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Bae Suzy 배수지


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New drama "Big" in June 2012

Bae Suzy




Real name:
배수지 / Bae Su Ji

Singer, actress




Star sign:

Kpop Group:
Miss A

Talent agency:
JYP Entertainment


Dream High 2 (2012) Cameo

Human Casino (2011) Cameo




Introduction to Architecture (2012)



2011 KBS Drama Awards:
Newcomer Actor Award (Dream High)

2011 KBS Drama Awards:
Best Couple Award with Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje


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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje


miss A’s Suzy is the CF Queen of 2012

2013-02-11 14:00  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Hani Park
Since January of 2012, miss A′s Suzy has signed 15 commercial contracts of her own.

In comparison, all nine members of Girls′ Generation (SNSD) signed a total of 21 contracts (individually, and as a group), placing Suzy on top of the list for most contracts signed as a solo female celebrity.


Last year, along with having a ‘pure and bright’ image as her strength, Suzy earned the title of ‘Korea’s First Love’ through the success of the movie Architecture 101 while actively appearing on TV shows.

Her single CF contract fees averaged out to 500 million won (~460,000.00 USD), estimating her total earnings to be 7.5 billion won (~6,900,000.00 USD).

From make-up products and perfume to school uniforms and casual clothing to camera and more, Suzy advertised as the spokesmodel for all 15 different brands.


Second place for most contracts signed went to IU, who signed 11, while third place went to 4minute’s Hyuna and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, who each signed five.

As for the male celebrities, Psy was crowned the CF King, for having signed 16, followed by Kim Soo Hyun, with 12.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Hea Jung Min

Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Attend First Script Reading for ‘The Writings of Nine Houses’

  CJ E&M enewsWorld Hani Park
The first script reading for the upcoming drama The Writings of Nine Houses with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy as lead roles took place at MBC’s Dream Center in Ilsan on February 1.


The Writings of Nine Houses will be directed by Shin Woo Cheol who’s known for directing Gentlemen’s Dignity, Secret Garden, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers in Paris and written by Kang Eun Kyung whose past works include Glory Jane, and Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.


Lee Seung Gi and Suzy transformed into their characters as a half-man half-beast Choi Kang Chi and the feisty martial arts instructor Dam Yeo Wool for their first historial drama.

The two had no problem digesting their roles and acting out the scenes in the first four episodes, from bickering at their first meeting, to becoming friends.

After the reading, Lee Seung Gi expressed his excitement for the drama and said he looks forward to the journey as his character Choi Kang Chi.

The Writings of Nine Houses is set to start shooting in early February and to air in April, succeeding Horse Doctor.

Photo Credit: MBC

Jung Woo Sung Says He Likes miss A′s Suzy

  CJ E&M enewsWorld Erika Kim
Jung Woo Sung has also fallen for ′the Nation′s First Love′, as he revealed in an interview that these days he′s taken a liking to miss A′s Suzy.


When asked whether he has any actresses he likes these days on the January 11 broadcast of MBC′s Section TV, Jung Woo Sung said, "I can′t remember any of the actresses from the past. These days my eyes keep turning to Suzy."

He also talked about a role he′s been coveting, mentioning that he liked Song Joong Ki′s role in A Werewolf Boy, adding, "I can wait very patiently too."

Suzy and Her Many, Many Headbands on KBS’ ‘Big’

CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho
KBS has revealed not one, not a few, but 25 different pictures of Suzy from her drama shooting.

The pictures were revealed by KBS’ Big’s production company, Born Factory on July 19, giving fans a look at the many different styles and looks of Suzy’s Jang Mari including her multiple hair bands.

Just like her eclectic and unique character, each headband shows a different look from bright-colored ribbons to flower-shapes and even mini top hats.


Her unique yet stylish looks have also begun gaining a following from fans who have dubbed the style the ‘Mari Look’ as viewers wait in anticipation to see the latest fashion displayed by Suzy in each new episode of the drama.

Photo credit: Born Factory

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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje


Suzy revealed her pain of filming for the drama "Medical Novel."

