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Has anyone here ever met/seen upclose a Kpop star?

Guest tadukhipa

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Guest tadukhipa

if yes where they nice or not?
been living in Korea for a while now and i got so pretty nice opportunities to see/meet some famous people here in korea.

but sadly not everybody was as nice as one might expect them to be.

dunno if you guys remember the 2011 dream concert but i was part of a kpop cover dance group and we got so share a very small and crammed (i mean we were literally breathing on each others necks) backstage with most of the kpop bands/singers. here is the list

didn't meet them:

4minute, G.NA, miss A, Kim Tae Woo, IU, Eru, f(x), K-Will,

were nice, they smiles, said hello and waved:

KARA, SHINee, Seo In Kook, SECRET, SISTAR, Rainbow, After School,Jewelry, T-ara, 5dolls, and Flower

even talked to us and wished us luck and were super sweet overall (and i'm not a big fan of their music so i'm not just saying that):

U-KISS, and the twins from Gag Concert

barely said hello with no hint of smile:


completely ignored us:

F.T. Island, B2ST

also i got the chance to work on My Way (the new movie coming out)

Jang Dong Gun said hi and did a lil bow but (well he's Japanese but still) Odagiri Joe was another total disappointment. my friend and I said hello in japanese and he looked at us and just turned around.

i've seen other celebrities but these are the ones i was in less then an arm's length distance.

anybody had any similar experiences? ^^

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Key from Shinee seems to be cold, I saw key and Minho at SM Town in Paris. I  was alone in corridors there weren't other people, i was surprised because i saw them by chance, I didn't scream, laugh or talk,  just astonished. They passed closer to me that i could touch them, Minho smiled, say hello  and  waved his hand to me, but Key nothing!

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Guest angie01

For me, 2011 KMF Hollywood Bowl

I was able to meet SECRET in person. Since I cant speak in Korean, it was quite difficult to talk to them. . .

but anyways Jieun was very kind to stop talking to some fans and give me an autograph. Hyosung is very very kind. At hotel, she was swarm with fans asking for her autograph, only some fans got it because she actually wrote their ENTIRE name, she stop signing because her manger came and pull her away from the crowd.I got Sunhwa's autograph but she was kind of busy talking to her manger i think so she just smiled at me and gave me her signature. Zinger was gonna give me an autograph but another fan ask before jieun finish signing so i went to hyosung but they had to leave before i got her autograph.

TS is a really kind company and we (fansite secretfour) was able to contact them and give them our gifts to them. One of our staff got all of Secret's signature, but they didnt have a marker at the time so they used a highlighter HAHA ^^

Baek Jiyoung was really friendly and let my friends take picture with her WITH NO MAKE UP lol she was embarrass.

I also met G.NA, but wasnt able to interact with her since she was in a rush.

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yes & she's my most fav actress back then

after seeing her black face, she's no longer on my list. n reading her news of how she greet fans etc is like ..... 'tsktsk'

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Guest Rainypark

completely ignored us:

F.T. Island

Awww FT island ... really? ... they don't seem like the type to do that ... >.> disappointed.

I saw F(x) by chance at SM Town .... completely blanked me (and my sister) ... only Luna half-smiled in our direction.

I've also shook hands with DBSK ... >.< ... but it was at an event so they kind of had to lol.

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Guest your_betrayal

I saw SHINee when they were in Moscow  ^^ I had pretty much chances to talk to them but can't say even a word :(

Taemin was so sweet and Minho used his "flaming harisma" but this don't affect Russian girls  =P

Onew always smiled and his gaze.. it's so strange - like he is looking into your soul o_O  And Jong.. ugh i think he tried to seduce one from bunch of the girls XD

Key.. He seemed a little bit cold sometimes but on the 3d day he smiled a lot and did fanservice :D

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Hmm. I don't really have upclose experiences with Kpop stars like asking them for signatures but etc. But I do met with some Kpop stars before. So I'll share my experiences.

