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[Drama 2012] Five Fingers (다섯손가락)


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Five Fingers / 다섯손가락 (
Dasutsongarak) (formerly known as The Piano Forest / 피아노의 숲 (Pianoeui Soop)

Channel:   SBS
Producer/Director:   Choi Hyeong Hun ("War of the Roses" "Obstetrics & Gynecology Doctors"
"Warrior Baek Dong Soo")
Scriptwriter:  Kim Sun Ok
("Smile, Mom" "Temptation of Wife")
Broadcast Period:    18 August 2012 to 25 November 2012  (barring pre-emptions)
Episodes:   30
Air Time:   SBS Saturdays & Sundays 9:50 PM KST
                   SBS Plus Rebroadcasts Monday & Tuesdays 5:30 AM KST
Press Conference:   16 August 2012 at 2:00 PM KST; Seoul Lotte Hotel, Crystal Ballroom, Gangnam-gu
Filming Begins:    1 July 2012
Official Website:
   SBS "Dasutsongarak"
Official Blog:  blog.naver.fingerfive5


afbc377b.jpg                                                                            a5df5f45.jpg
Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈) as Yoo Ji Ho                                                                Kang Yi Seok (강이석) as Young Ji Ho

Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) as Yoo In Ha (Ji Ho's stepbrother)                           Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) as Young In Ha

 Chae Si Ra (채시라) as Chae Yeong Rang (In Ha's mother)                          Jo Min Ki (조민기) as Yoo Man Se (Ji Ho & In Ha's father)

39c2d898.jpg                                                                              397cab7c.jpg
Jin Se Yeon (진세연) as Hong Da Mi     
                                                        Kim Seong Kyeong (김성경) as Young Da Mi

2f65506c.jpg                                                                              9659e3db.jpg
Jeon Mi Seon (전미선) as Song Nam Joo (Da Mi's mother)                          Oh Dae Gyu (오대규) as Hong Soo Pyo (Da Mi's father)

bbae8ef0.jpg                                                                              94eb07ec.jpg
Jung Eun Woo (정은우) as Hong Woo Jin (Da Mi's brother)                         Noh Tae Yeob (노태엽) as Young Woo Jin   

ad36d66f.jpg                                                                             29c29469.jpg
Na Moon Hee (나문희) as Min Ban Wol (Yoo Man Se's mother)                  Song Ye Ju (송예주) as Lee Dong Yi (maid to the Yoo Family)

ad6a91f3.jpg                                                                             c615642e.jpg                                     
Lee Hae In (이해인)  as Jung So Yeol (Professor Ha's daughter)                Jeon Guk Hwan (전국환) as Professor Ha Yoon Mo

Jung Joon Ha (정준하) as Louis Kang                                                         Cha Hwa Yeon (차화연) as Na Gye Hwa (Yeong Rang's stepmother)
21a08058.jpg                                                                            ffaa498a.jpg
Jeon Noh Min (전노민) as Kim Jung Wook                                                  Jang Hyun Sung (장현성) as Choi Seung Jae (Boosung GC)

Lee Seung Hyeong (이승형) as Secretary Oh                                              Han Su Jin (한수진) as Do Ri (Da Mi's restaurant co-worker)


Can a bond between two brothers develop over sharing a mother in name only?

 And how far will a mother go to further her own lost aspirations?

"Five Fingers" is about four people who each have their own tragedies to overcome in order to achieve their dreams. A chaebol family that manufactures musical instruments has two sons that play the piano -- the oldest (Joo Ji Hoon) has extraordinary natural musical talent, but must find a way to overcome his family's tragic history.  His younger stepbrother (Ji Chang Wook) is not a natural piano talent and has to constantly work at his playing, but because of said tragic accident goes through life jealous of his older brother and will try to find a way to regain what he claims is his birthright.  A young girl (Jin Se Yeon) also dreamed of being a concert pianist, but a tragic fire shatters that dream and she ends up working at a restaurant instead.  But holding over all is the mother (Chae Si Ra) who although gave birth to one son, cared for the other more in order to fulfill her own lost dreams of being the best pianist in the world.  By living vicariously through her children, she can put aside all the shame and abuse her husband and his mother placed upon her for 'just not being good enough.' (credit: cherkell)


