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[Drama 2012/13] The King's Dream 대왕의 꿈


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yes me too, hapha...

@hapha8714 : can I ask are you from Chicago Korean Drama Fan Club ?

guys...we got it ! dramacrazy has started uploading this show, subs will be added so soon , no need to wait too long !


Thanks God, episode 1, 2 is already released.

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@nikachan2008: withs2 will be starting the subbing project for this drama on October.

we also have subbing project here by Darksmurfsub (DSS): http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5863-the-great-kings-dream-2012/

as i said before, I will collect history stories to share with all of you guys when the drama starts.

Credit to: truth from ChicagoKDramaFanClub.

Here we go:

Annals of King Jinpyung (567-632. Reign.579-632) : 26th Silla's ruler.

Jinpyung was the son of Crown Prince Dong Ryoon, the son of King Jinheung and Queen Sado, and Crown Princess Mano. His full name was Kim Baek Jeong. Crown Prince Dong Ryoon died in 572. On July of 579, Jinpyung became the king at the age of 13 after Queen Dowager Sado dethroned King Jinji for not obeying her commands.

Queen Sado ruled as a regent since Jinpyung was only 13 when he became king. She appointed her older brother Park Noribu as the Prime Minister and Hujik as the Minister of Military. Park Noribu died on December of 588 and Sueulbu took over as the Prime Minister.

On 594, King Jinpyung sent a diplomat to Sui dynasty of China to establish diplomatic relations. On 596, he sent Monk Damyook to Sui to study Chinese Buddhism. Jinpyung worked hard to become friends with China, because his grandfather Jinheung had angered Goguryeo and Baekje by conquering many of their territories.

On 598, Goguryeo sent 10,000 Malgal troops to attack Liaoxiao of China. Emperor Wen sent 300,000 army to invade Goguryeo as a retaliation, but they were massacred by Goguryeo's Kang Yishik. King Young Yang of Goguryeo asked for peace immediately after the war and Emperor Wen had no choice but to accept it.

Baekje sent a messenger to Sui shortly after Wen's failed invasion and told them that Baekje was willing to help attacking Goguryeo. Emperor Wen rejected the offer. King Young Yang was very furious when he found about this, so he invaded Baekje.

Baekje's General Hae Su invaded Shilla's Amak Fortress on August of 602. King Mu of Baekje wanted to regain the lands that were conqured by King Jinheung.

King Jinpyung sent thousands of cavalry to fight back. He also built fortresses in Sota, Wae Seok, Cheonsan, Ong Jam and retaliated by invading Baekje.

King Mu then retaliated by giving 40,000 troops to Hae Su in order to attack four Shilla fortresses. Shilla sent Gunpoom and Mu Eun to fight back. Mu Eun fell off the horse after falling into Hae Su's ambush, but he was luckily saved by his son Gwisan and Chu Hang. Gwisan and Chu Hang were both killed in action. The Shilla army got very upset by their deaths and fought back bravely. Hae Su's Baekje army had no choice but to retreat.

On August of 603, King Young Yang of Goguryeo sent General Go Seung to attack North Han Fortress. King Jinpyung himself led the army of 10,000 to defeat them. On August of 605, Jinpyung invaded Baekje. Goguryeo attacked Shilla again after Shilla attacked Baekje.

On 608, King Jinpyung ordered Monk Won Gwang to write a letter of request to Sui for a dispatch of troops to attack Goguryeo. Emperor Yang of Sui wasn't happy about Goguryeo refusing to pay tributes. King Young Yang invaded Shilla as soon as he heard about this and captured 8,000 Shillan peasants. Goguryeo then took over Woo Myung Fortress.

On 611, King Jinpyung asked Sui again to attack Goguryeo. On 612, Emperor Yang of Sui invaded Goguryeo with 1,130,000 troops. However, Sui lost and retreated after few months. Emperor Yang couldn't stand the humiliation and continued to attack Goguryeo for the next 3 years, which all failed.

On July of 611, Baekje army surrounded the Kajam Fortress of Shilla. Kajam's Mayor Chan Deok fought for 100 days, but Kajam was ultimately conquered by Baekje. On October of 616, Baekje attacked Mosan Fortress of Shilla. However, Baekje was not serious about this attack and retreated shortly after beginning the attack.

On 618, Tang dynasty replaced Sui in China. King Jinpyung ordered Byun Poom, the Lord of North Han Fortress, to take back Kajam. Shilla failed to do so and Chan Deok's son Haeron was killed in action. King Jinpyung sent a diplomat to Tang right after this loss and established diplomatic relations.

On 623, Baekje attacked Neuk Noh of Shilla. On October of 624, Baekje surrounded Sokam, Ang Jam, Kijam, Bong Jam, Ki Hyun, and Hyul Chek of Shilla. General Nool Choi fought back bravely, but Shilla lost Bong Jam, Ang Jam, and Ki Hyun.

On 625, King Jinpyung sent a messenger to Tang and told them that Goguryeo was blocking Shilla's way to pay tribute to Tang and that Goguryeo was constantly attacking Shilla. Emperor Gaozu of Tang then advised Goguryeo to make peace with Shilla. King Young Ryu of Goguryeo listened to Gaozu's advice and stopped attacking Shilla.