1. 2AM 

Met the 2AM boys upclose during a fansign in Singapore. I spoke to them in Korean/English. They were all smiling very brightly and they were really friendly. All of them say thank you to me.  Oh. It's so unforgettable!  I'm an IAM <3 


I got the chance to stand really close to SNSD during their concert in Singapore. Even though I'm not an SONE, but they're really flawless.  I even see them leaving the stage and how frantically they were to walk down  to the bottom of the T-stage  near the central stage where there is like a "transporter" to transport them back to their dressing room behind the main stage. 

I've seen 2PM & B2ST too. But just not that upclose as these 2.  There're a lot of celebrities that been to Singapore, but I didn't went. 

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Guest jangyuchi

Well, U-Kiss is the most friendly above all. LOL I can say that, really. I'm proud of that HAHA But I'm not saying that the other groups aren't friendly. U-Kiss is the only K-Pop group that I've met in person (by now) and they're really friendly. As in! To the max! They talk a lot and they treat fans or anyone nicely. ^^ They wave, they say hello, they even ask "how are you doing?" and say goodluck in everything! ^_^ So .. yeah.. that's why I didn't had a hard time loving them. I'm a KISS ME, going strong! XD Hope I could go to Korea soon too~ :)

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Guest foreverafterglow5


wow, it's interesting to see the reactions you guys got from the stars (especially you, tadukhipa - btw congrats on being a cover contest participant! way cool), and especially to realize that they're not always the most receptive/warm people. kind of disheartening as well lol :( it seems from what I hear, that the girl groups are more receptive in general? I wonder why that is... maybe the guys feel uncomfortable around all the female fans, especially foreign ones (language barrier, etc.), whereas the girls feel less, idk, intimidated?

I met Hongki of FTI and Lee Jun Hyuk (actor, played the prosecutor in City Hunter, etc.) when they came to the Berkeley campus a few months ago for Im Jae Bum's concert thing :) I happened to be the only one around besides the camera crew earlier in the day when they went into the performance venue (I guess most students hadn't noticed yet), so I decided to pluck up some courage and say hello~ I took Korean this past semester but at the time I didn't know much which was unfortunate, so I just said "hello, I'm your fan" to both of them in Korean and I got a "kamsahamnida" and bow in return haha, but they had pretty curious looks on their faces, probably because I'm brown? haha idk but it was a decent encounter! afterward, they interacted with fans from the balcony of the performance venue - it was the two of them up there, and we had a bit of conversation (i.e. yelling "HELLO! WE LOVE YOU!" etc. at them and them responding/taking pictures haha), and that was it.

I also met Epik High a few years ago but that was at a fanmeet so it's not the same thing lol. they were great though!

I love hearing about U-Kiss, they seem like such a down-to-earth group of guys! It'd be nice to meet them sometime :) I'd also love to interact with Infinite and MBLAQ in such situations~ they're my favs haha, I heard good things about MBLAQ at K-pop masters in terms of their interaction with fans around and about :)

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Guest doubleAnumbertwo

G.NA came to Canada earlier this year for the cube audition finals. I got to meet G.NA in person ♥. It was getting pretty late after the show and there was suppose to be meet and greet after the show, but the security guards told us that there is no meet and greet. Nobody believed the security guards and waited for G.NA. Few mins later, G.NA came out and apologized to us for keeping us waiting. After that...we shot a group of 10 picture with G.NA and I asked G.NA for a hug after the pictures. She kindly said sure why not. G.NA is so nice and sweet!!

I also met Jay Park too...but that was last year. He came to Canada for a bboy contest along w/ his dance crew. Jay stood beside me randomly without me knowing. I didn't want to scream or do anything that would scare him away because at that time I was so shocked and I could barely move. After watching one of the groups bboying....people started to run over to where jay and i were standing asking for his autograph. He was so nice and signed autographs when there were hundreds of girls crowding around him wanting an autograph.

also....I've seen wonder girls at the jona's bros concert and their own solo concert in canada. they're so pretty and so sweet! ♥

andd also met dream team casts in 2009 when they were filming the vancouver 2010 olympics special edition.

