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What Does YOUR Dream Home Look Like?

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I like minimalism and plenty of window space.   Ideally I'd be living with my boyfriend and our dog.

This is how my ideal house looks like: And that doesn't mean I want to be royalty.. I'm more than happy with one room in Buckingham and maybe a little tiara 

Im dreaming for having small house, white, some flowers, vintage, and clean. 

Guest hiswendy

My dream house for my future family and for myself differ; my family house will focus more on accommodation, practicality and homeliness, whereas I'm sure I'll concentrate more on appearance for my place as a single (legally single, that is) person.

Since I'm nowhere near ready to build a family, I've been dreaming a lot about what I would want my place to look like. I want a bay window seat surrounded by book shelves, exposed brick walls, a spiral staircase, hardwood floors, a breakfast bar, tall windows only inches off the floor. Something like a collaboration between the old and the new, where steel meets stone, and comfort meets style.

A small one with lots of character would be just fine, like this one, but throw in a bay window (like this or this, but one that protrudes) with a seat at the very back of the living room and a breakfast bar where the kitchenette ends.

Or, basically, this: AH SO PRETTY

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I don't need a mansion or a really huge house - something small will do as long as it looks nice inside and out. Every piece of furniture will be from IKEA of course :P and I'll try to keep the place tidy as much as possible.. 

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Guest Animeuver

No need something fancy...I just wish to have a room as my personal library/ study. My future child can study there, and I can store my book collections on those wooden shelves that reach the ceiling. :) Bg color would be in contrasting dark and light colors for the walls and pillars. Yep. :D

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Guest 2partsvodka

my bedroom


the living room


the view from my pool


kitchen/breakfast area


my bath tub view


a girl can dream right?

PS: I want Mariah Carey's closet

all photos are from: http://architectureblog.tumblr.com/

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I love interior design, I'm so excited that this forum now exists!



Kind of in this kind of scenery/environment






Dining Room



wooo that was a lot of pictures.

I regret nothing!


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My dream home is sorta plain. Since I'm not planning on settling down and having a family, I just want to live in a loft; just something small but at the same time, the space is more open.


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Guest Eun_neptune_Him

Whenever I'm bored I like looking at expensive houses/ condos for some reason. I should stop making myself feel like crap haha.







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Guest AliceAristocrat

I would love to live in a Victorian house with secret passageways. My mom thinks I'm crazy but I think it's awesome.

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Guest jerilynquinn

My dream home is not super luxury i just want it black and white ambiance ,the furniture are back and white too including the wall and door.In Finland i seen a home where it has only two color the black and the white .The thing is i seen a sliding door or pariovet that the left is black the right is white and the light also caught my attention cause it fit in black and white color.

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