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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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 Lee Jong-suk  romance with separate volume appendix   "123 holding hands, four hundred fifty-six raised his head, seven hundred eighty-nine we eloped to the moon ......" put on a space suit, small backpack back, wuli round this is going to be Where is it? [shame]

Appearance: round @ Zhong Bo PlanetL surrounding large children's 
baby clothes: thanks @ Tam Lao
  • 005FzIEvly1fyw3qvypqaj315o15o1ky.jpg

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Zhong Shuo's friends around Bo PlanetL 

2 hours ago from iPhone X

Have a youth idol drama "Listen to the sound of a round" actor round[笑红]
@jongsuk-push : Li Zhongshuo ’s clothes for the round children are coming to our round. It’s a small fresh route with his dad. The gene is strong and has a high value. It’s good to wear @李钟硕@钟硕小朋友的周边博PlanetLtimeline_card_small_super_default.png 

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...........off topic..for good night.........:heart::heart::heart:

tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o2_400.gif tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o4_400.gif


tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o6_400.gif tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o8_400.gif


tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o7_400.gif tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o5_400.gif


tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o3_400.gif tumblr_pj45ju6rFm1s3irc6o1_400.gif

....a beautiful actress....!!!!!!!!:heart:...and a great work with BOYFRIEND...!:thumbsup:

...nice to meet you, my dear HYE GYO..!!!!!!!!!

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Li Baoying #I am very happy to meet you on the 1st ##祝李宝英0112生日快乐# The birthday support report
was originally decided to send the sister's endorsement of the home appliance juicer and the baby's small gold ornaments, contacted the official coffee person in charge, said the sister's home has a set The small appliances that endorsed, so this will be canceled. The baby's small gold ornaments are too expensive, in line with my sister's birthday support, so the aid should be adjusted. 
Because time is tight, the birthday should be as follows:
1. Kelp gift box (to help my sister recover after childbirth)
2. Clarins postpartum massage products (body management is also very important)
3. Baby bed hanging toys (哄小可爱哒)
  • cf10dc20ly1fyy0appux0j20rs0rsq70.jpg
  • cf10dc20ly1fyy0appux0j20rs0rsq70.jpg
  • cf10dc20ly1fyy0apgthbj20rs0rsn0p.jpg
  • cf10dc20ly1fyy0apwsywj20go0go0tt.jpg

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