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Episode Previews:

07 October 2012:  Episode 16
06 October 2012:  Episode 15
30 September 2012:  Episode 14
29 September 2012:  Episode 13
23 September 2012:  Episode 12
22 September 2012:  Episode 11
16 September 2012:  Episode 10
15 September 2012:  Episode 9
09 September 2012: 

08 September 2012:  Episode 7
02 September 2012:  Episode 6
01 September 2012:  Episode 5
26 August 2012:  Episode 4
25 August 2012:  Episode 3
19 August 2012:  Episode 2
18 August 2012: 

Teasers and Trailers:

17 September 2012:  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #8 (SBS)
17 September 2012:  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #7 (SBS)
10 September 2012:  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #6 (SBS)
09 September 2012:  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #5 (SBS)
  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #4(SBS)
  BTS 'The Making of Five Fingers' #3 (SBS)
22 August 2012:  BTS 'The Making Of Five Fingers' #2 (SBS)
20 August 2012:  BTS 'The Making Of Five Fingers' #1 (SBS)
11 August 2012:  Third Official Teaser (SBS)
31 July 2012:  Second Official Teaser (SBS)
27 July 2012:  BTS 'The Five Fingers' Photoshoot (SBS)  Download:  Mediafire
21 July 2012:  First Official Teaser (SBS)  Download:  Mediafire

News Videos:

20 August 2012:  Appearance on SBS's "Good Morning" Program

News Reports:

20 August 2012:  'Five Fingers' Laughs Next (hancinema.net)
11 August 2012:  'Five Fingers' PD Compliments the Prepared Chae Si Ra (koreaportal.com)
08 August 2012:  'Five Fingers' PD: "Expect Chae Si Ra as a Different Character" (koreaportal.com)
08 August 2012:  Chae Si Ra: "I Had Outfits Made Until The Sixth Episode" (hancinema.net)
08 August 2012:  'Five Fingers' Jo Min Ki Still Cuts Revealed (koreaportal.com)
26 July 2012:   Posters and Teaser for Makjang-apalooza "Five Fingers" (Dramabeans)
22 July 2012:   Jo Min Ki Special Appearance in "Five Fingers" (hancinema.net)
11 July 2012:   Chae Si Ra to Star in New SBS Drama (hancinema.net)
10 July 2012:   Chae Si Ra Expresses the Extremes of Motherhood (koreaportal.com)
08 July 2012:   Lee Hae In from "GangKiz" Confirmed for 'Five Fingers' (koreaportal.com)
07 July 2012:   'Five Fingers' Confirms Cast with Joo Ji Hoon (Korea.com)
04 July 2012:   'Five Fingers' Confirms Cast with Joo Ji Hoon and T-ara's Ham Eun Jung (enewsworld.net)
29 June 2012:  T-ara's Eunjung Cast in New Drama "Five Fingers" (hancinema.net)
28 June 2012:  Ji Chang Wook Cast as Villain in Five Fingers (Dramabeans)
27 June 2012:  T-ara's Eunjung is Cast in 'Five Fingers' with Joo Ji Hoon (Korea.com)
26 June 2012:  Will T-ara's Eunjung Join SBS's 'Five Fingers'? (koreaportal.com)
12 June 2012:  Joo Ji-hoon Hits Roadblocks on the Way to Dramaland (Dramabeans)

Character Descriptions:

8d472878.jpg   1f853cbf.jpg

9b020d22.jpg   20efffb3.jpg

e4bcd16b.jpg  338d5933.jpg

d587c549.jpg   3530ad23.jpg

Credit:  @weetziebat (translations); @cherkell (graphics)
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Live Streaming:

showboom.com (the old iOnAirTV site; requires paid subscription for live streaming)
www.wubisheng.cn  (click on the link on the left-hand side that says "SBS (JTV, 350K)" for the best quality feed
TVU Networks (requires a software download)
Live Stream Korea (may or may not work in your area)
WWITV (GTB stream of SBS)

