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[Movie 2015] Passion Heaven/ Xia You Qiao Mu 夏有乔木,雅望天堂 (Han Geng, Joo Won, Kris)


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Language: Mandarin

Country: China

Released:  August 5, 2016


Lu Shan as Shu Yawang

Han Geng as Tang Xiao Tian

Joo Won as Qu Wei Ran

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) as Xia Mu

- Sung Yoo-Bin as Xia Mu (Child Role)

Zhang Yao as Xia Mu's Mother



Based on internet novel about the love story of three men and one woman



  1. Based on the internet novel "Xià Yǒu Qiáo Mù Yǎ Wàng Tiān Táng" by Yue Zi (published in 2010 by Chun Feng Literature & ArtPublishing House).
  2. Filming begins May, 2014 in China and South Korea.
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Joo-won signs on to joint Chinese-Korean melo romance
by javabeans | May 6, 2014 | 38 Comments

I hate when big casting news is released and then we’re told everything BUT the story, which is, in my opinion, kind of the most important thing. But we’ll have to make do with the peanuts we’ve been given about Xiao You Qiao Mu, the film project that Joo-won (Good Doctor) has announced will be his next, in which he’ll appear with former Super Junior member Hangeng.

Xiao You Qiao Mu will be a melodrama backed by large-scale distributor and production company China First, co-produced by Yuehua Entertainment, and helmed by Korean director Jo Jin-kyu (My wife Is a Gangster). It’s based on an internet novel that’s been popular over the past four years that has been such a hot property that apparently mere rumors of film adaptations have lit up the internet.

The head of Yuehua’s Korean branch, Lee Sang-kyu, explained that Joo-won is currently enjoying a lot of popularity in China, and the news of his casting in Nodame Cantabile recently was met with a lot of interest, which explains why they’re eager to strike while he’s hot.

As for the plot? Three men fall in love with one woman. Cue melo and romance.

Xiao You Qiao Mu will begin filming mid-month, and will be shot in both Korea and China. As for me? I’ll just be sitting here in my corner, both waiting for and slightly dreading Nodame, trying to hope for the best and willing it not to ruin my memory of a good thing.

Via Mk.co.kr

source: dramabeans

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It looks like Joo Won will play as Qu Wei-Ran and Han Geng as Xiao Tian


cr: Joo Won DC

I'm collected information about that novel from fellow soompiers @ctfrsgp:

Based on what I can gather from Baidu, this movie is an adaptation from a popular online novel "夏有乔木,雅望天堂” which has Part 1 and 2.

For those of you who can read Chinese, you can find the online novels here:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -
http://lz.book.sohu.com/book-20704.html   Here's a synopsis of Part 1 of the novel which the Chinese fans say maybe the one that the movie is based on. I roughly translated it from what I read from the online novel website.

Shu Ya-wang is a 28-yr-old landscape architect who is born into a military family. When she was 16 years old, Yawang's father asked her to take care of 10-yr-old Xia Shu.

Xia Shu had experienced death during his childhood. He stayed by the body of his dead mother for the whole night. This caused Xia Shu to become withdrawn (emotionally/mentally?) from the rest of the world. Over time, the warm-hearted Ya-wang slowly got through to Xia Shu.

Ya-wang's childhood good friend Tang Xiao-tian got enlisted into the army after high school, and she later at the university got to know Qu Wei-ran a classmate who eventually turned into a foe. From then on, the lives of Ya-wang, Xia Shu and Tang Xiao-tian, three of them changed dramatically.
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Herez the synopsis for part 2 of the novel which is centred around Qu Wei-Ran.


cr. http://lz.book.sohu.com/book-20704.html


Below is a translation by my unreliable online translator with some modifications with my very limited English vocab :D

Qu Weiran is a good boy who is outstanding in character and his studies. He always have a gentle and elegant smile, like a nobleman/aristocrat that all young girls will looked up. However when his adoptive father turned up, Wei-ran's real background was exposed for all to see - everyone now knows that he is just a pathetic person who was abused by his family. Despite having a dark (side?), this young man loves a girl, Xia Tong. The gentle Xia Tong, is the only girl that he loves. However, his half brother (I think) Qu Ning-yuan has fallen in love with her too.

Qu Wei-ran is unwilling. (this next part I'm not too sure who the "he" is referring to) He has everything - father, family, honour, lots of love from everyone, but he still has to snatch away his last bit of happiness. Qu Wei-ran finally decided to take revenge against all who had hurt him and who abandoned him. He will recover everything that belongs to him. A feud starts in the name of love.


According to a fan in Baidu, Qu Wei-ran is a character whom you will love and hate at the same time.

Perhaps this website will help us get a clearer picture - http://wapbaike.baidu.com/view/4053348.htm?adapt=1&; Read the readers' reviews under the section on《夏木2》.