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Guest 7o777a7o

I met se7en & dancers at a club in Singapore. i was with my friend dancing in the corner of the dance floor when a bunch of guys suddenly showed up and started to dance next to us. i recognized se7en after a few seconds but was too shock and stunt to response for a while. then i managed to speak to him and told him that i'm a huge fan, he smiled and nodded at me and continue to dance for awhile before they went to the their VIP table.

they stayed for a mere 15-20 minutes and left. i followed him along the way till he got on a cab. but there were a group of stalker fans waiting outside of the club caused them to walk even faster. i asked if i can take a photo with him but he rejected it.

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Guest marinellawoo

aw. I couldn't imagine F.T. Island ignores. U-KISS, as expected! they were all so friendly and all. they talk to fans a lot; not just typically say hi, wave or smile, they really do talk to their fans and that's what I think the meaning of interaction. it's not hard approaching them because they are all so talkative and friendly! I'm so excited to meet them personally! PS: there are so many fancams where the fans came to them personally to have an autographed and agree, plus, a hug too!

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Guest deureobwa

Of the groups that I've gotten closest to (not in a relationship way, but distance way... xD)

B1A4 is adorable and super friendly. I was with a friend my first weekend here in Korea and we were waiting for their car to leave the Inkigayo parking lot with all the other fans. The van got stopped up due to traffic and the boys had their windows down. Though Gongchan (who was right by the window) glanced at me before talking to a Korean fan who asked him if he remembered her, my friend yelled out "FOREIGNERS! FOREIGNERS!" and then they all turned and looked at us and grinned and waved. Sandeul stuck his head out the window from the back and yelled (in English) "I LOVE YOU!". At a later music show recording I was there for Infinite, and B1A4 had a prerecording after Infinite did. We were leaving before the BANAs came in and I spotted them already coming out onto stage, so I yelled out Sandeul's name and he looked and waved happily.

I went to two U-Kiss fansignings two days in a row. The group is definitely nice and down to earth. The first day I was a bit too starry eyed to think of saying much besides smiling and shaking hands with the boys. U-Kiss fansignings tend to get rushed a bit more than other groups (possibly because the company doesn't have enough money to reserve the spaces for long enough?) so there's not as much time to talk with the boys... But the second day I bought one big present bag and six small present bags. The big one was filled with tons of snacks and fun things while the small ones had small candies, and I made them guess my age. xD Whoever got it right first got the big bag. Dongho was first in the row that day, and he guessed that I was 17, so he got a small bag. Kevin asked if I was his age, and when I said no he gasped in honest disbelief and terrifiedly said "ARE YOU A NOONA?!" to which he looked pleased when I said I wasn't. xD Hoon then guessed that I was 18 and, though he was probably guessing Korean age (I was 18 in western age) I gave him the big prize. xD AJ is rather hilarious (and though it's not his fault, his eyes are a bit creepy), Eli is a bro and after hearing I was from Kansas the first day but not properly remembering me he guessed every foreigner before me in line as being from Kansas... xD Soohyun, who is my bias, tends to be really awkward around the foreigners. His English (which must be taught to him by Eli) consists of "HEY! YO! WHAT'S UP?!" and "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?"... the all caps are completely meant. Louder voice = more understanding? I don't even know. As soon as he runs out of English his face just sort of freezes into a :DDDDDDDD face. Both he and Kiseop are 100% pleased if you can speak Japanese or Korean, though. They both love to communicate with the fans and seem a bit nervous if they can't.

And this is getting long, but my main bias group, Infinite. I know most people will say I just think this way because they're my biases, but they honestly seem like the idol group that is kindest and closest with their fans. Woohyun is known as greasy for calling the fans his girlfriends, but from what I can tell he does sincerely think of all the fans as his girlfriends and does give out so much love I wonder how he has so much. Sungjong is adorable (but it doesn't seem like he knows any English at all. He was super relieved when I said I could speak Korean at the fansigning.) and Sungyeol is awkward but hilarious. Hoya loves getting attention, and it's obvious in everything that he does, but it's adorable in it's own way and he'll keep coming back for more cheering and hearts again and again. Myungsoo is handsome and cute and friendly even if he doesn't speak too much. Dongwoo's conversational English is amazing, and I was shocked when I could have a complete conversation with him at the fansigning at normal speed with no problems. Sunggyu's English is really good as well, and he's very polite and friendly, and even gave me a hug when I asked for one. I'm not going to rant too much about it all, but they do honestly seem the most kind.

