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[Variety] Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 2

Guest alysanne

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Guest alysanne

1 Night, 2 Days / 1박 2일 Season Two

Premiere: 4 March 2012 Sundays on KBS / KBS World
Offical Website


Current Members: Lee Su Geun, Kim Jong Min, Uhm Tae Woong, Cha Tae Hyun, Joo Won, Sung Si Kyung, Yoo Hae Jin

Former Member (Season 2): Kim Seung Woo
Credit for images: KBS (cast image) and thegiantballad on Tumblr (fan images)

The members go off on a trip to a Korean village and try to survive. Throughout the show, there are several mini-games played to see who will eat dinner (as opposed to a simple snack), who will serve the most work that are given during each journey every week and also, who will sleep comfortably.

Download / Watch
Torrent (semi-fly) - Unsubbed
376 | 377 | 378 | 379 | 380 | 381 | 382 | 383 | 384 | 385 | 386 | 387 | 388 | 389 | 390 | 391 | 392393 | 394 | 395 | 396 | 397 | 398 | 399 | 400 | 401 | 402 | 403 | 404 | 405 | 406 | 407 | 408 | 409 | 410 | 411 | 412 | 413 | 414 | 415 | 416 | 417 | 418 | 419 | 420 | 421 | 422 | 423 | 424 | 425 | 426 | 427 | 428 | 429 | 430 | 431 | 432 (Kim Seung Woo and Bird PD's last episode) | 433 (Yoo Hae Jin and PD Lee's 1st Episode) | 434 | 435 | 436 | 437 | 438 | 439 | 440 |

English-subbed:  boosaysharingiscaring (Note: Ahboo has "retired". As of posting time 2013.5.9, her site is offline.  I'm not sure if she will put it back up again so people can still access the archives.  But we'd like to thank her for all her hard work for the fans these past few years.  Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the KBS World Official YT channel and let's hope they post videos consistently.  And more importantly, that it remains free to view, because there are already rumours that YT will give some channels the option to become paid subscription channels.)
English-subbed, KBS World Official YouTube Channel (beginning from Yoo Hae Jin's 1st episode only):  Welcome the New Member: Part 1 (
) | Part 2 (
It's Alive, Taean!: Part 1 (
) | Part 2 (

Fan Websites1N2D Season 2 Tumblr
Episode List (Special thanks to: kjmcth, celineum, alysanne, laydeebutterfly, aileenrae32 -- let me know if I missed anyone) -- Note: Updating in progress... -alysanne 
Endeavor created a Google Document so anyone can contribute to the episode list and/or song list. The song list is not included in this post but you can find it on the Google Document. There are tabs at the bottom that says "Song List EP ---". Click on those tabs accordingly to the episode you're referring to and the song list should show up. 
Soompi 1N2D Google Document Link --> HERE
**If you helped contributed please do not forget to add your username to the list of contributors in the Google Doc.**
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Guest chopper!

ofc, like season 1, its going to take time to get used to the new cast. took me ages to get used to kim c, kim jongmin, uhm taewoong lols

i like seungwoo ahjusshi xD hes so funny in such small ways lol

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The show still follows the old format but still feels new to me... Can't wait to see what happens next...

Just like how the new members need some time to get used to it, the viewers would need some time too.

I can now see Cha Tae Yeon taking up Ji Won's whiny role, though when I saw him in FO and Running Man he was already like that. I wonder if they would do an initiation to the new PD just like before though it's different because the PD that they had hidden camera with was not the main PD.

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Guest rydangel

i miss the entire season 1 cast. but i'm happy the show isn't ending. but i wish director na was still in charge. is he really going to qualifications of men?

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the new cast is off to a good start~not THAT great,they hav a LOT to improve but it is not a bad start neither~ ♥ loving cha tae hyun~he lived up to the expectation~ nxt week looks better with the games and all~ 

I agree! It looks like Cha PD is going to have to work out the kinks or risk being scolded by Su Geun again! Lol. That was hilarious and Cha Tae Hyun definitely lived up to the hype. :wub:

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Guest delightful

i'm watching because of cha taehyun, the dude was always so hilarious. at first i kind of wanted him to be the main mc, but figured he's lazy as heck and wouldn't want to do it. he's only good at pointing and giving directions as a leader, but 1n2d's leader shouldn't be like that. i wouldn't mind if lee sugeun took over as the main mc, he deserves it.

i guess they're at a slower pace because it's just episode one. i mean they can't go climbing a huge mountain on the first episode. that would be too much. overall i enjoyed it. i would like to see more interactions between the members and the crew. i really liked how the old 1n2d members always spoke to the crew and brought them into the frame randomly. i like that they could joke around easily, but i guess it'll take time too.