From what I read in Baidu earlier, the 2nd novel which centred around Qu Wei-ran, is the prequel to the 1st novel. I think the timeline of the story in Book 2 takes place in the past. I just found out from a new post in Baidu JW Bar, on an interview conducted with the author a couple of months ago that the author was signed up for 2 movies based on the 2 books. See here - http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3027125332?lp=5028&is_bakan=0&mo_device=1

The first movie is scheduled to begin filming in May while the 2nd one in Sep. I think cutie is only casted for the 1st movie.

Also, according to the Baidu Baike website above, there is to be a 3rd book to the series.


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Rumour casting female lead Xia You Qiao Mu

Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink



Translated by google

Just microblogging see, everyone shot over, it should be starring in the film, which played the role of a temporary or conclusive ...... do what I can expect to have a Zhunxin son! !
The following put actor Lu Shan microblogging screenshot:
Lu Shan, Chinese new generation of actors. Born in Shandong Zibo. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in undergraduate classes. Star of "楚留香新传" China Barbara iceberg, loved by the audience. 2012 starred in the movie "Fire Department Lang Ha," Chen Shuying female lead, the film won the fourth British megapixel International Chinese Film Festival Award for outstanding original stories, special performance award. Fresh and refined appearance, excellent inherent virtue and excellent professional qualities, making her just showbiz popular attention in the movie "Qian", "bad move for the birds," drama "behind Hero" are excellent performances.

Source: Joo Won baidu

Here's her profile in English website


It's probably Han Geng's first shooting

【WEIBO】140517 Han Geng's Update~ 韩庚: #如果韩庚本周更博# (If Han Geng update this week) pic.twitter.com/5tPhAXg6Un

Photo: 【WEIBO】140517 Actualización de Han Geng:  韩庚: #如果韩庚本周更博# (Si Han Geng actualiza actualiza esta semana)  *El hashtag fue un juego que inició GengFan en Weibo para ver si Han Geng actualizaba su cuenta.  ♔ 140517 Han Geng's Update:  韩庚: #如果韩庚本周更博# (If Han Geng update this week)  *The hashtag was a game that Gengfan started in Weibo to see if Han Geng would update his account.  Trans by: Only4Hangeng 【韩庚】


Joo Won's Weibo update on 19th May 2014

Embedded image permalink


Han Geng also spot on with army cloth in Jeju. Judging from news today I think he will play Xiao Tian who grew up with Yawang and goes army. My assumption what @maymay said it's true that Joowon will play Qu Wei-ran. it's impossible he will play Xia Mu because the female lead cast who play Yawang is 2 years younger than Joowon, meanwhile Xia Mu must be 6 years younger than her. More information about Wei-ran's character which I found in dramabeans's comments is Weiran is obsessed with Yawang because she is the doppelganger of his dead first love. Yawang, Xiao Tian, and Wei ran are 28/29 at the beginning of the novel, Xia Mu is 6 years younger.

More info about Xia You Qiao Mu:

-The filming will take about 40 days in Jeju island starting on 17th May. Source: http://www.ihalla.com/read.php3?aid=1400480431463696036

-This movie will be released next year. Source JooWon's 8th official message cr: joowon508.com


An article about the movie filming in Jeju.

The nature is beautiful in Jeju, I hope it will be shown in the movie.

(by the Google Translator):

Epic melodrama aimed at China , Jeju stand taken plunge

Popular actor Joo Han Kyung from Super Junior and buzz to take the leading role in the movie " Heaven Conde ' Jeju began shooting the last 17 ​​days .

' Conde heaven ' four years in line with the Chinese internet novel adaptation of hot dalgwotdeon , a love story of three men and a woman all drawn melodrama .

Distributor and manufacturer of China's state-owned China Investment in film and entertainment on Tuesday took planning and investment and distribution . Directed responsible jojingyu popular in China with Han Kyung Joo appeared to be a very popular mall is expected to be .

High School last 17 ​​days in Jeju , Jeju National University shooting in progress on the 19th of next month and 21 days in the major tourist attractions in Jeju is expected to continue shooting . The beautiful scenery of Jeju sensuous and lyrical love story line seems to be more empowering .

This work was initiated by the Jeju Film Commission ' parental support business production costs ' is selected.

Video of the Jeju local film industry to enable local businesses , supporting artists ' film production support Jeju wild party "and to inform the location of the best place in Jeju who works nationwide to ' parental support business production costs ' in came up with a total of 170 million won this year .

Jeju , the first half of the independent film " mild fever " nationwide , including five works and the ' Conde Heaven ' and decided to support the work of six .

Video in Jeju said, " This year, taken from a variety of work is in progress, it seems the Jeju " and " activate the Jeju area locations attract the film industry to be able to revitalize ," he said.