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Guest salahkira

Taemin was so sweet and Minho used his "flaming harisma" but this don't affect Russian girls  =P

LOL Really? That's too bad. I thought that was supposed to be Minho's charm. XD

Well, I've only met the Wonder Girls, Brian, Se7en, Beast and U-KISS close-up at fanmeet events (and the WG one was being filmed for Made In Wonder Girls) so of course they were all really nice and friendly. :P Wonder Girls gave out hugs and autographs (I think Sunye made more effort to interact with the fans), Brian gave me like a one-side shoulder hug even though I didn't ask for a hug like the other fangirls (maybe I just looked too pitiful, lmao), I took a group picture with Se7en and it was all rushed but he still greeted me the Thai way with his hands close together (even though I'm not Thai, lmao), some of the Beast members look you in the eye and say thank you, and I would say all of U-KISS are really friendly and put you at ease.

Just my opinion, but I think stars tend to ignore people because they're not sure if you're their fan or they don't want the situation to get out of hand if they respond. XD

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Yup, I meet some of the U-Kiss members ;D I saw them and was upfront close to others like Sistar, Jay Park, Hyuna, K.Will, etc.

It was the KMF 2011. I was right across from the U-Kiss but a window separated us. Best memory ever! They talked to us through there.

Later at the hotel, Soohyung came and asked me plus my friend what we were doing. His engrish was so cute!!! Lol, I said "we're waiting for you!"

and my friend said something.. he chuckled away, so adorable! :) Dongho was infront of me but I didn't want to bugg him. Later on I saw Eli,

and it's quite amazing because I tweeted him that I hope to see him tonite and get his autograph. Well... later on when I saw him..

He waved Hi across from me, but I my mood was quite low so I was like.. ehh, whatever. Then a whole bunch of girls swarmed to him as he was

leaving at the cafe lounge and he came by me and my friends. He was giving out autographs and we came right infront of him handing out albums out.

4 people was standing infront of him w/albums, I was one of them. He scans and go "Hmmmm.." & then he chooses mine! 0: Oh god, I was taken

back. Lol, it was so sweet :) He left as the fans was following him and I was just standing there like... 0_0 ahaha. So I tweeted him thanks for making

my day go wonderful. But me & my friend stalked Eli, Hoon and Kisseop at 3/4am at the hotel and went for a walk. When they came back, I was lucky

enough to get Hoon a hug. & Kevin came in at 2am, I gota pick of me huggin Kevin but right when it flashed he turned cus someone

called his name. Ahh~ But I had such great moments with them, so much more but I love them ♥ & I talked to Jay for a bit. He just asked us what we

were doing up so late and we told him, pretty much stalker U-Kiss. Hahaa. He talked a bit and left upstairs.

I wish to meet Taeyang soon, I was so closeeee the last time he came to Los Angeles. I found his hotel. Hehee.

Oh yeah, I met One Way. Omg, I'm not gona lie but I had the front seat and Youngsky kept looking at me >.< I even had cams from my friend. He kept

looking at me all cute & shy, you can hear me in the background being like "oh my god, he's lookin at me again." Lol, he's too sweet. & when I wanted

a picture of us hugging, this stupid lady's like "move move" so I didn't have enough time & my friend who had my cam left too. >_> But he kept saying

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." So nicely and I accepted it. He's so amazing. (: Great times! Great memories and more to come.

I had many chances to see others actors and groupies but some I didn't really care to take the chance and some I couldn't :/ But yeah~

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Guest sorcy79au

OMO! You are all so lucky!!

Living in Australia, I haven't had any opportunities to meet any kpop idols. When the KPOP Music Fest in Sydney was happening I was flying from Korea to Japan :tears:

The closest I have gotten to meeting a famous Korean singer was when I meant DJ Young from Kpop Zone on Arirang Radio. He was a rapper in the group S#arpe from the 90's (I think)

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Guest xXsmilesXx

I've meet a few...

