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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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..............All these people - Look at 'em....:heart:

 Li Baoying super-speaking
today mama nominated, suddenly thought that my sister has also been to the mama awards in 13 years (feat. Zhang He)[doge]
can not find where to stand when there is a face panic hahahahahahahahaha also played a few words to win the prize Cho Yong-pil who did not attend theL y3_venus microblogging video

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[ @李钟硕 ]191025 "Good night [moon]"  
# 罗曼史是别册附附 # 李钟硕超话
Daily good night small task
[moon]100/degree send flowers one day three O web links
[moon] Korean current power list Zhong Shuo home page O web link
some troubles, throw away , and have the opportunity to clear sky
                                                                - ... expand full text c
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 Lee Jong-suk, then super- [heart]# and Lee Jong-suk go together Hua Road #
new powder coverage -
seen Pinocchio, W two worlds, hear you
feel acting superb two-seok of
a do not know what to look at, so what we recommend Well,[heart]
there is a place where there are two master materials collections like Amway
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Best 5 people in the entertainment world

Despite being a top star, there are people who make good deeds without any profit. We gathered some representatives from the entertainment world, and the more you know them, the more you can love them!


Lee Jong Suk has a strong image of a typical warm soul. But in fact, he is warmer than anyone else. Actress Yun Yoo-Sun, who filmed with Lee Jong-suk in the comedy drama “High Kick 3 ”, told that she would like to have a son similar to Lee Jong Suk. The story of seniors and juniors who were healed by his warmth continued. During the filming of the 2017 movie “VIP” he met a baby stray kitten. Without compromising , Lee Jong-suk decided to take the cat to his home and to protect. He has already raised two dogs, so it was difficult for him to raise one more kitti due his busy schedule. So he took all activities to find a good owner for the kitten.



Male Celebrities with Natural Red Lips Who Definitely don't Need to Apply Any Lip Tint

Those smooth red lips, though!


It's not a secret that Korean men -- especially celebrities -- oftentimes apply lip tint. Red lips have become a trend not only for women but also for men in South Korea. As a result, lip tint often becomes a must-have item for everyone. However, it doesn't apply to these 5 male celebrities who have their natural red lips. Check out who they are below! 


Lee Jong Suk 





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