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[Fan Pic] 140519 Han Geng & Joo Won went to a school (in Korea) for filming, in a dorm.
He's filming in a dorm of Jeju College of Technology


140519 Han Geng's autograph for a lucky fan in Korea ~ヾ( ◕ ω ◕)ノヾ


【FAN ACCOUNT】140519 Han Geng en la Isla Jeju, Corea para la filmación de su nueva película. ヽ(=^◡^=)ノ

Han Geng: ¿Eh? ¿Todos ustedes son Chinos?
Fans: Jaja sí, somos estudiantes de intercambio (estudiantes extranjeros)

*Los fans mencionar...on que Han Geng es muy cálido

♔ 140519 Han Geng at Jeju Island, Korea for his new movie's shooting. ヽ(=^◡^=)ノ

Han Geng: eh? All of you are Chinese?
Fans: haha yes, we are exchange students (foreign students)

*Fans said he is very warm.

Cr: 爱敏镐的心永不停止

English & Spanish by: Only4Hangeng 【韩庚】
 10361401_648150558608074_575867315210668   10314547_648161968606933_738937289565935   10306394_648163995273397_102284912051892   10390154_648163925273404_420165631807826 credit picture: as tagged   140523 Crew bus Movie 아망 천당 / Xia You Qiao Mu is spotted in Jeju Island today.
It's reported that they are filming at Jeju National Univ :)


 cr: yohait99 on IG via JooWon-Indonesia FB


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China, Korea sign deal to jointly create movies

Source | 2014/07/12 | 208 views | Permalink | 0 Comments

A deal to encourage movie co-productions has been struck between Korea and China.

Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Yoo Jin-yong signed a contract with Cai Fuchao, Director of State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China, at the Blue House last week to signal the beginning of joint cinematic works.

Korea and China have been discussing co-producing films since August 2011.

The first phase of the contract was drafted in June 2013 and came to fruition with Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit to Korea.

The agreement is expected to increase the advancement of Korean films in China. In the filmmaking process, the two countries will collaborate on visual effects as well as share on-site staff.

When a co-produced film is approved in China, it is considered a Chinese film, meaning that the movie won't be affected by the import limit on foreign movies there.

The Culture Ministry said it hopes to expand cultural exchanges with China further while both parties plan to push joint cultural projects through various forums. The parties hope to develop cultural content, mainly films, while boosting Korea and China's value in the global cultural content market.

By jang seo-young contributing writer


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Directors see opportunity in Chinese film market

Source | 2014/08/01 | 278 views | Permalink | 0 Comments

The film industry here is getting increasingly involved in making Chinese movies. kwak Jae-Yong, director of 2001's smash hit romantic comedy "My Sassy Girl", has just completed two more films in China, a romantic comedy titled "My Girlfriend is Sick"/ "我的早更女", a project that's currently in post-production, and the other that has yet to be named.

Similarly, Jo Jin-kyoo, director of "My Wife Is a Gangster" (2001) and "Man on the Edge" (2012), is currently making a drama in China, "Passion Heaven"/ "雅望天堂", which will star Korean actor Joo Won.

Jang Yoon-hyeon, director of "The Contact" (1997), has nearly finished making "Safety Island"/ "平安岛", a new thriller set to be released in November. This Korea-China co-production has a team of ocean explorers on a deserted island as they face a mysterious series of deaths.

Lee John H. (also known as Lee Jae-han), director of "A Moment to Remember" (2004), is making a new melodrama titled "The Third Way of Love", while Heo In-moo, director of "Love So Divine" (2004), is filming his new "Wedding Diary"/ "婚礼日记" there, a romantic comedy.

A handful of Chinese films made by Korean directors have been quite well-received in the mainland market. Oh Ki-hwan's "A Wedding Invitation"/ "分手合约", (2013), made CNY 192 million or KRW 33.7 billion in profits last year.

Ahn Byeong-ki had a string of huge hits in China with his "Bunshinsaba" (笔仙) series (2012, 2013, 2014), a Mandarin-language re-make of his 2004 Korean version, which has now gone on to become the most successful horror series in China. "I wanted to introduce various types of film to Chinese audiences", said Ahn. "Luckily, the series has been successful and 'Bunshinsaba 3' will also be released in China".

Heo Jin-ho's "Dangerous Liaisons"/ "危险关系", a Korea-China co-production featuring Jang Dong-gun, Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Baizhi, was released in China

TV producer Jang Tae-yoo, known for the hit SBS TV soap opera "My Love from the Star", is going to join the league of big-screen directors filming in China. The TV show enjoyed huge popularity in both Korea and China and Jang has reportedly been offered the director's chair for an upcoming romantic comedy.

