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[OFFICIAL] ♥ SeungZy -Gu- Couple ♥ *Lee Seung Gi - Bae Suzy* Gumiho Lovers


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Guest Liam_H

I normally don't like attach myself to celebrity couples but for this I think I'll make an exception. I would love to see them together. I mean it should be a crime to have that much chemistry between two people and not put it to good use.

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Guest shyla_guccis

Frinda said: @shyla_guccis said: Frinda said:The one that made the thread should edit the title! :(  @blossomz ...if you please can do that! :o3Btw i love those gifts hahahaha =)) You didn't expect that,did you LSG?;)

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Suzy, "I couldn't even sleep"
Source | 2013/06/25h0rb.jpg
Suzy was greatly reviewed for her outstanding performance as Dam Yeo-wool in the MBC drama "Gu Family Book". Her romance with Lee Seung-gi in the role of Choi Kang-chi sweetened up the atmosphere and became the heroine.Suzy said, "I learned a lot from this drama. I was taken care of by many people like the director and fellow actors and actresses so I was able to gain more confidence. It was easy to act out Yeo-wool because she is more like me".She also showed her gratitude towards Lee Seung-gi and the director. She said, "The director doesn't talk much but whenever he would tell me I did well at the end of a scene, I would feel so good - I couldn't even sleep. I felt like Yeo-wool for real and Seung-gi looked like Kang-chi too".Suzy said, "I am grateful many people loved what I did. I didn't even feel tired. I hope to see you soon with something else soon".

Source : article.joinsmsn.com/... ( English )

...We are not delusional,my cute little puppies?!!!8-> Cause it felt real for us too!!!:D

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SeungGi Suzy playing around (the gun as a cause)..starts at 1:53

cr to uploader  8-> 8->  :))
Seung Gi ♥ Suzy (with their signature) interview (Gu Family Book 구가의서) Cr.hankooki
                                              8-> 8-> Awwww!!!(my reaction always) 8-> 8->
..hopefully there will be translation for it!!![-O<
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..Parts of the interview Suzy did ( smiletall translated them)
(page 1510 GFB thread-> forums.soompi.com )'Nation's first love' Suzy plays the role of DYW who looks like a boy but gradually becomes more feminine as she approaches KC.  It's another role which is innocent.Not only this, but the steadfast love scenes with SG caught the attention of fans, and she showed once again that she is the big trend these days. 
"My mom said my kiss was too deep"after the kiss scene with SG was shown, people were curious if it was her first kiss.  to this suzy replied "i also kissed in other dramas and movies. when i was acting, i wasn't embarrassed about it, but when i have to speaking about it now, it's rather embarrassing." as she laughed shyly. "actually, my mom was also really surprised when she said it. 'it's too deep~' is what she told me.""at first, i didn't have a certain level of intensity in mind.  but when i read the script, so as to be not surprised, i went in with the mind that the level of the kiss might be high.  the PD told me i was correct." thinking back to the kiss scene, "i think i feel like i did a bit well with this drama. what makes me think this way is that amongst the several memorable scenes of this drama, the kiss scene is one of them. My mom may have made some remarks about it, but i liked it." she stated with a smile.  
while saying she was satisfied with a lot of the memorable scenes, she said "i don't think i've focused this hard on a character before as i did with this drama""Out of all the partners i've worked with, i felt the most comfortable with SG oppa. (*giggle*) i tend to be shy, but because i was so comfortable, i felt like i could look at SG oppa as KC. that's how much i felt like i became YW." "I think i was able to become more like YW because of her martial arts outfits.  Instead of wearing high heels,i could go anywhere and sit comfortably in the uniform.  Because of that, i was able to run around the film set happily. I was able to be more playful, lively, and bright like YW."But to bring out the feelings of YW, it wasn't just because of her partner or costume. it was because the way YW loves was similar to the way Suzy loves as well. "The way (YW) loves is similar to me.  that's why i was able to relate a lot to her lines.  i also want to give more. apart from the fact that i'm a woman, i want to be with the person i love, i want to protect him."
maybe that's why, suzy was able to focus more "even when i didn't need to cry, tears formed. usually i don't cry easily. that's why when i act, crying is usually really uncomfortable.  there's so many people watching on set.  but this time, there was less burden in acting out my feelings.  When i would act out emotions, it was like i really feeling YW's feelings.  That is what i gained the most from this drama." she stated with a satisfied look. 
 Innocent vs. sexyimage of an innocent first love, suzy, who protects her love like a warrior (? lol) was surprising. "i've experienced it before in real life" she confidently stated.  "my personality is like that. "Rather than saying i take the initiative, i don't like being dragged/pulled along." "but my personality seems to change a lot. lately like YW, i feel like i have become more feminine.  before, feminine things made me want to cringe and i felt like it didn't fit me well, but lately, i want to be more feminine. i'm also a bit confused" she stated as she laughed. it wasn't because of how other people's image of her.  "it's because i want this image that i came to think this way. now i have mature/feminine outfits and more flashy outfits.  i've just been reaching for the more mature outfits lately. i also feel that this suits me more these days" she said shyly. "i still have a lot of time" she said, as if to imply there is still time and opportunity for her to transform in the future. 
(page 1517 GFB thread-> forums.soompi.com )
Q. First of all, I need to ask you how you feel about GFB which ended on the 25th. Time seems to have flown by. When I began, I said ‘When will it be done.’ I came to have a lot of affection for the staff, so I feel a bit regretful.  I also feel like I could have done better, so that’s also regretful.
Q. From your expression, it seems like you haven’t come out of YW’s character yet.That’s right. I still feel like YW. (Has a mysterious expression on her face).  It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken off a hanbok and worn a one-piece dress.
Q. You don’t feel like crying right now, do you?No, no. (laughs)
Q. This past May at the press conference, you showed tears suddenly.  It was so surprising. We’re also curious why that happened. It’s because I was frustrated.  I wasn’t able to sleep a lot and I felt burdened.  Even though I know feeling burdened is a given, there are times when I can’t exactly accept things how I want to. Moments when I control my feelings (lol, she says this line like YW would say it haaha). Also, since LSG was next to me comforting me, I think it was a bit harder to do (controlling her emotions that is).
Q. While living as YW for GFB, the actress Bae Suzy has grown.It’s my first time feeling this way. The way YW first fell in love KC in the beginning. In the past, the acting in my other projects felt rushed and I would memorize like crazy the lines alone with the director’s words in mind.  But this time, I felt like I had really become YW whose saw KC for the first time. It was a new feeling. In scenes where I didn’t have to cry, I would cry. I would feel angry and frustrated.

