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[Movie 2012] I am a King / 나는 왕이로소이다

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Added plenty of poster for the upcoming Korean movie "I Am a King"photo245016.jpg 

Added plenty of posters for the upcoming Korean movie "I Am a King" (2012)

Directed by Jang Gyoo-seong

With Joo Ji-hoon, Baek Yoon-sik, Kim Soo-ro, Im Won-hee, Byeon Hee-bong, Park Yeong-gyoo,...

A feeble minded prince feels too much pressure in being a prince, but there is Choong-nyeong! Tae-jong created strong regal power with a revolt against the prince. He orders his son Choong-nyeong, who is always buried in books and not his first son Yang-nyeong who is always after booze and women, to invest in the prince. Stressed, Choong-nyeong decides to escape from the palace...

There is also a slave called Deok-chil who looks just like Choong-nyeong! Deok-chil is bad tempered, fights before talking and admires the owner. One day visits the palace to save a woman who was dragged off for being the offspring of a spy and he falls unconscious under the wall...

When he awoke, the slave had become a king
When he awoke, the slave had become a king! The prince had become a slave! The story of King Sejong which no one knew about. Who is the real king?

Release date in Korea : 2012/08








CREDIT:   hancinema




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align="center"The return of King of Comedyphoto244734.jpg

Midas of comedy, director Jang Gyoo-seong is returning for the first time in 5 years with a ocomedy called, "I Am a King".

Having presented laughter to everyone with all of his works so far, Jang is coming back for the first time with actor Joo Ji-hoon in "I Am a King".

Director Jang was recognized for his creative and humorous characters in "My Teacher, Mr.Kim", "Lovely Rivals", "Small Town Rivals" and others. He blended creative ideas from everyday life and showed talent in unraveling laughter and sincerity in these stories.

This time, he's created a movie about King Sejong and how he left that palace in fear of becoming king in the movie "I Am a King".

Jang evenly distributes historical evidence and fiction for anybody and everybody to enjoy together and this time he has transformed respected great men in history as friendly characters.

He also cast a bunch of talented actors and actresses for this movie. He dragged out the comedy in Joo Ji-hoon while claiming, "It is even more fun when an actor who hasn't done comedy before, does comedy".

Other casts include, Baek Yoon-sik, Byeon Hee-bong, Park Yeong-gyoo, Im Won-hee, Lee Honey and Kim Soo-ro.

Meanwhile, "I Am a King" will be released in August.

Source : osen.mt.co.kr/article

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I recently saw Goong for the first time and thought it was charming, flaws and all. When I searched for more projects with Joo Ji-hoon, I was pleased to find this project, "I Am a King", and another upcoming project, "Five Fingers". I like the premise of each project and look forward to seeing them.

I'm not familiar with the female leads in each project, so I'm going to try to want some of their earlier projects before I see them in Ji-hoon's new projects.

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credit Gung7

credit runningmoon

In the making clips
download links 
Source:  Daum.net
Duration:  16 minutes, 36 seconds
File Type:  FLV
File Size:  144.67MB
http://www.mediafire.com/?z2as0070n30w7pk Source:  Tagstory / Game News
Duration:  1 minute, 33 seconds
File Type:  MP4
File Size:  14.9MB
credit @pongky 

@blueagave hi there, if you would like to see more of Ju Ji Hoon's works, you can try his second series, Mawang and his first movie, Antique Bakery, both of which are very very good. 

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Hi lualm, thanks for posting these clips. Looks like Joo Ji Hoon had a great time filming this drama. He seems to be embracing his inner comedic dorky side and I love it.

Mawang (The Devil) is next on my list of JJH projects. I recently watched the first episode and am intrigued by where it's going. It seems like it's going to be more complex that I realized, so I want to make sure I have time to fully appreciate it. I can see myself getting caught up with this drama and I love JJH's role in it.

I've been meaning to watch Antique Bakery for a while now. I first became aware of it because of Kim Jae Wook, then later because of Yoo Ah In. Now that I've discovered JJH, I have three good reasons to watch it. I see that JJH was also in a 2009 movie called The Naked Kitchen with his Mawang co-star, Shin Min-ah.

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class="subject" id="articleTitle"[포토] '나는 왕이로소이다' 주역들, "영화 많이 사랑해주세요"


배우 박영규, 주지훈, 김소현, 이하늬, 임원희(왼쪽부터)가 20일 오후 서울 연세대학교 백주년기념관에서 열린 영화 '나는 왕이로소이다'(감독 장규성/제작 데이지 엔터테인먼트) 쇼케이스에 참석해 포토타임을 갖고 있다.

