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[Drama 2012/13] The King's Dream 대왕의 꿈


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the official website has started, since theres still no new images and videos, it's shown the reason to make this drama.
These pictures I've found on Naver, DC & Daum.

behind the scenes


filming sets.


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I've recently found more good pictures related to our drama.
(behind the scenes, filming sets)
renember to scroll down to the bottom ;)


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alright, there more new updates about castings here.
Cho Jae Wan (above) : will be playing Baek-seok , a Goguryeo spy in Silla.
Min Jia: she will replace Kim Hye jin playing Kim Bo hee , who is the sister of Kim Yushin & Kim Moon-hee.
Kim Rwae Ha : since he'd been originally supposed to be Bidam , he was pulled off and the person who takes his place is unknown right now.
I think Kim Rwae Ha & Kim Hye Jin's castings might have been rumored or fantasy thoughts. 

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Link :

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Hi Mannschaft, I thought I'd visit this thread. I am surprised not so many people are here yet.. maybe they'll start coming when this drama starts?
mannschaft said:

King's Dream production press conference event.

Upcoming KBS2 saeguk drama King's Dream started its production with a press conference event at Silla Millennium Park in Gyeongju City on June 14.

KBS presents King's Dream as a pure saeguk drama, to satisfy audience who looked for authentic historical drama after lot of fusion saeguk dramas lately such as God of War, Dr Jin and Queen Inhyun' Man.

King's Dream centers its story on King Muyeol from ancient Shilla dynasty. The ancient Korea peninsula was divided into 3 countries (Shilla, Baekje and Goguryo) , and King Muyeol was the king who successfully established the unification and made those three countries as unified nation.

King's Dream will avoid many expensive war scenes, instead they will present the complicate and delicate political situation among nation's elite. We'll see how ancient nation's leaders establish their leadership, fight and compromise with neighbor countries. The drama also portrayed Korean relation with ancient Japan and China (Tang Dynasty).

Veteran actor Choi Su Jung (President, War of Roses) plays the role of King Muyeol and actress Park Joo Mi (I Believe in Love) will take leading lady role, Queen Sun Duk.

During the press conference, Park Joo Mi expressed her goal to show different style of Queen Sun Duk.

To make it different from Lee Yo Won's in previous hit drama Queen Sun Duk, Joo Mi said ," My Sun Duk won't swing a sword in battlefield. I will show different part of the Queen that previous drama didn't show".

Meanwhile, leading man Choi Su Jung said ," I'm a man who see a drama performance through its script because the 90% portion drama's success is decided by its script. And King's Dream is very interesting and great, please cheer for this drama".

Choi Su Jung also showed his confidence for King's Dream ," I felt no burden. A drama is not made only by one man. The kind of people we worked together is important. I'm confident that I'm with the best seniors and capable juniors, so I feel relax".

And the veteran actor has his perspective about rating ,"Some actors said that they didn't care about rating. They said it's good enough if the drama's team worked in friendly atmosphere. But actually, if the rating is low, the shooting atmosphere becomes gloom".

He's honest and spot on !

King's Dream airs September 8.

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mannschaft said: i almost forgot to post this, here is a list of monarchs will be covered in the drama.

Silla: King Jinpyeong, Queen Seondeok, Jindeok, King Muyeol, Munmu, Shinmun.
Baekje: King Mu, King Uija
Goguryeo: King Young Ryu, Bojang, Yeon Gaesomoon, Yeon Namseng, Yeon Namgun, Yeon Namsan, Yeon Jeongto.
Tang China: Gaozu, Taizong, Gaozong, Empress Wu Zetian, Xue Rengui

The history period is from the 3 Kingdoms up to the Unified Silla , seems like we're having lots of things to get excited about. When looking for historical summaries during that time there are many fascinating stories and legends , I'm really burstling to see how they're going to be portraited in the drama.

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Welcome @nikachan2008

I hope so, since not many people are fond of this drama.
We still have nearly a month left, I'm very looking forward to the day I change the title from "Upcoming" to "Ongoing." ;)

There are lots of legends, you can search for them on wiki. I have a friend who willing to share us something more about the historical information that is the factual events during that time once the drama starts. I really want to know what happened in real history compared to the way they depicted on the screen.

Veteran actor Choi Su Jong he did make sense, the drama is good or not depends much more on the scriptwriter(s) than others. My friend makes this point that television directors (PDs) are the third on the totem pole after writers and producers which mean even great PDs , actors are going to give poor performances if given bad script and otherwise. But don't worry,  one of our authors is a person who wrote Age of Warriors , which had been a great long running pure sageuk drama in 2003 with 158 episodes.

Though the last few KBS weekends dramas were not very successful and received low / medium ratings , I still have high hope for King's Dream wish they will achieve more because they seem like invest, put more budget and effort than others.

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