(AWW I think SG helped Suzy learn what acting really feels like.)
Q. It seems like you’re learning how acting can be fun.Even so, acting is hard. Even when there are times when it’s fun. Right now, when the director tells me “Good job” that one phrase makes me feel so great. All the suffering I go through seems to stop.
Q. What scene was there that you acted in and liked?In episode 11 when KC leaves with CJ (when he was going to leave the school), it was the first time YW felt angry towards him and yells at him. In that scene, I really felt so angry. I really liked that scene. Also in ep 23,  I also really like the scene when KC says to break up.  When I saw the script, I immediately felt sad. Oh, and I think the kiss scene with KC came out beautifully.  
Q. Occasionally, there scenes that were cringeworthy (because it was too sweet). Really, I felt like there were moments when I wanted to die. (laughs) The kiss scene too, ‘Yeah, well, I can do it!’ saying things like that I did it. I even did the scene saying “Promise promise.” But when I saw the scene where I had to hit KC saying “You bad guy” (so after her rescue in ep 23), I thought to myself “I’m in big trouble.” (laughs). Because it was embarrassing. But still, I think it came across lady-like so I’m glad.
Q. LSG said that he liked you in reality too.  There has been comments that your chemistry with KC was good.  After meeting SG for real, how was it? Through YW, I also came to like KC. Even though right now, people say that the chemistry between the two of us seemed real, in reality, in the beginning, the director told me that YW needs love KC a bit more.  That’s why I tried really hard to love KC for real. It was surprising how it really came to be that way later on.  Has the feeling ever gone beyond the drama? I don’t… think so (laughs). I of course have really good feelings (towards him). He’s a good oppa. He’s very considerate.
(I don’t believe her. LOL)
Q. 20 year old Suzy. Do you drink?I drink. (laughs) I don’t know my limits yet. I don’t think I can drink a lot.
Q. What do you typically do when you are break?Even though I don’t really get a break (laughs), when I have time, I watch movies or talk and walk along Han River.

Q. How do feel now that the drama is done? What do you want to do the most?Exercise. Learn the lessons I couldn’t do. Meet the friends I couldn’t meet. Watch the movies I couldn’t watch. And I want to take care of my dog I had to leave back at home.
Q. Now that you’ve turned 20, I want to ask you straight out. Do you date?I don’t. (LOOL)
Q. Then what’s your ideal type?A person whose like a friend. Someone I can easily talk everything with, that kind of person would be nice. Instead of lovey dovey, cringeworthy love, I want to find someone I can share a comfortable love it. That’s my ideal type.
Q. You say you don’t even want to date.  Have you ever wanted escape?Nope. Right now the most important thing right now is to focus (laughs)

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..Parts of the interview Lee Seung Gi did ( smiletall translated them)
(page 1512 GFB thread-> forums.soompi.com )

LSG’s romance with YW made viewers’ hearts pound. Even at a glance, two beautiful people who were doing their best in creating a sweet romance made headlines every episode. In particular, the kiss scene and SG accidently touching Suzy’s breast, which gave him the nickname “Bad Hands” turned the internet upside down.