Ukiss- Super nice & adorable. They smile and wave, gave lots of fan-service, trolled each other and interacted w/fans.

They post for cameras, took pictures of fans, danced for us. They are so friendly and nice and hyper T___________T

They are also great at teasing us. Eli wrote I love you on his phone and showed it to the fans. But the fans couldn't

read it so he kept taking a step forward until we could read it. So yeah basically they are angels. THEY ARE THE BEST!

Sistar-So nice and lovely, stopped for autographs and hugs. And are gorgeous! After meeting them I feel in love with Hyorin,because she's so sweet and cute and lovely and she held my hand at the concert! I love them!

Secret-Very gorgeous but didn't really have much interactions with fans. Barely got a smile or a hi. Zinger seemed kinda cold at times. =x But Jieun is so sweet, I asked her for an autograph and she signed it with my name and put a heart.

Jay- FYI:Flawless skin. He stopped for autographs and pictures, interactions with fans. But when I asked him for an autograph he said no because he had to leave, so I said ok I wasn't mad or anything until I notice he was just standing there drinking his coffee and then someone else ask for an autograph and he said yes. So yeah Jay just left me hanging. He's pretty cocky =S

Wonder Girls- So sweet! So sweet and gorgeous. Sunmi is such a dork <3. I wasn't really fond of Sohee but after meeting her she was so sweet and cute I just love her. The way she asked for my name was just too cute.

JYP-OH HE"S SO COOL! I think he's very handsome in person. Very nice and cool.

Beast-DooJoon & Junhyung are too cool to even look at you But this is a good thing =D They are not bothered by fans. You may get a look or two but then they will move on. Yoseob & Dongwoon are the sweetest. I asked for autographs countless times but the manager kept saying no. They both apologized and bowed. When the manager wasn't in site I called out Yoseob and gesture for him to sign, he looks at me and walks towards me, he's about a few inches away but the manager pops out of nowhere and blocks us. Yoseob looked so sad and he apologizes once again <33 HyunSeung loves it. He loves the ladies, always flirting. He's so sweet!

Mblaq-*My bias group, and everything imma say about them is not because i'm bias but it's because that's how they really are. Well Mblaq yeah are pretty much AWESOME. They are all down to earth and beautiful and precious. They are all very cool about giving autographs and such. Seungho is cool, he's not bothered by the fans at all. So chill and nice about everything. G.O has got to be one of the sweetest guys ever! Nice and soft spoken! I asked G.O for an autograph the manager block him but he gestures ok and the manager moved away. My friend asked G.O as he was walking away, the manager blocks and when G.O sees this he walks back and signs her cd. Mblaq was in a rushed but when my friend called out G.O and said sign he walked up to her and signed it. Joon & Mir loves the attention. They love doing fan-service and are always smiling no matter what. (Never meet Thunder TT___TT) Mblaq can disobey their managers and gives autographs even when they managers are pushing away or saying no.THEY TOO ARE THE BESTTTT! They are very chilled and well chic.

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I met Wonder Girls during the Jonas Brothers tour :D
They're all soooooooo pretty in person, it was surreal. They looked like life-size Barbies in their peach colored Nobody dresses ^^
However I only go to speak to Sohee (I don't dislike her, but she's not my favorite)- but she was really nice and she was my bias for a while after that xD
People think she's cold, but she's just shy. If you can manage to break the ice successfully, she'll speak to you for a bit :)

And idk if these guys count as kpop, but I also met Royal Pirates four times :3
And they remembered me each time *______*
They're the sweetest guys alive, especially Sooyoon♥ (and he's not even my bias lol) Well now he is LOL
Moonchul will kinda troll you like a friend would, and James is seriously the easiest guy to talk to. Since he (James) is was my bias and all, I was scared that I'd be too starstruck to say anything, but he's so casual and friendly and I was completely at ease with him :)

All this talk about U-KISS makes me want to meet them xD
They seem so down-to-earth and amazing <3

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