Capture Streaming:

Viki.com (North and South America only)


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OSTs and MVs:

OST Part.1:  "Do Not Love Me" by Lim Jeong Lee     YouTube  Download  Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.1 MV:  "Do Not Love Me" by Lim Jeong Lee    YouTube


OST Part.2:  "Words That You Cannot Hear" by HOMME (2AM's Changmin & Lee Hyun)    

Download Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.2 MV:  "Words That You Cannot Hear" by HOMME (2 AM's Changmin & Lee Hyun)     YouTube


OST Part.3:  "Hidden Image" by Jung Seung Won  
  Download  Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.3 MV:  "Hidden Image" by Jung Seung Won     YouTube


OST Part.4:  "Missing You" by GLAM   YouTube   Download  Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.4 MV:  "Missing You" by GLAM    YouTube


OST Part.5:  "Enough to Die" by POSITION (feat. Lim Jae Wook)   YouTube   Download  Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.5 MV:  "Enough to Die" by POSITION (feat. Lim Jae Wook)    YouTube


OST Part.6:  "Fulfill Me" by Ji Chang Wook  YouTube   Download  Download (Instrumental)
OST Part.6 MV:  "Fulfill Me" by Ji Chang Wook   YouTube

FULL OST:  Release Date 10 November 2012 (full album Download)


Track Listing:

01. Do Not Love Me (날 사랑하지마) – Lim Jeong Lee (임정희)  Download
02. 들리지 않는 말 – 옴므 (HOMME)  Download
03. 숨은 그림 찾기 – 정승원  Download
04. 그리운 사람 – GLAM  Download
05. 죽을 만큼 – 포지션  Download
06. To Fulfill Me (채운다) – Ji Chang Wook (지창욱)  Download
07. Main Title  Download
08. 지호의Theme 고독의 왈츠  Download
09. A Bright Day   Download
10. Salieri   Download
11. Sympathy   Download
12. Da-mi's Theme 첫 사랑의 기억
(Memories of First Love)  Download
13. 날 사랑하지마 – 임정희 (Instrumental)  Download
14. 들리지 않는 말 – 옴므(HOMME) (Instrumental)   Download
15. 죽을 만큼 – 포지션 (Instrumental)   Download
16. 채운다 – 지창욱 (Instrumental)  Download


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Guest xopo17

@ CherKell :

i need u'r confirmation about
Ji-hoon :

is it   
Lee Ji - hoon              OR        JOO Ji - Hoon     ?????

Lee-Ji-hoon-1.jpg&sa=X&ei=oPXrT6rSIIaurA        OR 44121240912366.jpg?w=225&h=300  ? Which one ??

Both of them, have same last name. n i love both of them. Hope, it will Joo Ji Hoon who playing this drama, its about time for netizen korea to forgive Joo Ji Hoon's past mistake. he's already paid it with going to the militer camp.

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lol how I wish it was Kim ji Hoon since he will be descharge from military service next month..!!! but YEAHHH EUNJUNG ??? Ommmeegeeddd My ultimate Bias Eunjung..!!! in another youth drama ??? the plot sounds like DH though...!!! looking forward for more news...

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T-ara's Eunjung cast alongside Joo Jihoon in SBS drama "Five Fingers"

540839_492536164095743_1023883291_n.jpgT-ara's Eunjung will be appearing as the partner to Joo Jihoon in SBS TV's "A Gentleman's Dignity" successor drama "Five Fingers".
On the 27th, the broadcaster said to TV Report, "Eunjung has made an agreement verbally with the crew to appear in 'Fiver Fingers'."
"Five Fingers" is about young people who each have their own tragedies to overcome and achieve their dreams. Eunjung will play Hong Dami who dreamed of becoming a pianist. A pianist (Joo Jihoon) has extraordinary talent, but must overcome his family's tragic history.
Eunjung's agency Core Contents Media commented, "We're currently in talks and will make the final agreement in a meeting after T-ara returns from Japan."
"Five Fingers" was written by Kim Sunok who previously wrote for "Temptation of Wife" and "Smile Mom" and directed by Choi Hyunghun, who directed "Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors". In addition to Joo Jihoon and Eunjung's casting, Chae Sira and Ji Changwuk are also part of the cast.
***Source: http://news.nate.com/.../20120627n19428
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

