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[Drama 2012/13] The King's Dream 대왕의 꿈


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The trailer has been released ! How amazing !

there are lots of unprecedented events will happen in this drama , since it's said to be real history, they still have some unheard of stories. By the way, in the trailer I see Yushin and Chunchu are fighting over something , I wonder which reason could it be ...?
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I can only watch the first 20 minutes, after that the video doesn't load anymore.

The 1st episode is released next Saturday, let us pray for a higher ratings [-O<

just a few more images , filming on Aug. 31st , to while away the time ...

source: naver.



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luckily my time zone is GMT + 7 which means 2 hours behind Korea's time so I can watch this drama at 7:40pm in my country.

Does any subteam have plan to add e-sub for this ? I don't know Korean, anyway by the time the drama starts if the sub hasn't been out, I will still watch in Korean language ...can't wait for sub either. :>

Feel like I'm too much burstling for it ...when the broadcasting date is coming near...

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the 1st soundtrack is going to be released on Sep. 7th. At first I'm not very fond of this song but now just get used to listening to it, it's fine though. ;)


So , the title is changed again to be "The Great King's Dream" , exactly the what the Korean title says ? I wonder which one is used...

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Woah.. I'm going to looooooove this historical drama!! I loved Queen Seonduk and although this is not a sequel, no doubt it is going to be relevant. So we get to see those awesome hwarang again? Yeaaaah!! If I'm not wrong, the story take place after Queen Seonduk died and her sister was crowned before King Chuchu conquered the two other kingdoms with Yushin.

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hello there.

Of course it's going to be a relevant, it's not from after queen Seonduk but including her and she's the female lead, and beside , Chunchu is the male lead.

I've found some more pretty elegant images of everyone in the press conference which has been hold around today.

Ah...I forgot to tell this...the OST sung by Jessia named "Heart Road" the full track will be released tomorrow.


source: newsen, donga, naver, daum.

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No problem ;) , queen Seonduk here is played by Seon Ju Ah (young) and Park Joo Mi (adult) , 2 persons are the perfect choice for this role and I see they have great facial expression when acting as a female ruler with wits, firm and straight view.

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Guest avonmarissa

I am very excited about this drama and can't wait to see another interpretation of Queen Seondeok's reign and events leading to the 'unification' of the three kingdoms. Come to think of it, this will be the third time Choi Su-jong plays a king and the second time after Taejo Wang Geon where he also played a king who unified the three kingdoms. Thanks to mannschaft for creating the thread and providing the wonderful pictures and information.

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Guest hapha8714

Jessica's - Heart Road is out.

I'd prefer the instrumental over hers. She sounds fine, yes, but her sweet voice seemed less suitable for it.

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