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

The first ep was okay, they weren't too awkward with each other and seems relaxed.

It was kinda flat the whole ep tho until Cha Tae Hyun and Sung Shi Kyung doing mookchippa at end.. his expression was just hilarious.

It's good they're bringing the old bokboolbok games back.

I have high hopes for this new season :)

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Guest alzou

wow, it's airing already..

and here I'm still downloading 1st season @eps.150...

any news about fansub who subbing the show? :wub: :wub: :wub:

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can't wait tomorrow for part 2....:D


Cha Tae-hyeon's Back Washing Records Instant Viewer Ratings of 31.1 Percent

Which scenes recorded the highest and the lowest ratings for the first episode of Season 2 of "Two Days and One Night," a highly popular national variety program?

According to AGB Nielson Media Research on March 5, during the first broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Happy Sunday-Two days and One night" Season 2 that aired on March 4, the scene of Cha Tae-hyeon washing his back with well water recorded the highest viewer ratings on a minute-by-minute basis.


And the trailer of the next episode at the end of the first one recorded the lowest ratings. Starting with the first episode, the chief producer Na Young-seok was replaced by Choi Jae-hyeong, and Kim Seung-woo, Ju Won, Cha Tae-hyeon and Seong Si-gyeong newly joined the cast, in addition to Lee Su-geun, Eum Tae-woong and Kim Jong-min.

On the episode, the cast members arrived at their final destination, Baik-Ah Island in Deokjeok-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon Mega-city and hiked on the island through a huge moving rock on Mt. Baikahdo, which looked like the one at Mt. Seorak.

They found a well on the way and engaged in Luck-Unluck games. In the shampoo game, Eum Tae-woong, the loser, had to shampoo his hair with the cold water from the well.

In the following game of back washing, Lee Su-geun, Kim Seoun-woo, Eum Tae-woong, Kim Jong-min and Ju Won were eliminated in the first rock-paper-scissors game. And Cha Tae-hyeon and Seong Si-gyong, the two finalists, competed in the Mukjibba game to decide the final winner. Cha lost the game and had to take off his shirt and wash his back with the cold well water. The washing scene recorded the highest national viewer ratings of 31.1 percent on a minute-by-minute basis.

The average viewer ratings of the first episode recorded 27.3 percent, showing "Two Days and One Night" is still sustaining its great popularity among the people.

The trailer at the end of the episode recorded the lowest ratings of 14.8 percent.

Writer: TV Report

TV Report: Reporter Cho Shin-yong

CopyrightⒸKBS&KBS Media-Illegal reproduction and distribution is banned.

kbs hot topic via jongminkoyote

-                       ___________________________________________________________________

Sung Sikyung with a bird’s nest: Where’s the Prince of Ballads?!


Sung Sikyung's first appearance in "1 Night 2 Days" is causing a sensation.

On this week's episode of the show, when the crew visited his home and rang the bell, he came out in a tracksuit to answer the door. He seemed dazed, not noticing his bed hair which resembled a bird's nest.

The crew said "We came to pick you up since it's your first day" and Si Kyung answered "Oh...my hair...but I don't even have a hat. Am I going to have to just go looking like this?"

But after 10 minutes, he came back looking fresh and doing justice to his title "the Prince of Ballads", swiftly heading to the shoot.


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I never Watched Season 1 so I don't know how it was nor I can compare to it. But Episode 1 of this new season was really funny and cute ! The new cast is adorable & kinky & funny ^^ I 'm lovin' it so far =DD

On this blog you can find live & awesome recap of the new episodes if you would like to try it because so far there isn't any subs available ^^ http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/

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I am watching 1n2d because of Jong Min, then Cha Tae Hyun came to the show. He acts all cute and funny, and because of him, I have more reason to watch 1n2d now.. hehehe... I am not attracted to Lee Seung Gi, I know he's cute and handsome, but Joo Won has more effect on me.. xD :D The new episode is just too damn funny :D

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Guest suniyaf23

Season 1 doesn't have a subbing team... KBS World subs all of 1n2d's episodes :D and it takes them about two weeks to release them ^__^

Thanks! Do you know where KBS World will post episodes?

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