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[Drama 2012] Can Love Become Money 사랑도 돈이 되나요

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I just finished watching whole episodes yesterday. I'm glad that I actually try this drama. was watching it first because of Uhm Jiwon, cause I just finished Sign so was searching her dramas. I'm staying because of Yun Junghoon.I never actually watch his drama but I like him. make me want to try watch Vampire Prosecutor.:D
Overall this drama is ok. I like the twisted ending where Mimi is actually In Tak's real sister. 

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I just started to watch this drama.  I think what appears to have been a low rating is because it is a cable TV show. A rating of 2% is incredibly high, so 1%  and above is average to better.   So far I am up to Episode 6 and really enjoying this drama. It is lively and fun.  I had to search around for something because I became disappointed with some of the dramas I have been watching lately and actually dropped them.  The romantic comedies lately seem to take themselves too seriously so they become lame and hollow ( it is hard to describe - but I sense too much cookie cutter plot development and not enough fun and inspiration.)  This is fun and has some inspiration together with a talented cast.  

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