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  2. Omg!!! Another photoshoot. Wow!!! Is he sleeping at all??? Are the flowers beautiful or him? One ear accessory - Bad-boy image. But he don't look like one. Cute PXR should have chose another style dress for the party night. He is damn handsome.
  3. Yes . Stupid & pointless - that pretty much sums up my feelings . Thanks @turtlegirl. I follow this twitter handle who also blogs -age summed up last night perfectly & pays tribute to our Sunflower . I am rarely this affected by a character in a drama but somehow I feel like someone I loved died . https://namjhyun.tumblr.com/post/184378692178/he-is-psychometric-episode-13-review
  4. @triplem Love it , these fans done a great job , these guys deserves all the love to go their way can’t wait when they start winning the prizes for their work as well
  5. Credit to pmyifansunited and TVN . Just like to share the bts she makes him laugh a lot and they look great. I was hoping there will be eng sub.
  6. a reversal. yes possible also but there is no audience impact, i think so thats unlikely.
  7. HOW TO BECOME MEMBER OF LDW V FANSHIP FAN CLUB! Wookie is the first actor to join this project! And it will be fan club with real benefits. Go to this link but you should do it on your PC version, it's not available through mobile (I have the link in bio as well): https://m.vlive.tv/fanship/B5493D Then there will be 2 options: to join with or without membership kit. Price difference is few USD. Then you need to purchase coins. I have chosen with membership kit option. It costs 1400 coins which correspond to 28$ USD (membership for 1 year). First I have bought 200 coins and then 1200 which made me 1400. You can pay through PayPal or AliPay or check other options. While paying they will ask you to verify your e-mail, then they will send you verification code on mobile phone, you need to fill small form with your name and that's it - you're member. Then you'll see his Fanship channel on your mobile version as well. Benefits: special content (vids, pics, chats), membership kit, opportunity to buy tickets on event on pre-sale basis, to take part in giveaways, etc. Idk how other actors fan clubs look like in terms of benefits, but this sounds pretty much awesome for 28$. AND the membership fees we're paying will be used for events' organizations and support of Wookie's activities. So the more we'll join the better chances for VLIVE to organize some events for fans with Wookie. PLEASE JOIN FAN CLUB!!! If you have questions don't hesitate to DM me or ask here. @leedongwookaddicts_global
  8. I thought they got the deaths out of the way with the first episode this was a stupid and pointless thing to do. It was not needed at all.
  9. Omg!!! The uncut version of 55 episodes is going to air in S Korea starting from April 30th. So we will have a chance to see them before if the airing schedule is better than Taiwan. Cr: as tagged
  10. Wanted to create a similar thread: never been to Korea but I always wanted to. I currently live in Ukraine and I am very attracted to Korean pop culture; moreover, your country is very advanced and interesting from the touristic point of view, I checked hundreds of travel blogs and forums about Korea already.
  11. i guess thats ok.. some of their shipping threads with previous costars are still around.. the more the merrier. But i'm only here for the REAL thing..
  12. It’s a personal thing lol. Hahaha. don’t worrryyyyy just continue because the end hoh...you will feel so hearty *hearts floating* 522
  13. I’m happy that fans are greeting them because they gave us a really great time #inafierylovewiththecast (Good luck reading the hashtag lol)
  14. Oh god . I’m even sadder now . . What could have been a very nicely ended love story I have no idea anymore what SM is thinking
  15. Okay, he's in the interrogation room with JI. I really didn't think An nor JI would ever see him again. I dunno, SM is acting pretty cold. JI is questioning him hard. I need to know what's being said! Oooh flashback to night of fire. He sends his mother out of the building with a bag and clothing covering her face.... need flashback to understand what's happening but now he's just talking with no visible flashback for us.... Okay, now they're talking about Gab....ahhh I need to know what happened at the apartment fire! He's mentioning something about An's psychometric abilities. An is watching/listening and his fist is clinched tightly.... What is SM saying? He suddenly stands up and leaves the interrogation room. An chases after him. They have a confrontation in the hallway. JI is standing there watching too. An is yelling, I don't think he wants to believe it all. SM starts to walk away. An grabs his hand. He sees a conversation with SM and the bad guy. Something is revealed in that conversation and An looks shocked. OMG WHAT WAS BEING SAID. SOMEONE FIND EXPLANATIONS, QUICK! Instead of preview, we got some epilogue of sorts with SM explaining the rubix cube to An....
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