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Guest xopo17

@endeavor.  and @CherKell  : thanks for u'r clarification

can't wait for Joo Ji Hoon coming back, hope it will turn a success drama. plus its SBS drama, SBS drama never turn me down, always good

n for
T-ara's Eunjung, yeahhh i"m not really sure about her acting,,, mmh hope she'll not ruin this drama. 
:) 8->

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Guest xopo17

@ es-ell

lol how I wish it was Kim ji Hoon since he will be descharge from military service next month..!!! but YEAHHH EUNJUNG ??? Ommmeegeeddd My ultimate Bias Eunjung..!!! in another youth drama ??? the plot sounds like DH though...!!! looking forward for more news...
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Guest xopo17

Oww yeahhh i just missed him so much.. also lee jun ki just discharged earlier this year... I really hope Kim Ji Hoon will film another great drama this year...
as for Ham EunJung I really loved her since Coffee prince... lol yeah YEH is an amazing actress but the Plot is about music(sounds like Musical Theater) so I don't think if she will fit the role... this is a story about youth with a tragic past just to reach there dreams.. so I guess they will cast some fresh faces or maybe young actress/actors ...!!
I hope Kang Sora will take part of this new Drama ... she's pretty Good in Piano (But I guess she's super Busy since she will be filming new movie together with Lee Je hoon also about MUSIC)
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Guest xopo17

since this is coming back drama of Joo Ji Hoon, hope the future lead actress and scripwriter  would not ruin this drama or Joo Ji Hoon will gonna be took another blame n hatefull words from korea's netizen

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Guest Tarits

Hi there!  I am a hunnie and an active member of Jihun's thread.  My friendsm all loyal and faithful followers of Jihun I were just discussing about putting up a thread for Jihun's movie. I am glad there is one now. Thank you CherKell for putting up this thread.  The drama is an adaptation of a Japanese manga but we do not think it will exactly follow the manga.
IWe have waited for Jihun's return and the wait for almost 3 years is finally over!  Of course we followed him even while inside the camp, we now await his movie but there is nothing better than seeing him in a 50-episode drama written by a very good writer. Since it is 2 episodes for week (weekends), it will be over six months that we will get to see Jihun.  This makes me and my friends very very happy.

There is no doubt Jihun will do well in the drama given how good he is as an actor.  Those in the drama will have to keep up with him. The one who will play his younger brother is a good actor too I heard from my friends. While Ham Eun Jung is good also. I liked her in Coffee House and in the movie "White".

Once again, thank you CherKell.  By the way, you are all welcome to visit us in thread of Jihun which now has over 2,000 pages. Ju is his last name and Jihun or Jihoon is his first name. Rain the singer-dancer is also named Jihoon and then there is also Lee Je Hoon in the drama FKing. But to me, to the hunnies,, the name Jihun or Jihoon refers to only one, our favorite guy, the original Crown Prince, the handsome King who transforms into a handsome beggar and who will soon be the excellent pianist in Piano Forest.

Thank you to xopo17, jinkx0820, es-ell. My friends called "hunnies" will all soon be dropping by. Meanwhile, you are all welcome to visit the official thread of Jihun.

Hugs and thanks to all!

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Guest Tarits

To all:  sorry for some typographical error. My fingers were too fast.  Anyway, as I was saying, my friends and I and we are called "Hunnies" are all excited about this drama of Jihun. 

I sincerely hope that more and more fans of Jihun will visit this thread and objectively post too.

Thanks again to you all!

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Guest dancy

I'm so happy to see Eun Jung & Chang Wook in the same drama.  I wish CW were the leading actor but that okay. I'm just glad to see them in the same drama.  I'm so happy for EJ. She finally get to be the leading actress again and I hope this time she end up with the lead actor. hehe   

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