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  1. I already watched the two episodes and I love it so much . HJW's chemistry with both of the male leads is so beautiful and I really like the second male lead with HJW, he's so sweet. And of course HJW as always is so wonderful and her character as a chef is so realistic. She really looks like a great chef
  2. I am also curious. I thought they said her drama and movie will be aired soon right? If I'm not mistaken, is it November? Or maybe it will be delayed? Btw, because I miss HJW unnie so much, I rewatch some of her dramas and movies . I just finished WHIB and right now, I am rewatching Damo. She was very young that time, but honestly there is not so much different then she is right now. She's still look as young as her days in Damo. I miss her so much
  3. Thank you @strwbrry for cheering me up. I realise that being with someone is not necessarily will make her happy. I guess she is happy and enjoying her single life with her family right now. It's just maybe I was too immersed with all of her characters in drama who met so many men who loved her unconditionally. A drama is a fantasy anyway . I am rewatching Something happened in Bali and I think other than Chae Ok, Kim Hang Ah, and Ki Seung Nyang, LSJ is one of my favourite characters. I really love this drama even though LSJ is a very complicated woman. I hope she can act in a drama like this that can shine her talent and attract more viewers. And I really hope 'Chocolate' and 'Collateral' will do well and hopefully there will be more promotions on these projects too
  4. I miss her a lot . Reading somewhere that her best friend HB is going to shoot a new drama with a popular leading actress and this news has been widely covered by the media. What about uri HJW? She's going to have a drama and a movie soon, but not so much updates on that too... I hope we will hear from her soon. Feel a bit down lately. I want to watch her dramas, but whenever I watch her chemistry with the main actors, I became a bit angry and sad, then I asked myself, "oh my dear HJW, most of your leading actors were already married or at least have a gossip with someone, but why not you too?"
  5. Thank you so much @strwbrryfor making me happy and a bit calm. I feel so excited HJW is finally making her comeback both film and drama. Is it true that the drama is going to be a pre-produced series?
  6. Hello everyone! Since our queen's come back has been on the news these few days, I find that this thread has been busy lately. Thank you so much for the updates and welcome to our new friend here @dianah de guzman . I am so happy about the news. Anyway, I am wondering, will HJW be the main character or the male lead?Because if I'm not mistaken, she's always the lead of the drama, meaning her name will always the first one appear, then her male lead. However according to the synopsis posted by our nice friends here, the actor will be the main role here. I am not used to it actually
  7. Hello! I miss everyone in this thread so much Not so many updates about HJW other than her plan to make a drama comeback. But I also read in Soompi that she's in talk to appear in a movie soon. https://www.soompi.com/article/1293133wpp/ha-ji-won-talks-first-film-3-years-sung-dong-il-also-talks
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