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[Drama 2012/13] The King's Dream 대왕의 꿈


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Thanks for the update !

The broadcasting date is tomorrow ! If I had KBS channel I could watch at 7:40pm.

this song is too soft and slow for a troubled times with constant wars and military coups, it's rather dreamy and relaxing, but the instrumental theme, especially the trumpet melody is perfect ! I'm looking forward it. By the way, Jessica's voice is nice, I like it too.

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I love the song by Jessica! I agree that the song is very slow and soothing. I think it is meant to bring out the sense of immense solitary a monarch would face; no friends, no families - Just subjects. I used to get this sentiment a lot when I was watching Queen Seonduk.. I'm so excited for this!!

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Every uncle Choi's sageuk drama was a hit, so I have high hope for this.

1) Emperor Wang Gun (one of the K Dramas which have high ratings)

2) Dae Jo Young

3) Emperor of the Sea (Sea God) : this drama was also very popular.

and he's in the modern drama " Comrades" was the one I also like much.

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no problem ! ;)

hello Nika, if you watch the special episode at the last 20 minutes you can see how they make / design wardrobe for Silla Kingdoms.

I'm not sure we'll have sub that fast...because my friend said KBS is much more tougher than SBS and MBC about fan sites subbing their dramas.

Our hope is Dramafever , who has the direct arrangement with KBS some dramas so they get the license right away quicker than other ones but they won't release it until after KBS has broadcasted that drama on KBS World with subs which is at least 6 weeks after the premier date. King's Dream is the earliest KBS's project so I wish they're going to reach an agreement soon.

Anyway, we'll have to watch the raw version during this meantime first then looking forward for subs later.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE ! Semi-fly from our soompi forum is going to provide us torrent links for our drama when it's available. I and my friend contacted her yesterday and today I receive a message from my friend confirmed semi-fly has added King's Dream folder to her list of links.

Awesome !!

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I love saeguks, why do so many saeguks have to start when school starts T_TI think I'll have to wait till winter break for this one T_T. I also have to wait for lee yo won's 'horse doctor' 
QSD is on my 'most epic drama' list, so I can't help but compare these two. I will try for myself though =] 
oh and thanks to @mannschaft for posting so many pictures!!!

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thanks semi-fly for the update , my local internet connection is unable to download the file with 8GB , less than 1GB is suffice.
@purexorange : thanks. No problem. ;)
Episode 1 Ratings:
TNmS:  + Nationwide: 12.9 (6th) ; Seoul: 12.5 (6th)AGB: + Nationwide: 12.5 (5th) ; Seoul : 12.2 (6th)

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Guest luvmybacon

KBS World will be showing this starting 29 Sept - Dream of the Emperor
Plus if you, like me, dont have access to this cable tv channel, you can download the app from Google Store - KBSworld
You can watch streaming of their shows....happiness !!

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Guest hapha8714

uknowahah said: I see the drama is doing pretty well for the two episodes. I guess I'll have to wait patiently for the subtitles.. I don't want to watch it raw out of desperation and spoil everything. I love the epic opening!!

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