영화 '나는 왕이로소이다'는 세자 충녕이 노비 덕칠과 신분이 뒤바뀌면서 성군 세종대왕으로 성장해 가는 과정을 그린 영화다.

주지훈, 이하늬, 백윤식, 임원희, 박영규, 변희봉, 김수로, 김소현 등이 출연한다. 오는 8월 9일 개봉.

서이준 기자 idsoft3@reviewstar.net

credit : naver

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some picture. all credit goes to : as tagged on picture (the hanggul writing on picture)









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Some more promising stills of the movie:
credit DC jugal
1342875093-996740845.jpgWooohoooo! hahaha
1342874829-2346665515.jpgAhhhh, so cute & funny!

Can't wait to watch the movie!

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I Am the King Cast Walks the Red Carpet

The red carpet premiere for the movie I Am the King took place on July 30 at the Jayang-dong Konkuk University Lotte Cinema. I Am the King is about the three months just before King Sejong becomes king, which are not written down in history. It will premiere on August 9.






credit : enewsWorld May Myong Won Cho

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I Am the King Cast Walks the Red Carpet










credit : enewsWorld May Myong Won Cho

The red carpet premiere for the movie I Am the King took place on July 30 at the Jayang-dong Konkuk University Lotte Cinema. I Am the King is about the three months just before King Sejong becomes king, which are not written down in history. It will premiere on August 9.

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August 10, 2012

New films plumb obscure Joseon period events ... with a comic twist
By Cho Jae-eun Korea JoongAng Daily

‘I Am a King’ marks the return of Joo Ji-hoon to the big screen.


Historic comedies “I Am a King,” and “The Grand Heist” both opened in local theaters on Wednesday. Provided by Lotte Entertainment and Next Entertainment World

Two new historic comedies, “The Grand Heist” and “I Am a King,” opened in theaters this week, giving local box office leaders “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Thieves” a run for their money.

Both are set during the Joseon era (1392-1910) and loosely based on actual characters and events. While in the past, local films based on this period tended to focus the synopsis on eroticism or power struggle, the two new movies focus on relatively obscure events with a modern, humorous touch. 

“I Am a King” marks the return of Joo Ji-hoon to the big screen after a three-year hiatus after the completion of his mandatory military service and the infamous drug scandal in which he was involved in 2009. Joo, who plays two roles in the film, Prince Choong-nyeong (who later becomes King Sejong) and a slave, Deok-chil, expressed his determination to get back in the good graces of the public during a recent press conference.

“I was always short for time because I was playing two roles,” the actor said.

“For the two months that I spent trying to get into the role, I talked to the director almost every day to prepare .?.?. If the film attracts more than three million people, I promise to walk around the Daehagno area wearing the slave costume.” 

The film, director Jang Kyu-sung’s fifth feature after “Small Town Rivals” (2007), is set in the three months before the prince becomes King Sejong. While to future generations, King Sejong would stand as a legendary figure for his creation of the Korean alphabet and advancing the country’s scientific research and law, as Prince Choong-nyeong he was known to be a bit of a reclusive bookworm. With this premise, the film borrows from the plot of “The Prince and the Pauper,” in which the prince runs into a slave, Deok-chil, and disguises himself as the slave and ventures outside the palace. In the process, he begins to understand how people outside the palace walls are living, often in extreme poverty. 

“If the film was based on a fictional king, it would have been easier for me to exaggerate the comic elements, but because the king is a real historical figure I had to control the comedy and also portray the journey of how the prince becomes the wise king,” said the director.


In contrast to the self-discovery theme of “I Am a King,” “The Grand Heist” is similar to group action blockbusters like the U.S. hit “Ocean’s Eleven” series. In “The Grand Heist” a gang of 11 thieves tries to steal ice blocks from the royal storage, Seobingo, during the last years of the Joseon era. Without a refrigeration system, ice during those days is said to have been even more valuable than gold. Cha Tae-hyun, famous for playing goofy, lovable comic leads including in his breakout film “My Sassy Girl” (2001), is Lee Duk-moo, a laid-back bookseller and bastard son of the royal court’s cleaning official who somehow becomes the leader of the heist group. 

