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  1. I am wondering about Hhaoduo - he is somewhat brutal, ruthless in his actions and at first I think LeYan was turned off by him.. she is definitely his opposite and opposites attract. ASun is a more gentle person, but he loves Changge - wondering about him shooting that arrow at her - if he knew it would not be fatal? I justed binged on viki the first 24 episodes with English subs. I very rarely get to this point in a C-drama w/o being bored for a moment or w/o not liking one of the female or male leads. In this one, I like them all. Fantastic chemistry.
  2. She took HJ's place for meeting the bike owner, because HJ had an interview. But the kid was in an accident, so BY stole the tape. Just one observation. Gu Mu-Chi has been very willing to do all sorts of crazy things to get into the prison and kill HH. He also shot to kill YoHan when he did not have to. So why is he is so gung ho to find the killer of BY's pedophile attacker? He suddenly has become very ethical when it come to killing psychopaths, ... just saying.
  3. Yes, exactly. So many people keep getting added on, it's dizzying. So many time changes, so many serial killers. So many missing people. Loose ends. Writer-nim does not disappoint us in episode 12, as we are shown numerous retakes on the same scene, chopping it up into a jigsaw puzzle - much like the entire series. I feel like I am trying to push the pieces into spaces where they don't really fit. This time, once again, I got the feeling that the politician wife lady is BR's real mother. Somewhere along the line she switched him out. That is my feeling.
  4. Have we explored the possibiity of hypnosis? That strange scene with the brooch and the necklace, and JR not believing he did what he did, or imagined he did? Could Dr. Lee have hypnotized him?
  5. @Ahjumemshie Lee @Avocado80 Thank you for explaining who that was. So many characters in this series, I can't keep up. @CA C said: "One word messy. I find the sudden development to be messy and difficult to follow. Tired of guessing. Will just watch what happen next." My feelings, exactly. Maybe this is all a jumbled nightmare in someone's head. Also, I found it strange that Dr Lee said BR will kill all his own loved ones. I know that Jae Hoon may have killed his family, but in general don't psychopaths kill other people and keep their families alive as a
  6. Please someone explain who it was that did not pass along the child molester's (Bong Yi' s attacker) mother's note to the captain to get Mu-chi off the hook for bashing her son? Someone, I don't remember who, came up with the brilliant theory that Daniel Lee was alive............ that did not even cross my mind. Congratulations for being able to follow and understand this crazy plot. I think it is bad writing when in the final chapters new characters appear in the story. There was too much game playing and too many tricks being done. I like a stronger emotional sto
  7. Yes, that was extremely strange. Where did the killer get the brooch in the necklace in the first place? The last I remember seeing the brooch was HJ finding it in YH's house on the floor and thinking it was not his style. Too weird that the killer would know BR was going to see it, or anyone would see it, and then sneak back to remove it... no, I think it had to be BR did something during an hallucination. There are just too many murders and murderers in this series. Too much jumping between time frames, the past past, the past, the future past.. the HH murders, the family Kim
  8. So it appears that the mouse kid was YH, but he still may not be the killer. We still haven't seen BR relive the murder of the Kim family. That was an older boy. There is also something about the awakening in the hospital when he kills the bird. Later he asks his aunt about where the bird is, and she changes the topic. Does the aunt know that BR is inately the psycopath? Again we see the theme playing out about being god. Who decides life and death, the decision to sacrefice a life for the "greater good" or even for revenge. The question of abortion. HJ doesn't have the abor
  9. This show seems to be delviing into life and death moral issues. Man's inability to make moral decisions about the life and death of others. The abortion issue, how can a person know another person is going to be a murderer? Is it okay to kill someone because you deeply believe they killed your love one or will kill other people?.. in this show we see that there are attempts to kill people who are or maybe innocent. And there is religion. The psychopath feels god let him down, but the psychopath also feels he is god and can make life and death decisions over others. The psychopath seems peop
  10. it is strange because his mom Song Ji-eun would have been constantly by his side..? Could she have given permission? "all of my sins"
  11. @Alesaid "Hi friends, i dont know if anyone here watches Master in the house, the variety show of Lee Seung gi. Anyway i wanted to comment that in the latest epiode LSG appears with his new haircut and Cha Eun Woo tells him oh is that haircut for the drama. are you the killer?? LOL. LSG replied: no, what killer.. hahaha. It made me laugh because even CEW is suspecting LSG character" I am wondering if the actors know who is the psycho while they were filming each episode, or do they have to wait to find out too? There are several people in this drama willing to commit
  12. I was ready to drop out of watching this drama. I am getting old. Young children and old people should not watch violent and sad dramas. But I hung in there and dabbled to see how much I could take of the 7th next episode. I am glad I did, because even though I found some of the plot difficult to follow I enjoyed what the writer did with the two injured BR and YH. One of my theories which I thought was the most unlikely, was that because we see BR and YH being rolled into the operating rooms side by side, that there could be a soul transfer (this has happened in kdrama land but
