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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

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I just read the Official Title is out - 7th Grade Civil Servant8c7d47c2d56285357a512ddf90ef76c6a6ef634cread it here http://thedramagodshateus.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/joo-won-drama-finalizes-title/
and it seems agent Gil Ro has a family name. It's Han. Hello, Han Gil Ro! See you in January. 
Script reading was apparently on the 14th November. Hmmmm....why no stills? 

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class="headline"Joo Won′s New Drama Confirms Title as ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’

from Yahoo OMG! Philippines

click here for the article

CJ E&M enewsWorldBy Stewart Ho | CJ E&M enewsWorld – 1 hour 11 minutes ago

Joo Won′s new drama has officially decided on its name.

Drama production agency Apple Tree Pictures revealed the news on November 17, saying the drama had officially set its title as 7th Grade Civil Servant.


Written by Chun Sung Il, the writer behind the drama Chuno, the 7th Grade Civil Servant is based on the 2009 movie My Girlfriend is an Agent which starred Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan.

Revolving around the world of secret agents, the drama will star Joo Won and Ha Shi Eun.

The drama is targeting a January premiere.

Photo Credit: Billboard

note: I think that should be November 15, 2012 not November 17, 2012. Typo error?

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maybe its NOT going to focus on romance, but the adventure as a rookie agent  ;)

btw when this drama going to hold its first reading??

i got my question answered, its on november 14th ;)

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Secret Agent War gets a name change
by girlfriday | November 15, 2012 |


girlfriday: So Secret Agent War is getting a name change… back to Level 7 Civil Servant. Um, does a step backward count as forward movement?

javabeans: It does if you’re pointed in the wrong direction.

girlfriday: Hold on… *gets up and tries it* Now I’m just dizzy.

javabeans: Why even change your name a bunch of times if you’re just going to readopt the original title in the end? Between this and School 5/School 2013/2013 School, we’ve got a year of really lame name-fiddling.

girlfriday: You’ve left out Chicken Man, aka Nice Guy, also Full House Take 2, and the totally unwieldy To The Beautiful You. It’s a whole year of bad titles.

javabeans: At least those sort of made sense? But I’ll play. There’s Childless Comfort, Five Fingers, (Time Slip) Dr. Jin, and the king of them all, The King 2 Hearts/The King 2 Hearts/The King 2 Hearts (they were all different in hangul).

girlfriday: Ducking Too, Hurts?

javabeans: Or Da King, Too, Hurts. Punctuation is very important. Eats shoots and leaves.

girlfriday: My favorite is always I’m Sorry I Love You vs. I’m Sorry, I Love You. So, so different. I’m pretty sure I don’t even know which is the right one. Is it the one with low self-esteem, or the one who’s just coincidentally both sorry and in love?javabeans: There’s a comma. I know this because it’s the less interesting one. Coincidence is always less interesting than self-hate.

girlfriday: Agreed. Coincidence is pretty much the least interesting thing of all.


javabeans: So anyway, drama. Apparently it has also added a few more actors in the supporting roles: Jang Young-nam, who is brilliant and was also in the movie, by the way (she’s been in everything, from Vampire Prosecutor to SNLKorea to Moon/Sun toMan of Honor).girlfriday: She’s surprisingly funny on SNL.javabeans: I first saw her in comedy (Dal Ja’s Spring) so I was more surprised that she’s so awesome in drama. I love her in everything, though I don’t necessarily love everything she’s in. Then there’s Ahn Nae-sang (Moon/Sun, High Kick 3).girlfriday: And Chansung, who’s an idol. Does he have any credits?javabeans: I saw him in Unstoppable High Kick, briefly. He was a tertiary character. What’s below tertiary? Quad…riery?girlfriday: Qua… um… let’s just go with satellite.javabeans: The latest addition is Ha Shi-eun as the heroine’s friend, who’s a carryover of this writer-producer from Chuno. Oh! Apparently the hero with the weird name has a full name now. It’s not Gil Ro (which is weird), but Han Gil-ro (which is still weird).girlfriday: Oh it’s helpful that he finally gets a last name. It’s like almost Gilroy but not. I find it weird to name a character something that is hard to pronounce in your own language. But that’s just me.javabeans: Can we just call him Gillow? That’s what it sounds like. Or, you know, if he wants to be cool he can just be ‘Logirlfriday: That’s what we should call him.javabeans: Yo, Lo. I’m going to say that ALL THE TIME. With inflection. And rhythm. I’mma dance to it. Yolo.girlfriday: E’erybody, do the Yolo!


Via Osen

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Wow, so my worry actually came true. Joo Won's and Jo In Sung's drama both are on Wednesday and Thursday's slot. I work on these two days as well. So when it both come out, I'll have some overlap and I think I'll have a good time trying to catch up to these two dramas on the weekend. =))

Please note that the news I posted from Innolife.co.kr actually said "cervant" while I think the translator meant "servant?" I'm not too sure as I tried to check through my dictionary to see if that's a variant from British English, but that was not the case. So maybe there is a typo or there is an error on the spelling. This news actually confirmed that 7th Grade Civil Servant will be aired on Wednesday & Thursday. I'll update post 1 as reported on the news until further notice.

Ju-Won & Choi Kang-Hee 'Story of a Secret Man and Woman', finalizing its title to '7th Grade Civil Cervant'

The title of Ju-Won and Choi Kang-Hee's drama, 'Story of a Secret Man and Woman,' was finalized to '7th Grade Civil Cervant.'

