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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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@WXY_JS89 @An_xiya @jjjusling2019 The   fall season is best for missing someone, I am talking about this handsome guy on the map.[color][color][color]
#LG有奖告白活动#Save boyfriend confession action! [Be careful for you]
Autumn will have sugar fried chestnut and new meet! [Lol]
 Prizes: #欧惠# Men's set of boxes*1, #后# Men's set of boxes*1, #苏秘37# Men's set of boxes*1
⚠<Participation method>
1. Pay attention to @LG生活健康税税店
2. Like Forward and @ Aite 3 friends
3. Comment area to share your autumn story, improve the probability of winning! ...to expand the full text c
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bravo and good luck ,zzainal!              103 followers!...........it soo real,,,,,,,,,,,,,the number of course

,selfish man!...you abuse the car for a picture ? ..you need a lawyer , because this is't a domestic violence( the car is't considered a member of the family ).....

@asiaren I wish Sukkie work with Bo Young unni again and thank you for all the updates and posts chingu    

Imagini pentru business funny gif...the business time....:wub:

李钟硕 超 话89mansion超 话 cafe.89mansion 更新 :

89th Mansion's 15th Coffee Trailer Support! The scene was the filming site of the

movie #Jeashora. - a long time this event has been supported by advances in film shooting. Many staff neundeyo you figured you been with the actress who gave the word gracing the site - Drinks and desserts are prepared cross-reactions among which figured so good and the drinks Misu has been abandoned so delicious early exhaustion even prepared a generous amount of said blast  actor, who's an actor Sol Kyung - gu eat grapefruit or drink Iooked whopping four cups a week to praise one color! Force's Be seen you Sol Kyung - gu actors in the field is also a qualifier called daebaewoo too yisyeotseupnida look good look - praised the actor's and the staff people also at the scene to support events that are conducted tightly linked to sunny weather, I'd always reminded force us .  - ! And the actor nimdeul sweat and all the staff who work mandeusineun shedding of the top 89 also look great support, we origins with the hit movie jasaneobo  # 89 meters # # 89mansion89 Mansion # Coffee Trailer


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[10 Wealthiest and Influential Korean Actors in the World]
Without a doubt the Korean fever or Hallyu wave has infected everyone, it would come as no surprise, that Korean artists and talents are now the biggest resources of Korea contributing billions and billions of dollars in their economy.

We compiled the Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Actors, the most loved and Korean actors who made a huge impression all over the world apart from BTS. The amount of money is not listed according to order, due to the different contracts and brands that they are currently endorsing, this article is an estimate of their ability and current popularity based in figures of 2019 and potential for earnings in 2020.
1. LeeJongSuk
Estimated to have over 60 million won, he remains one of the most hard working and famous Korean actors of all time, due to his immense popularity in China he already has a wax figure in Madam Tussaud. He has also managed to get some of the highest views for his Kdrama shows on Netflix. Lee Jong-suk is known for his roles as Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice and School 2013. He is also a well known model and one of the most iconic korean actors of all time.

https://www.menhave.com/10-highest-paid-korean-actors/..via ibru:wub:

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pokemon looking GIF by POKÃMON Detective Pikachu..the fashion time...:wub:0077mTg7gy1g8ad4jle2rj31400u0qcy.jpg

 to see Kiki Titi 
super tasty taro milk tea and dirty puppy home nice baby clothes! !
And our super nice cotton child / (/ / /ω/ / /) /

baby clothes CC: @Puppy wardrobe too good to wear!
Baby: @ 教教的养养 崽路@钟硕小朋友的周边博PlanetL
... Expand the full text c
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..............All these people - Look at 'em....:heart:

 Li Baoying super-speaking
today mama nominated, suddenly thought that my sister has also been to the mama awards in 13 years (feat. Zhang He)[doge]
can not find where to stand when there is a face panic hahahahahahahahaha also played a few words to win the prize Cho Yong-pil who did not attend theL y3_venus microblogging video
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