Like Jang of “I Am a King,” the director of “The Grand Heist,” Kim Ju-ho, said he was particularly cautious in bringing modern cinematic elements to the film because it is based in the past. “Action films like ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ center on people steeling money and disappearing, but in a historic film, I thought it was more appropriate to add other pretexts and moral elements so as to differentiate it from other films,” said Kim, during a press conference last month.

Meanwhile, Cha said he was glad to play another comic lead role.

“I think my strength as an actor lies in the comic genre,” he said.

“And I think the public still wants comedy from me more than anything else.”

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August 16, 2012

Movies at the palace: Sensible or sacrilege?
By Park Eun-jee Korea JoongAng Daily

A recent outdoor screening of “I Am a King” at Deoksu Palace has stirred debate over the proper use of Korea’s historic landmarks.Provided by Lotte Entertainment

It was an unusual outdoor cinema event: a giant inflatable screen juxtaposed against the beautiful curves of the roof tiles of a grand palace. About 500 invited guests take their seats to watch the historical comedy “I Am a King” at the palace grounds at Hamnyeongjeon of Deoksu Palace, a sleeping quarter where Joseon King Gojong died suddenly of unknown causes in 1919.

The outdoor screening on Monday is the latest in a series of film distributors’ efforts to attract more attention by utilizing unique, unexpected public places, a movement seen by supporters as a way to increase public use and knowledge of landmarks and by critics as commercial exploitation of Korea’s heritage.

“I Am a King” earned substantial media coverage prior to the event as the first film screened at the historic landmark. 

“The movie event is meaningful because ‘I Am a King’ is set in the Joseon Dynasty,” said Lotte Entertainment, distributor of the comedy drama, in a press release. “We will invite families of independence war fighters to mark Liberation Day on Aug. 15.” 

The distributor paid an unspecified fee to the government for use of the property and there was no charge for those who attended.

Having been treated to a special screening, invited guests appear to enjoy the unconventional movie-watching, soaking up the warmth of a Seoul summer evening. 

“It was a wonderful experience. The movie setting was matched with the place where I am,” said Kim Jin-young, 26. “The night sky stretched over my head and I could feel the gentle summer breeze as the movie went on. It was so amazing.” 

Critics, however, question whether the use is compatible with national landmarks.

“The Cultural Heritage Administration is seeking to increase recreational access of cultural heritage. But the commercial sector is explicitly taking advantage of the move,” said Choi Ho-jin, manager of the National Trust Cultural Heritage Fund, Korea. 

“Still, there is no committee or guideline to decide whether an outside project is appropriate to be carried out in the public domain. Even if the government body sets up rules and a committee, the movie contents are always subject to change,” said Choi. 

Kim Ki-duk’s movie “Pieta” was introduced in the sanctuary of the venerable Seoul Anglican Cathedral. The event raised eyebrows because the movie mixes religious and sexual themes.Provided by Hohoho Beach

An official at Deoksu Palace said the film screening was approved at a meeting of officials, but it intends to refer the matter to a division responsible for managing royal palaces in the Cultural Heritage Administration. 

Others view the expanding use of landmarks as a good thing, saying it will help people feel more connected to historic sites.

“I think the event is sort of a win-win for both movie industry and the general public. Film distributors can promote their movies while keeping the citizens close to the national landmark,” said Lee Jae-hak, head of Rediscovery of Korea, a heritage preservation organization. 

The royal palace is not the only place where the issue comes up. Seoul Anglican Cathedral was in the media spotlight over a production press conference for Kim Ki-duk’s upcoming movie “Pieta” that was held there last month, the first such event in the 110-year history of the church.

Kim’s R-rated movie is the story of a brutal robber who works for loan sharks. The film depicts a mysterious relationship between the man and a middle-aged woman who claims that she is his mother, mixing Christian symbolism and highly sexual contents. 

The location seemed to be linked with what the director seeks to deliver through the film.

“Religion is so closely connected to humans and I think if anything, this element of existence should be expressed through love,” Kim said during the press conference. “I think sex, in a way, is a prayer of sorts, so instead of dichotomizing the two [sexuality and religion], I think of the elements more as a singular chunk of our lives.”

Priest Yoo Si-kyung, who allowed the movie event, stood behind his decision while acknowledging that it was difficult at times. “Other clergy and some believers voiced concern about the movie conference,” he said. “But I don’t think the religious building should be available only for the faithful.”

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