'7th Grade Civil Cervant' is a piece in which writer Chun Sung-Il and director Kim Sang-Hyup cooperated. It is a prequel version of the movie '7th Grade Civil Cervant,' which was released in 2009, trying a cross media format between movie and drama.

While it was about the act and love of two man and woman, who are both members of National Intelligence Service hiding their identity, in the movie, the drama will be a comic story about how the couple first meet and becomes the member of NIS.

In the role of Kim Seo-Won and Han Gil-Ro, who begin their ill-fated relationship with continuous lies, Ju-Won and Choi Kang-Hee were casted. In the role of another two members of NIS, Hwang Chan-Sung of 2PM and Kim Min-Su were casted.

'7th Grade Civil Cervant' is the follow-up of MBC Wednesday&Thursday drama 'I Miss You,' and it will be aired in January of next year.

English source:

class="at_ttl ml10"Upcoming Drama "Secret Lovers" Change its Name to "Level 7 Civil Servant"

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Nov 15, 2012 03:36 PM EST


Previously known as "Secret Lover" changed its name to their original one "Level 7 Civil Servant"

Beside the name change, It added new supporting actors like Jang Young Nam (The Moon That Embraces Sun, Vampire Prosecutor), Ahn Nae Sang (May Queen, The Moon That Embraces Sun) and Ha Shi Eun (Chuno) 

"Level 7 Civil Servant" is based on the movie "My Girlfriend Is an Agent" and it's about two spies who fool each other trying to keep their real identity unknown to the other person. It also deals with love and friendship as well as crimes and gangs conflicts.

The drama is set to air in January 2013.

English source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/6593/20121115/upcoming-drama-secret-lovers-change-name-level.htm

© 2012 KDramaStars.com All right reserved.

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Jang Young-nam cast for "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama"

Source | 2012/11/15 |


Actress Jang Young-nam has been cast for the MBC drama "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama".

She will star as an elite agent named Jang Yeong-soon who has the beauty and skills but a rookie when it comes to love.

Jang has once failed at love for the reason that she was a national intelligence agent. She hide this fact during female discipline time and criticizes love and marriage.

Jang has left a short but strong impression in the drama "The Sun and the Moon" and the movie "A Werewolf Boy".

Meanwhile, "My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" is a comedy drama that shows the conflicts and happenings in an organization full of agents starring, Choi Kang-heeJoo WonHwang Chan-seongKim Min-seo and more.

"My Girlfriend is an Agent - Drama" will be aired from January onwards after "Missing You".

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/jang-young-nam-cast-for-my-girlfriend-is-an-agent--drama-49790.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#d7BjBAC1ODUi7Bvp.99 

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Hi everyone,

Due to different variant of translations I think I'm going to update title as "7th Level Civil Servant" because there had been some variants coming around. Dramabeans called this "Level" instead of Grade. I think Level sounds better than Grade, no? When I think of Grade I was thinking of K-12 Grades, haha, so maybe Level sounds more adult? If you have an objection to this change, will you voice opinions? Thanks.

Also, will you please consider making poster for this drama if you are good at making posters or enjoy making them? If you do, will you please stamp your name on them?

Otherwise I'll just take whatever the official site has to offer. ^^  Please private message me if you're interested in contributing arts/posters/characters posters for this drama when all the official plot/characters' information is made available in January. Thank you so much for your generosity. I'm skill-less when it comes to graphics. My post will show it in my "trying" in January. =))


I think I'm going to change our thread's title whenever I update post 1. I'm not sure any one care about post 1, but I'm changing them as information is available by news and/or contributors. Only if there is major change and I cannot fit in what I write in thread title will I write a post to you. Pretty much you'll see me in silence, but pay attention to thread title please because I do change things and I do read news you post. I'll be PM-ing the mods to see if that's something okay to do. If it is not, then I'll write a post every time I change post 1.

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OMG. I was just searching for Kim Min-seo, I am a big fan of hers. She should get bigger roles. Her acting is great. Does she has a Soompi thread?

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she doesn't have right now :D
a new poster fan art 

안내상, '7급공무원' 출연…태만한 생계형 첩보요원 :: 네이버 뉴스

Actor Ahn Nae-sang will appear in the upcoming drama ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’.

His role in the drama is of ‘Kim Won-seok’, a struggling bureaucrat in the Korea’s National Intelligence Service.

‘Kim Won-seok’ was once a potential agent, who succumbed to the realities to become a bitter and weary bureaucrat in the agency. Trying to get out of his boring and weary life by becoming a training officer, he meets ‘Han Gil-ro’ (Joo Won), a rookie who reminds of himself in the past, and returns to his past as a professional espionage agent to battle a shadow from his past.

Ahn Nae-sang’s established acting skills, shown with his recent appearances in the dramas ‘The Moon That Embraced the Sun’ and ‘May Queen’, has landed him the complex character of a lazy bureaucrat in the outside, and a troubled and wounded man on the inside.

The drama ‘Level 7 Public Servant’, or ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’, is the drama depicting the various episodes within Korea’s intelligence agency National Intelligence Service, and stars Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won, Hwang Chansung, and Kim Min-seo. The drama will air on January 2013, as the follow-up to ‘I Miss You’.


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Outer Space Conquered, Enemies Defeated

Agent Gil Ro Is Back In Korea On A New Mission


Are You Ready? 

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