  13. The death of the "entire family" is very murky. Mr. Kim calls Jae Hoon's mom after the school bunny incident and he says to her on the phone "Your son" so it appears Jae Hoon was not his bio child and he didin't think of him like that. Also, are we sure Mr Kim is married to Jae Hoon's mom or is she house keeping? Not likely since she is still running her florist shop. So she probably is married to Mr. Kim, but are the little boy and little girl her children too? Or did she marry a widower? Maybe she met him through the church? We do see her in the kitchen doing the dishs (or it appears to b
  14. He said he smelled the mint after he fought with YH after granny was killed. Then when BR is at the church scene watching with the crowd and YH in his black hat is behind him, BR also says he smells mint. Really good points. It is possible BR really spoke to granny on cell when she called him because YH was chasing. We just did not hear or see that part. So "she saw something etc" could relate to that to conversation. But you are correct the way the psycho voice speaks it sounds more random than that.. he was just out stalking and happened upon her and she saw him... but maybe
  15. Hi, I've quoted @OMORI because some of these observations also came into my mind. But OMORI makes so many outstanding points that I think it is worthwhile to read through all of it. There is a lot of intentional misdirections going on regarding Jae Hoon's family life and the family being killed. We are told his "entire family' were killed, but we know that the mom is alive. But was she really married to Mr. Kim? That relationship is never fleshed out. Also when Jae Hoon walks out of the interview he says god failed him and then we hear the psycho over voice say "My first kill...
  16. @nrlleeThere is something else that bothers me. .. murkiness about her relationship with the Kim family. Was she married to Mr. Kim? We see her in the ktichen but was she his wife? Because if the "entire family" was killed, what happened to her? Wasn't she part of the family, the mother? Why wasn't she with Jae Hoon at the police station. Curious.
  17. i now think Jae Hoon is hh's son - because it seems more and more clear to me that the mother in the scene is HH's wife. But it is still veiled because there is no mention of her surviving the killing of the "entire family" or perhaps the relationship between her and the father is not clearly husband and wife? when Mr Kim calls Jae Hoon;s mom after he cut open the bunny, Mr. Kim says on the phone "Your son" he doesn't say "Jae Hoon' @holyfea Thank you for clarifying this. I was confused. It does appear that Jae Hoon's mom is YH's mom from everything you say. T
  18. @carolinedl Yes I am thinking along these lines too. The question is who was Jae Hoon's mom. We only see a glimpse of her when he is burying his brother and she starts to strangle him and says she should not have given birth to him. Most of the time the face is fogged, but for a moment she does look more like YH"s mother... but i also thought it would be unlikely that she could remarry with the child of a psychopath, who would marry her? But the other lady who had the nice husband who died, could more easily find another mate who would adopt the baby. Still it is not clear at all.
  19. The change in voice of the psycho. At the beginning of episode 3 when Jae Hoon leaves the police station after the lie detector test, we hear him say about himself God failed him. Then in the same scene, the voice changes to that heavy deep disguised telephone voice- that voice says "my first killing was exhilerating" and it shows the boxer's death. But if Jae Hoon killed his family, his first killing would not be the boxer's death it would be him murdering his family. The detective also tells Dr. Daniel Lee that the entire family was killed (in the beginnin
  20. @nona88 That's a great point. The little girl was creepy. Also, the way she mechanically repeated what their conversation was between Jae Hoon and his brother when Jae Hoon poured the amonia in the fish tank. She sounded like a recording machine. Very creepy indeed, but as far as we know she died too and only Jae Hoon survived.
  21. Hello eveyone, I just finished watching the first 4 episodes. I am enjoying reading your comments and learning a lot. I had a lot of question and also did not pick up on many of the details. I found the beginning hard to follow because of the time jumps, from 10 yrs ago to the present to 5 years later etc. it took me time to figure out what was the past and what was the present. It was very sad that Grandma died, I was hoping that would not happen. Questions Do you think that YH will track down the employment agency where grandma got his addr
  22. I started to watch episode 11, but after 5 minutes I couldn't go on with it. The entire plot went off the rails. It was just so bizarre and ugly. I just tuned in to watch the very end of episode 12. Yuck. That's all I have to say. Will not go back and watch another second of it. This is the fist time I have come this far with a drama and could not bear to watch the last 2 episodes. I said earlier I thought the writer had a sadistic streak. There is no human emotional intelligence to the ending. All of the actors were top knotch. Kim Rae-Won and Lee
  23. I am amazed how quickly this all went down. it's amazing that a new actor came on board and is going to appear in episode 7. I thought Ji Soo did a good acting job but I am very much looking forward to Na In Woo as On Dal. He was very good in Mr. Queen. it is bitter sweet for him to have a lead role, but under sad circumstances.
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