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[주림커플] Choi Kang-Joo & Na Doo-Rim [Bride of the Century]


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Sorry if I went overboard.. hihiih. When I am shipping So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. we always think this way. xD
Do you know why Lee Hong Ki posted this in his twitter account instead in his IG account?
Maybe because Na Doo Eum will be jealous if she'll see this. hihihih. xD


Sorry if it's late.. xD10891053_1598131180416585_1237411788_n.j
JooRim Couple wishes us good luck and have a good year ahead.
Happy new year everyone!새해 복 많이 받으세요 여러분! ;) (P.S.: This video was taken last 2014 during shooting of #BrideOfTheCentury episode 3)

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Guest ayvah

@kimsoyeon18 I do believe she does :) she got the ft island's album and posted a vid on her ig around 2 hours ago. Now, im waiting for hongki to like her post hehe.

I love this couple too. They're lovely in the drama, on and offscreen. During the presscon, their personalities are quite so different but they look good together and its really beautiful they have remained friends til now.

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Guest ayvah

Because im currently on stalking mode, I am checking ig every once in a while, just to see if Hongki has liked her post. But so far, nothing. :((

But one thing I noticed, hongki liked 2 posts 30 minutes ago. Now, only 1 like was showing but it was not one of the posts he liked previously. What is this? :-/ /:) :))

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Yang Jin Sung supports FT Island's album I Will! ♥she apologized that she purchased it now because there are only few copies of album. she received this album together with Jong Hoon's card. :)
so happy that eonni answered our question if she's supporting FT Island's new album. :x
I'm wondering now if Hong Ki supports Jin Sung in her new drama. hmm.. [-O<

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