In MBC "Section TV Entertainment" aired today, Suzy said, "I'm currently preparing for a drama."

Suzy is currently filming for MBC drama "Medical Novel." suzy said, "I practice horseriding and martial arts. For a few days, my butt was so sore that I couldn't even sit down."


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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje

Veteran Talent Scout Goes Extra Mile to Find Budding Stars


Top stars like IU, Kara’s Goo Ha-ra and miss A’s Suzy lead the K-pop scene at different entertainment agencies, but all have one thing in common: being spotted by Lee Ji-young at JYP Entertainment.
Over her 10-year career, the casting manager has earned a reputation for her on-target instinct in identifying new stars.
“This is my 10th year looking for new talent in showbiz. I have probably seen more than 200,000 people in auditions”, said Lee, who started her career at SM Entertainment in 2004 before moving to JYP a year later.
Others discovered by Lee include 2PM, 2AM, 4minute’s Kim Hyun-a and JiHyun, and Sistar’s Hyorin and Da-som.
“People say having a flamboyant personality is important to becoming a star, but I disagree. There are so many stars who were timid when they were younger and in training. I cast young people with special talent in one of three areas — singing, dancing or looks. miss A’s Suzy was the only person who had all three. The star’s other qualities can be nurtured later”, said Lee. “Once a recruit passes the audition and becomes a trainee, then I take personality very seriously. A positive and sociable personality is very important as you have to spend so much time with the trainees for years”.
Lee travels around the country and the world on her quest to discover the next star. “I sometimes feel sorry to see young children who audition 10 or 20 times with a vague fantasy of becoming a star. I always hope to see improvements in subsequent auditions, but that doesn’t happen most of the time. People need to specifically identify their weaknesses to improve, but many think passion is enough”, she said.
Outside of her standard audition work, Park also does on-the-ground recruiting on the streets and in schools. She often visits middle and high schools to find boys and girls known for their singing or dancing skills and holds individual auditions with them.
And the process doesn’t stop with recruitment. Lee said she often accompanies her recruits to their first television appearances. “I cry my eyes out every time because I know how much they’ve gone through over the years as trainees”, she said.
cr: Ohkpop

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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje

Sung Jun Joins ′The Writings of Nine Houses′ as miss A Suzy′s Bodyguard
2013-03-13 17:37  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Ko Hong Ju
Translation Credit :
 Erika Kim  

Miss A′s Suzy will be getting a flower boy bodyguard.

Sung Jun has been cast as a bodyguard for the upcoming MBC drama The Writings of Nine Houses.

The actor will appear in the drama as a boy named Gon. Gon is the bodyguard of Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy), and a supporter of Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi).


Despite his friendship with Kang Chi, Gon will bicker with him over Yeo Wool, as Gon has a secret crush on her.

A rep from Sung Jun′s agency Choii Entertainment said on March 13, "We believe The Writings of Nine Houses will be a great chance to show [sung Jun′s] new transformation. You can look forward to seeing him sweat to become immersed in his role."

Sung Jun is also filming for the movie Scary Story 2.

Photo credit: Choii Entertainment, Hea Jung Min

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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje

class="content-title" Be Wary of Suzy’s Eyes Because She Will Control You!! lightningstix   Be Wary of Suzy’s Eyes Because She Will Control You!!

When cats stare at you, it is quite a cute and interesting experience. It is cute because cats look adorable. The reason why it is interesting is that cats believe that they are your owners, not the other way around. Well, it looks like miss A’s Suzy has taken it one way further, and she is pretty much controlling people with her beautiful eyes and stare.

It’s hard to tell what the source of Suzy’s power is. Her look is both cute, full of wonder, innocent, and beautiful all at the same time.

An online community recently put together a collage of pictures showing Suzy’s “controlling look.” (The pictures actually look more like they would melt any man, on the spot) The title of the post was, “Suzy is currently training men with her eyes.”

What do you think, could you resist those eyes?



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Guest Queen_Of_Baekje


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