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[주림커플] Choi Kang-Joo & Na Doo-Rim [Bride of the Century]


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#이홍기 주연의 TV드라마 #백년의신부, 8월 1일(금)부터 #TBS 지상파 심야(관동 로컬) 방송!일본 프리 여러분, 매주 금요일 TBS에서 까칠매력남 #최강주(#FT아일랜드 이홍기)씨를 만나보세요~:)자세한 내용 보기: http://www.tbs.co.jp/hyakuhana/
*한국 미방송 장면을 약 40분 추가한 특전영상이 가득한 ‘백년의 신부’ 블루레이&DVD 발매!BOX1 = 8월 6일(수), BOX2 = 9월 5일(금) 발매 (대여도 동시 릴리스)!DVD 자세한 내용 보기: http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/sp/hyakuhana/
#LeeHongGi’s TVdrama, #BrideoftheCentury will premiere on Aug 1 on TBS(Kanto local broadcast)!Dear Japan #Primadonna, let’s take a look at an absolutely chic #ChoiGangJoo(#LeeHongGi of #FTISLAND) every Friday on TBS ~:)Plz find more details at http://www.tbs.co.jp/hyakuhana/
*’Bride of the Century’ Blu-ray&DVD which are full of special clips of 40 minutes not included in Korean edition will release as well!BOX1 = Aug 6(Wed), BOX = Sep 5(Fri) release (available for rental at the same day)Plz find more details about DVD at http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/sp/hyakuhana/


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‪#‎FT아일랜드‬ ‪#‎이홍기‬ 씨 주연의 ‪#‎백년의신부‬ DVD가 일본에서 발매되었습니다!
한국에서 미방영된 장면이 추가된 특별판 DVD, 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다 

The DVD ‘‪#‎Bride_of_the_Century‬’ in which ‪#‎LeeHongGi‬ plays as‪#‎ChoiGangJu‬, is released in JAPAN Today! Don’t miss out the chance to watch ‘UNRELEASEED’ film 

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Guest ftiamor

Of couse i ship them, how one could avoid to ship such a cute and real couple. Just look their interaction and skinship behind the scene in front of all the crew (imagine what it would be if they were alone). BwcgWm5CEAAP1_-.jpg

CR: aliS_hAna via @beamer55555

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