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  1. Credit to Sunshine 1023 YouTube Channel. HJW looks so beautiful in the white dress. The interview was short. They should make a photo shoot with her in that dress .
  2. Thank you @strwbrry for welcoming us back to Jiwonnie's thread I kinda agree with @andra3. I find out that there was lack of HJW's appearance in Collateral/Pawn's trailer and posters. It made me wondering, is she one of the main actress in this movie? Because I saw the child actress, Park So Yi appeared more than her. Hopefully, this was done on purpose to make viewers more curious about HJW's character. Since we've been waiting for so long to see her in a big screen, please make her shine again through this movie . I'm with @SR20DET and @liv_1023 about my most favourite HJW's character in drama and she is Song Eun Jae. While I can't agree more on our friends opinions about Empress Ki, Hwang Jin Yi, Moon Cha Young, Kim Hang Ah, Chae Ok, Gil Ra I'm, Oh Hana and Lee Soo Jung, SEJ always has a special place in my heart. She is a healthcare professional (like me, I am biased ) and she is smart, independent, cool and at the same time cute. I agree with you @SR20DET that she is cute and look much younger with bob cut short hair and I like it. I watched almost all of her movies except her cameos and Sex is Zero However, the ones that I keep rewatching are Daddy Long Legs, Life Risking Romance, Duelist and 100 Days With Mr Arrogant. Both Daddy Long Legs and Duelist were realeasd in 2005 but, both are completely different genres. And both shows HJW's talent and versatility as an A-list actress. I like DLL because the movie is sad, but so beautiful and heartwarming. Anyway, I am so excited to watch HJW in House of Wheels and Collateral/Pawn
  3. Thank you so much @liv_1023 ❤️❤️❤️. The link is working. So happy to watch it ☺️☺️☺️. @SR20DET thank you. Can you please help us by translating the Collateral's preview if any Chinese subtitles available ? I think I need to learn Korean and Chinese languages too...
  4. Finally, Collateral's first preview is here. I really cannot wait to see our Jiwonnie in a big screen. Miss her a lot. She's quite busy nowadays . I still unable to watch the recent interview, because the YouTube video is not available to be viewed in my country. Hopefully, someone with a big heart can translate the video for all of us
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