While filming, the director said that the kiss scene was not one that was cautious. Since he pushed the scene so strongly, I was actually able to act comfortably.  Without any pretense,  I was able to work to the fullest and act.” (laughs)

LSG’s “bad hand” scene earned him the number 1 spot in search engines.  The strong love scenes between the nation’s younger brother and LSG and nation’s younger sister Suzy gained massive attention

I didn’t know that the reaction would be this big. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been #1 on the search list. It’s also been a while since my debut that I’ve been cursed at (laughs). Suzy’s fans might be joking, but it’s normal with people who are popular (laughs). Suzy is so popular right now that I think any other male actor who does a love scene with her will get this kind of reception.  Thanks to Suzy’s fans, I think I’ve gotten mentally stronger, no? (laughs) I think as Suzy continues to do many other future love scenes, the fans will also become more accepting.  As things are usually harder in the beginning, I’d like my sacrifice to be recognized.” (laughs)

(page 1514 GFB thread-> forums.soompi.com )

Q. It’s the beginning of the interview, but we need to talk about the ending.  Were you satisfied with how the drama ended?

Our ending was neither sad nor happy.  Personally, out of all the works I’ve done, this was the one I met with the greatest anticipation.  This ending was already determined by the writer.  It was an episode which made one’s heart sad. The sadness towards one’s family, the pain of losing a love, the longing between man and woman, the exit of a villain, and so on.  With so many things unfolding at once, many people may feel disappointment, but at the very least, it was a gentle and warm finish. Actually, half-way while reading the script for ep 24, I had to put it down because I started to tear.  (I bet when YW was dying that’s half-way in the episode.

Q. Normally other dramas don’t have an ending pre-determined.  How was it acting while known how the story would end?

It was a completely different experience.  Since I was acting already knowing how it was going to end, it definitely helped.  I could act with the ending in mind, and it even changed certain details in my acting. For example, I could get a feeling for how much I should cry here, since I could feel how it was building up towards the end. When I had to be desperate, it was all that much more desperate.  When I was happy, I could be that much happier.

Q. It wasn’t even a side-script.

That’s right. If it had been just a side-script, the balance would have been ruined.  Since the ending was determined, it helped in a lot of ways. 

Q. Do you feel any different after GFB?

Up through my last drama TK2H, I was honestly very confident. At that point, at these interviews, I wanted to talk about my accomplishments and acting a lot.  But now, I feel like I’ve become a lot more humble. In the past, I thought that doing well was the most important, but this time, even with KC in the center of all the unfoding storylines and headlining the story, I learned that working well with my partners was important. Also, different from last time, when acting with veteran actors, even though I was still the lead, the amount of responsibility I felt this time around was different.  The question isn’t whether the lead acts well or not, but what’s important is becoming an actor which allows for my partner to shine.   

Q. When you speak about your partner, you’re probably speaking about Suzy.  How was your teamwork?  As a senior, did you give her any advice?

In the beginning there wasn’t any modifications (?). I think because of this, the drama succeeded.  If I had been working with an experienced actress, I wouldn’t have thought much differently. But with Suzy who is very much my junior, I felt that there needed to be much more communication.  ‘This is the kind of YW I see.’ This kind of conversation.  YW would take in what she could, adding her own interpretation, and we worked to match each other.  I think this is why we’ve been able to hear that our chemistry seemed so real.

Q. What kind of actress is your junior Suzy?

An actress that YYS likes (LOOOL).  She did really well this time. That’s why I praised her a lot. In the beginning there aspects that were a bit awkward, but from the middle and onward, I could feel that she was improving.  Later, even without much discussion, she did well.  She acts with a lot of joy.  For some reason, I would feel proud of her. (laughs)

Q. I can’t not talk about KC and YW’s kiss scene.  For a drama, it was rather long and deep, no? (laughs)

But in terms of other dramas, comparatively, it appears rather late.  Since it appeared in ep 17, it appeared at a moment where other dramas would be ending. Since it was a late kiss, it was moment where we could pour our heart and soul into (laughs). Oh, even though the kiss scene appeared late, hugs and other skinship appeared early.  I think the bad hand was first too (laughs).

Q. There was a strong reaction to KC and YW couple’s chemistry.  This might be a bit personal, but during filming, did that chemistry follow beyond the drama?

Real feelings? Of course I feel them (laughs).  YW, ah Suzy… since I kept calling Suzy YW, it’s become a habit. Anyways, apart from acting well or not, since I feel good feelings for my partner, I can act well.(*giggles*)

Q.  What are Suzy’s charms after seeing her close-up?

I think she has charms that any man would like. She has a friendly feel to her. It’s not easy for an idol star to be so friendly.  I think her biggest charm is that she’s not burdensome. I think that every person needs to have a charm befitting their age, and Suzy seems like a younger sibling that perfectly matches her age.

Q. Now that I think about it, Suzy is your junior in terms of Nation’s Younger Sibling as well. (laughs)

But she adamantly declares that even if she dies, she’s not the Nation’s Younger Sibling, but the Nation’s First Love instead. (laughs)

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