On August of 626, Baekje conquered Jujae Fortress of Shilla and killed the lord of the fortress Dong So. Shilla built Go Huh Fortress to prepare for future attack. On July of 627, Baekje's General Sa Geol conquered two Shilla fotresses in Shilla's westernmost region and captured 300 Shillans.

On 628, Shilla took Kajam Fotress back. Baekje surrounded Kajam shortly after losing it, but they couldn't beat Shilla's resistance and retreated. On 629, Kim Yong Choon(KCC's father) and Kim Seo Hyun(Kim Yushin's father) conquered Nangbi Fortress of Goguryeo. Kim Yushin was also in the battle.

Shilla became very poor after constant wars. Starving people incresed and farmlands decreased. Some people sold their children for money. This led to political instablility and eventually resulted in a rebellion.

On May of 631, Chilsook and Seok Poom planned a rebellion. Fortunately, their plan was discovered early and King Jinpyung was able to suppress them. Chilsook was beheaded in the marketplace and his entire family was executed. Seok Poom ran away all the way to Baekje border, but he deeply missed his wife and came back to his house after switching clothes with a woodcutter. He was arrested by soldiers that were waiting in his house and executed.

Later that year, King Jinpyung sent two Shillan women to China to flatter Emperor Taizong of Tang. However, they were sent back to Shilla after Taizong's advisor Wei Zheng advised him to do so.

On 632, King Jinpyung died at the age of 66.

King Jinpyung had 4 wives.

1st wife : Queen Maya was the daughter of Galmun King Bok Seung. She gave birth to Princess Cheonmyung and Princess Deokman.

2nd wife : Queen Seung Man. She died shortly after giving birth to a son

3rd wife : Concubine Hwa Myung

4th wife : Concubine Ok Myung

Princess Cheonmyung : Cheonmyung was the first daughter of King Jinpyung and Queen Maya. She married King Jinji's first son Kim Yong Su. However, she loved Yong Su's brother Yong Choon. Yong Su knew about this and tried to convince his brother to marry her. Yong Choon refused. Queen Maya tried to convince Yong Choon as well, but she failed. Yong Choon finally accepted Yong Su's request when Yong Su asked him to marry Cheonmyung at his deathbed. Cheonmyung was supposed to succeed Jinpyung, but she knew that Jinpyung liked Deokman more. She moved out of palace with Kim Yong Choon for her sister as a result.

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thank you for the download links everyone... i can enjoy every episode as soon as it is broadcasted .

here is the rating for ep3 (not too bad but I'm afraid this show will be following God of War about the ratings.)

 + Nationwide: 11.6 ; Seoul: 11.1
 + Nationwide: 11.5 ; Seoul: 11.0

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The guy playing Yushin? Yeah, he was annoying in Dong-Yi. He was also in Gye Baek. He's some kind of an extrovert person to me & I always thought that Yushin is a typical cool & serious guy.. so when I learned that he is playing Yushin I had some doubts.. but then, he is an actor, he can change to person he needs to be.

Can all of you see the English subs of Episode 1 on Dramacrazy??? I can't seem to see it yet.  And are the download links here have English subs already? Thanks.
mannschaft said: Cheonmyung was supposed to succeed Jinpyung, but she knew that Jinpyung liked Deokman more. She moved out of palace with Kim Yong Choon for her sister as a result.

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yes his name is Kim Yoo Suk, he is adult Kim Yushin here and he was also appeared in Gyebaek.

in Dongyi I saw his acting and facial expression were so exaggerated, in this drama he's more serious then.

don't be too hasty, the subs hasn't been out this early. You should wait at least until October.

it's normal, in ancient times it's easier, more legally for males to struggle to the throne than females, and princess Cheonmyung herself didn't have reason to rise and to fight for the throne nor did she had abilities to rule like her sister, So she just gave it up.

I got your point , but to me I like lots of things in GoW, it's a nice drama, but I'd rather not discuss about it here.

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Haha, well, I guess I got too excited for this drama. OK, I'll wait until October. I don't want to watch it raw.. 

Yeah, I also have lots of favorite things in GoW, just sometimes I want the hero to punch some guys but then if he does.. it will twist some historical facts. Actually, I haven't finished it yet. I think soon I will be in the part that he will rise to the top. Well, sorry for the off topic.

Anyway, just wondering, why do you think the ratings of this drama will be following that of the God of War? The trailer & all the things here seemed impressive to me.

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I watch the raw episode while waiting for sub, it doesn't matter.

i'm not sure , but the rating seems declined a bit after 3 episodes. And I've noticed several dramas have medium ratings like this , i don't know why but long running historical can't attract much viewers anymore, except for QSD which could reach its peak with rating higher than 30 and the highest was 46.7 .

Maybe this is the era of fusion fantasy sageuks that have lots of advantages which are the budget is much cheaper but the income are 10 times higher , high ratings, loyal fans, viewers and gain popular among Asia , this is beyond pure sageuks' abilities at the time.

My second hope is for upcoming Horse Doctor.

That's enough...I think we should go back to King's Dream now.

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