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  1. Hello! Saw the Q and A posted by Haewadal, and HJW is crazy pretty,so naturally adorable, deeply thoughtful, and smart while answering her questions. Love these videos that her agency shares to her fans. Thank you @strwbrry for posting the video. Have a great week everyone!
  2. Wow, good for you @dianah de guzman. You are welcome! I suggest you watch a light HJW movie first before embarking on another roller coaster drama ride with the dramas you mentioned. 100 days with Mr. Arrogant or Love So Divine are good options. That being said, these dramas are all great and showcased our Jiwon's acting chops, however, King 2 Hearts would be a great transition after Empress Ki. Personally, I think King 2 Hearts is one of the best KDramas I have watched. It is well-written and has in-depth character development. Also, it is sort transporting you from the Goryeo dynasty to the modern Lee dynasty/monarchy. Enjoy!!!
  3. Wow, thank you for all the lovely posts! Love how her agency ( which I think is mainly her idea) created a youtube channel to make Jiwon more accessible to fans and see her vibrant personality up close. Amazing how she is so down to earth and unaffected despite her status as an actress and celebrity. And, I agree that while she looked stunning and picked a winner with the fuchsia gown, she looked gorgeous in the white gown as well. Looking forward to see her back in the small screen and big screen. How I wish that she and KDW will grace The Duelist Event. Great week to all!
  4. I totally agree with you @andra3, our Jiwon has the most stunning dress, and elegant from head to toe. I saw some of the gowns and looks, and most fell flat or some kind of rehashed style. She and YKS share great chemistry just in pictures and presenting together. Can't wait for their drama. Also, hats off to Baeksang Awards for giving honor and respect to HJW (respected, sought after, multi-awarded actress that she is) especially having her present one of the grand/daesang awards.
  5. @dianah de guzman yes, I think you are absolutely right. Audience and fans expect her to be in strong female or in action genre roles. But for me, it is refreshing to see her in a role closest to her personality too like Oh Ha Na.
  6. You are welcome, @dianah de guzman! Our Jiwon is such a versatile actress but I would admit her weakest suit may be Romcom. But that being said, she gives justice to her roles and I love her in "The Time We Were Not In Love," and "Life Risking Romance." Her partner in the drama @dianah de guzman, LJW of TTWWNIL is also single, and they shared great chemistry (IMO). No dating rumor between them however, he said that HJW is one of the actresses he wants to be paired with. Over the years, there were quite a few actors who mentioned HJW as their ideal. Go Soo, Oh Ji Hyo, Joo Sang Wook, to mention a few. Now, they are all happily married. Maybe naming Jiwon as your ideal gets you married, hahaha. I will find the link to share it here.
  7. Thanks @andra3! Looking forward to see her next drama. Can't wait. I hope she goes to JIFF as well. Duelist is one of my favorite movies of HJW. Her pairing with KDW is one of my faves too.
  8. Hello to all! Happy to see new HJW fans as well. Welcome @SR20DET and @dianah de guzman! I can totally relate with you guys when I first discovered Jiwon in 2012. I binged watch her movies, interviews, documentaries, TV and variety show appearances, and dramas. No looking back since then. And, she is the only K actress,or any actress or actor for that matter, that I did all of these for. She is worth it all. Check it her other earlier films, "Ditto," she is a supporting actress here but awesome as always, "Babo" with Cha Tae Hyun, "Daddy Long Legs," and "Reversal of Fortune." As @andra3 said, hope the thread will be more active especially with HJW's upcoming drama and movie. I cannot wait to see her back on TV and in the big screen. Happy posting!
  9. Merry Christmas to all! Happy Jiwonie is such a sight to see. May 2019 bring lots of project to our beloved HJW. More power and hopefully love (keke) this 2019.
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