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  1. Ahhh..... I really miss HJW unnie a lot . I used to excitedly waiting for fridays and saturdays these past weeks. But, cannot do it anymore since Chocolate has ended. I can only rewatch all her dramas and movies to bear with it. Anyone knows when the movie 'Collateral' will be released ?
  2. International fans are demanding for a making video of Chocolate. If any of you interested, you can fill the survey form here https://forms.gle/u9MqGFTbyyppfzhE8 Or you can follow chocolate191129 Instagram for further information. I really hope they can make it
  3. Hi @im0202. Thank you for posting the final bts with english subtitles. Do you have other bts videos subbed ?
  4. Hi @Redpinkboxes. We meet again in this thread. I'm glad you decided to be active again and join us in HJW's soompi forum I am wondering too since she used to be really secretive about her private life. But, now she mentioned it twice. I did asked her too in haewadal instagram when they posted a few weeks ago to ask anything about MCY or HJW for this interview. She didn't directly answer my question though, but I believe mentioning about her namsachingu again in this interview really meant something. Last time she said she made chocolate cake for him, and now kimchi fried rice. That is really something
  5. Hahaha... @Redpinkboxes she's so embarrass about the video . But she's quite talented in singing and dancing too. I love her voices, she may not be able to sing high notes, but a normal kind of song, she can deliver it beautifully with her calm and sweet voices. I love her voices in the song 'I love you too much'. I think she's suitable to be a voice over for a documentary I've just finished watching ep 16. For me the last ep is the least favourite of mine. It's just because I am a HJW's fan, and I am watching this drama because of her and I find it a beautiful drama because of her too, but I feel a bit unhappy because of the lack of her screentime in the last episode. I want to watch her you know, but why the director decided to give Kang's moment of wondering around promoting the winter's coat brand, but didn't give the same opportunity to show us what did Cha Young done this whole time after their separation. I am ok with the separation, but just a bit unfair for Cha Young because we didn't know what happened to her. They should put a scene of her cooking and doing her things in Greece while Kang doing the voice over saying he loves her tooo.....I am sad
  6. @Redpinkboxes Thank you so much for translating the interview. Do you mind to translate all HJW's.and YKS's parts in the interview when you have time. Pretty please.... You know, I 've been HJW's fan since her Damo days. But because I will only watch HJW's drama and movies, I am still unable to learn Korean . I really hope you will be active again to help international fans to understand especially the drama' s bts. I remembered watching a few HJW's dramas few years ago like TTWWNIL and HS and there're someone who understood korean and helped to translate the bts and the previews. I think because Chocolate was aired from cable tv so, lack of promotions making this drama less popular (even IMO the quality of the drama was superb) and making the thread not so active. Anyway, thank you so much all of the chingus here for sharing their amazing thoughts, jokes, beautiful imaginations and of course the beautiful otp's gifs. Again, I am so happy for be able to find this thread before the drama ends Edited : Thank you @Redpinkboxes for translating the second part of HJW's and YKS's interview . You know, I really like to be in the same ship with you because I agree that their chemistry was truly amazing. But knowing HJW, I don't think it will happen. Even a single man unable to open her heart, so I don't think she will do it for a taken man .
  7. Early uploads from JTBC since next week will be a different drama I really hope I can understand the interview.
  8. I guess they shoot this scene first when they all travelled to Greece for ep 2 because I can see that YKS's haircut is a bit different and similar to the one he had in earlier episodes. So even though, both of them just know each other, they already have a kissing scene. That's why they had a wonderful chemistry
  9. So, in total how many kisses did we have? Is it 4? So excited to watch the last ep knowing that it was a happy ending yeayyyyyy Thank you so much @Lawyerh for the live recap. I'm dying to watch it, but I cannot find anyway to watch it live. Need to wait until tomorrow. How's the ending? Do you think it was a bit rushed? Or is it ok?
  10. I just finished watching ep 15. I'm so happy that Kang never blame Cha Young for what happened to his mother. That is very consistent of his character. I believe if this is a live production drama, they may add the tension here, where the ML will blame the FL and then she will distance herself from him. I've seen this kind of thing before in a korean drama and in the end the drama turned to a very uninteresting drama for me to watch . I am so happy that we have the scenes between Cha Young and her brother. Actually, I never hate him even from the start of drama. Some people find him so annoying, but for me that's how siblings behaving around you. And I think Tae Hyun does really care for his noona or else he will never follow her around until they reached Greece and even the hospice. Although he's probably benefitting more by sticking around his sister, he's apparently did so many things for her tooo... I'm glad they had those siblings conversations that eventually let both of them know each other's suffering and Tae Hyun's love for his sister. Kang broke down in tears alone by himself in the dark hurts me so much. It must be very hard for him to hold his sadness before getting out of his car. What he did really amazed me. How can I find a very thoughtful man like him. He sealed Cha Young first in the car, gave her that sweet smile, and making sure she didn't follow him to the stairs before he cried for his mother. He tried so hard not to make Cha Young feel guilty about his mother since she did mention how sorry she is towards the ahjumma and blamed herself for taking the chocolate for herself. He must really love her . Very considerate man. @40somethingahjumma About the kiss in the preview, I'm not hoping that it will end up into 'other things' in your mind but I really hope it will turn to a very passionate kiss. .
  11. I still cannot really understand Kang's expression when Cha Young make her confession by telling him her story. Didn't he get it when she started her story by talking about the boy who fed her when they were kids and she told him that the boy was her first love. Why did he just continue smiling like Cha Young was talking about someone else? I thought he will start to feel something when she said that the boy was his first love and it was him. I love the last scene, but I still don't really get it
  12. Thank you so much @mystory for making me less sad about the rating. I cannot agree more about that. Then, I'm glad that I'm among those special people . Thank you @doralok for sharing the bts. I know that today is the bts day, but didn't expect it will come out this early. They were so playful. How can I not fall in love with their chemistry . I really hope someone can translate the bts to english .
