - The writing, filming and airing will be simultaneously.

So excited...many of Guigui's dramas will aired on the half end of 2014.

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Guest xybershock


Emma Wu/Guigui Wu Ying Jie entered entertainment business 8 yrs ago, 2009 flew solo, 2010 acted in Chinese drama (Painted Skin as female lead 3) started her career in Mainland China. Taiwanese fans have waited for her to act in Taiwanese drama for 6 yrs. This coming summer (2014) more will know of her name.
- June 4th (东方卫视) will air Incisive Great Teacher (犀利仁师) - 2nd F lead
- June 22nd (湖南卫视) will film & air simultaneously "Meteor Shower 3" - 1st F lead  (Title not fixed yet, some say "Meteor 2014").
- Summer 2014 (东方卫视) will air Slacker's Food Diary with Dylan Guo - 1st F lead
- Summer 2014 (东南卫视) will Re-run Summer Fever with George Hu - 1st F lead
- September 2014 (深圳卫视) will air ShenZhen Roommate's Diary with Show Luo - 2nd F lead
- End of 2014 (Nov/Dec) movie "The Four 3" premiers
- Later (hopefully) in 2014 Drama "The Young Four Constables"

I did my best in translating, any mistakes are my own.
Btw, the above post stated that MS3 will air on May 22 is wrong, it's June.

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