As we look forward to the next few years, there are expected to be more directors heading to China to grab film-making opportunities there. On July 24, there was a showcase in Beijing specifically for Korean directors. A total of eight directors took part in the event, including Jang Cheol-soo of "Secretly and Greatly" (2013), Yang Woo-seok of "The Attorney" (2013), Jo Eui-seok of "Cold Eyes" (2013), and Lee Yong-joo-I of "Architecture 101" (2012). It was organized to introduce Korean directors, photography directors and screenplay writers to the Chinese movie market. These directors, it is presumed, will now seek opportunities with Chinese producers.

Korean directors are increasingly taking part in film production in China because that neighboring country's film market has seen explosive growth over the past few years. In the world's second biggest film market, the number of films produced grew from 88 in 2001, to 260 in 2005 and to 558 in 2011, leading to rapidly-growing demand for directors and crews

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class="titleNews"Kris to Join Han Geng and Joo Won in Filming Korean-Chinese Movie

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Han Geng will be meeting in the same movie.

As a former member of Super Junior and EXO, Han Geng and Kris will be starring in a Korean-Chinese collaboration film co-produced by China Film and Yuehua Entertainment.

An affiliate of the movie told Newsen on August 12, “Han Geng has already started filming the movie and Kris will be joining the others a few days later.”

Kris to Join Han Geng and Joo Won in Filming Korean-Chinese Movie

The movie titled Xiao You Qiao Mu is a romance film about the love story of three men and one woman. Joo Won has been cast as the male lead.

Photo credit: Newsen

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class="content-title" style="font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 26px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Kris Joins Hangeng and Joo Won in Chinese Movie
Kris Joins Hangeng and Joo Won in Chinese Movie

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) has been cast in the upcoming Chinese movie “Xiao You Qiao Mu” and will be acting alongside formerSuper Junior member Hangeng and Korean actor Joo Won.

It was announced through several media reports that Kris was cast in “Xiao You Qiao Mu” and will start filming this month. The melo-drama movie centers around the relationships between three men and one woman and will be directed by a Korean director. Kris, Hangeng, and Joo Won will play the three male leads. Chinese distributor and investment publisher China Film and entertainment agency Yue Hua Entertainment will be making this movie as a joint project and are planning on showing a new paradigm through this Korea-China joint film. The original work which the movie will be based on is an internet novel that has been popular for four years. 

Kris’ lawsuit with SM Entertainment is still on-going. 

Source http://www.soompi.com/2014/08/12/kris-joins-hangeng-and-joo-won-in-chinese-movie/


Wu Yifan to star with Han Geng in film

2014-08-12 08:46:28 GMT2014-08-12 16:46:28(Beijing Time)  SINA English

Wang Ruiqi

Wu Yifan(Kris), former member of Korean boy group EXO, will star with former Super Junior member Han Geng in a film co-produced by Chinese and S. Korean firms, S. Korean media reported.

According to Korean media, there will be three male protagonists in “Xia You Qiao Mu”, and Wu Yifan (Kris) has been chosen to star in the film, starting from late August, along with former Super Junior member Han Geng and Korean actor Joo Won. The film is invested by Han Geng’s agency YUEHUA Entertainment.

As early as in May, Wu Yifan was seen in contact with representatives of YUEHUA Entertainment, after he filed a lawsuit with his former S. Korean agency S.M. Entertainment.

A source from Korean showbiz told the journalist that Han Geng and Wu Yifan, both of whom were members of S.M.'s popular boy bands and returned to China after ending their contracts early, will surely cause negative effect to Chinese stars seeking further development in Korea. And in this case specifically, Han and Wu are reported to be working with the same firm YUEHUA Entertainment.

As a result, most Koreans show their disapproval towards the two starring together. Some even expressed their concern that the Han-Wu cooperation will lead to anti-Korea sentiment in China.

Han Geng sued his former Korean agency S. M. Entertainment in 2009, so when Wu did the same this year, he is deemed as the second “Han Geng” by many people. The news that the two will cooperate shocked Korean showbiz. But at home, Chinese fans applaud the cooperation, saying that this will surely “slap S. M. Entertainment in the face”.

One insider revealed that Han Geng has finished shooting his part in Jeju Island of Korea, while Wu Yifan doesn’t have scenes in S. Korea, so Wu will not come with the staff to S. Korea, nor will he shoot the film together with Han Geng.



[bTS PIC] Movie #PassionHeaven filming set in China. #JooWon will be filming there starting on Thursday 14th ^^~ #crankin #아망천당 in #China | cr: km__lim on IG

Foto: [bTS PIC] Movie #PassionHeaven filming set in China.  #JooWon will be filming there starting on Thursday 14th ^^~♥ #crankin #아망천당 in #China | cr: km__lim on IG

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