  13. I just found out today that there is a soompi thread for 'Chocolate'. I looked for it when the drama started, but I cannot find it, but now when the drama is going to end next week..... Anyway, I'm really happy for be able to read all of your thoughts. Please bare with me because this post will be quite long. I am HJW's fans btw, but I didn't know YKS before, but he's so amazing and his chemistry with HJW is the best. I know that it's really rare for HJW to act with the same male co-star except for KJW and ICJ but I really hope that HJW and YKS can work together again maybe in a sweet melodrama or even a comedy drama or movie because they have a sizzling chemistry and they both really like to laugh, i mean a lotttt... I think HJW should do more post production dramas like this and Damo. I found that the acting, the scripts, the consistency of characters and their developments, the editing and some other things about the production of this drama are much better and really beautiful. I watch almost all HJW's drama and movie except the old ones that cannot be found in the internet and for me this drama is very beautiful. I thought I was watching a movie every Friday and Saturday in this past 7 weeks. I love every episode of Chocolate but I really hope Kang will never put the blame on Cha Young whatever the problem is. Hopefully, his tears in the ep 15 preview is just because he cried after hearing that his mom remembered him even when she's dying. Because knowing Cha Young's character, she will definitely blame herself if she knows that the ahjumma was Kang's mother although there was no reason to blame herself since Kang's mother died because of the buildings collapse on her, not because of starving after giving Cha Young the chocolate I really like the consistency of Cha Young's character. She's maybe the silent type, never talk back (unless some injustice happened like the one with Kang's aunt), quite passive in a relationship and not defensive even people keep misunderstood or blamed her. She's just behaving differently and cutely funny with her brother. People may think that she's weak, but for me she's actually very strong. She's very patient and even though she had so many chances to tell Kang about herself, she refused to do that. She believes that people will eventually know the truth. She didn't push it and just go with the flow. When she lost her senses of taste and smell, she just accept it and didn't allow Tae Hyun to tell everyone about her problem. She didn't even tell anyone how did she get the injury and who caused it. I believe, until now no one actually knows how did she get the injury. Anyway, thank you so much @icyphoenix for creating this thread. I know that this drama is airing in a non-free cable tv network, but I feel a bit sad because of the rating compared to another very popular drama aired in the same time in a another cable tv. Is it because of the genre of the drama? Or is it because of the popularity of the stars? Or is it the other drama is really good and much better than this beautiful drama? I feel a bit sad for my queen, but I will just accept it because I believe everyone who worked hard for this drama had tried their best. For me, this drama is one of the best HJW's drama
  14. They were working on decorating the cake while trying to complete their own missions. They were so close and funny. Like always uri HJW is very cute like a little girl ❤️❤️❤️
  15. I believe it is Lee Kang, may be next episode preview when he asks her to cook for him before she goes back to Greece. But Lee Kang and Lee Jun both look the same from their back, and their heights and haircuts are about the same too
  16. I already watched the two episodes and I love it so much . HJW's chemistry with both of the male leads is so beautiful and I really like the second male lead with HJW, he's so sweet. And of course HJW as always is so wonderful and her character as a chef is so realistic. She really looks like a great chef
  17. I am also curious. I thought they said her drama and movie will be aired soon right? If I'm not mistaken, is it November? Or maybe it will be delayed? Btw, because I miss HJW unnie so much, I rewatch some of her dramas and movies . I just finished WHIB and right now, I am rewatching Damo. She was very young that time, but honestly there is not so much different then she is right now. She's still look as young as her days in Damo. I miss her so much
  18. Thank you @strwbrry for cheering me up. I realise that being with someone is not necessarily will make her happy. I guess she is happy and enjoying her single life with her family right now. It's just maybe I was too immersed with all of her characters in drama who met so many men who loved her unconditionally. A drama is a fantasy anyway . I am rewatching Something happened in Bali and I think other than Chae Ok, Kim Hang Ah, and Ki Seung Nyang, LSJ is one of my favourite characters. I really love this drama even though LSJ is a very complicated woman. I hope she can act in a drama like this that can shine her talent and attract more viewers. And I really hope 'Chocolate' and 'Collateral' will do well and hopefully there will be more promotions on these projects too
  19. I miss her a lot . Reading somewhere that her best friend HB is going to shoot a new drama with a popular leading actress and this news has been widely covered by the media. What about uri HJW? She's going to have a drama and a movie soon, but not so much updates on that too... I hope we will hear from her soon. Feel a bit down lately. I want to watch her dramas, but whenever I watch her chemistry with the main actors, I became a bit angry and sad, then I asked myself, "oh my dear HJW, most of your leading actors were already married or at least have a gossip with someone, but why not you too?"
  20. Thank you so much @strwbrryfor making me happy and a bit calm. I feel so excited HJW is finally making her comeback both film and drama. Is it true that the drama is going to be a pre-produced series?
  21. Hello everyone! Since our queen's come back has been on the news these few days, I find that this thread has been busy lately. Thank you so much for the updates and welcome to our new friend here @dianah de guzman . I am so happy about the news. Anyway, I am wondering, will HJW be the main character or the male lead?Because if I'm not mistaken, she's always the lead of the drama, meaning her name will always the first one appear, then her male lead. However according to the synopsis posted by our nice friends here, the actor will be the main role here. I am not used to it actually
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