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Ha Ji Won ✨ 하지원 ✨河智苑 ✨ ハジウォン ✨| Upcoming Film: ‘Collateral’ | Upcoming Drama: ‘Chocolate’ (JTBC)

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I missed her vlive:bawling:

She will be coming back soon I guess!! She might have decided over something already!! 

@kingwtqueen thanks for the pics!! 

The thread of tweets of vlive


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The series will be about a man who has very little by way of money but is very happy in life, until the death of his beloved sibling who was his whole world. He’ll vow to get revenge and then enter a chaebol family to that end, where he’ll meet a woman who has every material wealth but can’t find happiness. The revenge is described as satisfying and ardent, and the love story will be about crossing the divide between social classes and discovering the true worth of love.




The new drama from writer Choi Ho-chul of Mask and Secret is being called the male version of Mask, a revenge story of a poor man who enters a chaebol family in order to avenge the death of his beloved sibling. Now it’s being described as a story about the death of one weak person, the four men and women surrounding that death, and their love, betrayal, revenge, and ambition. So… like Mask.


Ha Ji Won wants to play in romantic melodrama.

Vlive said that during the broadcast.
That's why I came up with the 'Deal' drama.
This drama is still waiting.
But thanks to his screenwriter, I trust this drama.
Ha Ji Won will be the right choice for you.




She can play in the drama 'Happiest Time of My Life'.
The same screenwriter wrote it.
And this drama is still waiting.

(If this isn't 'Time' drama.) :rolleyes:

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Crocodile Lady, Ha Ji Won 'Masterpiece Down' TV Advertising Topic




A 'masterpiece down' advertisement with the exclusive model Ha Ji Won, which was photographed in the motif of Van Gogh masterpiece.

This ad was created with the motif of Vincent van Gogh, a painter who is loved by the world. In addition to the digital drawing of oil painting techniques, the work of art works in the backdrop of the works of 'Café Terrace of Arum's Foreground Plaza' in Van Gogh.

In the advertisement, Ha Ji Won expresses the brilliant moment of a happy woman while experiencing the illusion of going into the painting of Van Gogh while walking through a cafe in the famous painting. In the advertisement, Ha Ji Won showed a collection of 'Masterpieces Down', a flagship product of Crocodile Lady's 18FW season, and produced a more gentle and relaxed atmosphere.


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