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Guest donnapie

An appreciation thread for Scent of a Woman's OTP LDW and KSA THE  WOOKIESUNAH THREAD



Lee Dong Wook


Name: 이동욱 / Lee Dong Wook Profession: Actor and model Birthdate: 1981-Nov-06 Height: 184cm Weight: 78kg Star sign: Scorpio Blood type: B Talent agency: Jump Entertainment

Kim Sun Ah


Name: 김선아 / Kim Sun Ah (Kim Seon Ah) Name: (Chinese) 金宣兒 Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1975-Oct-01 Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea Height: 170cm Weight: 50kg Star sign: Libra Blood type: A Family: One sister, younger brother Talent agency: Yedang Entertainment
Oncamera they are this sweet




Offcamera they are even sweeter







Why are they worth Shipping?

Generally, it is the very, very flirtatious vibe that they have going  on around them offscreen that can get you suckered in into this pairing.

They are very frisky together and very touchy feely with each other and  obviously, there is some sort of undercurrent of attraction going on  somewhere there which translates into the characters they play in the  drama and which manifests itself offcamera during their interviews or  when they are interacting as themselves whenever they are on breaks.

(c’mon… who wouldn’t be attracted if both of you are that good  looking and then you are sharing a lot of romantic scenes together plus  HOT tango scenes almost 24/7? he constant togetherness and  closeness whets that fascination, added to the fact that sharing  passionate scenes on top of that, is almost similar to throwing fire  into an already ticking timebomb).

The chemistry between these two is so  physical and sexual that it sometimes feel as if Wookie would bore holes  into SunAh’s face whenever he looks at her or that Wookie’s abs would be  erased because of how much SunAh manhandles him.


Case in point, just look at how Wookie’s hands linger on Sunah’s in  this gif and how she gave his hands a gentle squeeze first before  breaking away when they could have both just instantly parted.

It’s as if they can’t keep their hands off each other.

This is not the only manifestation but Wookie blushing because of the  tango scene?

Wookie and Sunah  both being so immersed in their characters that they are so affected  with each others presence that they only have to look at each other and  they could already cry?


Aside from the constant togetherness, this is the primary reason why  actors fall for co-actors because sometimes the lines blur between  fiction and reality and that’s when you have the probability that it can  translate into real life action.

Even in that presscon interview, their initial impressions of each other are as follows:

Wookie: I was surprised coz she’s so beautiful and she really has a very beautiful body.

SunAh: He’s good looking and cute and i think he has a very nice body.

Not that they have said they really like each other and that they are  now dating and later on would get married but  they are just so taken with each other physically and isn't that the most basic foundation of any relationship?

Somehow knowing that, there is a teeny, weeny bit of desire  and hope for them to take that attraction by the horns and work on it  so that it could develop into something more.

Let’s face it, if you’re physically attracted to a person it would just end up in either of 3 ways and actors are no different:

1.  You have a fling or a dalliance which ends in a one night stand and voila! Itch scratched, curiosity over.

2.  You work on that attraction, flirt continuously and in the process  learn more about the person and that’s when you feel the urge to bring  the attraction to a whole new level because your connection had already  gone beyond that of just being physical.

3. You enjoy the moment, flirt continuously and then say goodbye when it’s time to say goodbye cooly.

Obviously, in this case, us shippers can only wish that the second scenario would come true.

But no matter what happens, for the meantime, let's just enjoy how they  heat up our screen and savor each and every moment that they  make us feel butterflies in our stomach while keeping our fingers crossed  that one day in the future news about them dating would REALLY just  break out.

A shipper can dream, can’t we?

TRIVIA: Dong Wook had an interview in 2006 wherein a fortune teller told him that he'd meet the girl he would marry this 2011.
Just sayin
' :rolleyes:

Dearest fellow SunWook Shippers...
Let's give praise to one of the best OTP's of all time
and share our thoughts about this couple
with the hopes that their love would last forever.
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Guest donnapie

It seems like we're not the only ones having a difficult time saying goodbye to the show, Sun ah and Dong Wook left these messages on their me2day today...



I have yet to write my bucket list number 21!

To say, to write to  everyone “Thank you for watching (all these  time)”. (I’m) Not prepared  yet. In the middle of a sound sleep, I  suddenly opened my eyes and  thought—- it seems like I must go film SOAW  episode 17.

Please give me  time. “Not yet” —-> I can’t say anything else aside from this word!

Have a joyous holiday!!!



Yeon Jae with Ji Wook~ looking at the same place and living happily.

Yesterday, today, everyday, friends ask, What will we do  this weekend… Now that i have my weekends back, what shall I do? I must  rest for a  while. First I’ll get myself together and live life. Now I  can’t do  anything. I’m Ji Wook but right now I’m not Ji Wook . What  shall I  do?

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Guest jastinel

@doonapie, this is an endless story of our fave couple.

I just wish they will continue with a new love story, this time...LDW and KSA love relationship.

Thanks Sis for this thread, additional home for me!

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Guest donnapie

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Are ‘Unavailable’   


Co-stars on SBS drama ‘Scent of a Woman’, actor Lee Dong Wook and his counterpart Kim Sun Ah has recently proved themselves as ‘unavailable’ through a single photo.

Lee Dong Wook has recently garnered attention by posting a photo of  himself and Kim Sun Ah holding signs saying ‘Sold Out Man’ and ‘Sold Out  Woman’ respectively. He also added a caption saying, “All sold out! Now  you can’t get any~ But we’re going to be returned after a day?!! Go  with ‘Scent of a Woman’ as you go down to your hometown~”.

Previously, Lee Dong Wook has also left a post showing his regret as  he looks towards to just one more episode left of ‘Scent of a Woman’ as  he wrote, “I can’t believe it’s the end… At all… Not once..”


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Guest dini1010

hi donnapie ~ i love reading all of your posts at SOAW..I'm not very good with words so i seldom post at SOAW's thread. :sweatingbullets: Thank you for tis thread.. I first get to know KSA fr her MNIKSS days and since then i have always look forward to her drama..I was a KSA/Hyunbin shipper but now all that has changed..Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook all the way now..


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Guest noopie_1

Helllooooo donnapie!!!

Thank you for creating this wookie-sunah thread! I love to read your tumblr and reading your spazz! your tumblr is like my medicine, once I miss them, I will go and read your spazz.

I heard you are planning to do fanfic about them! yeahhhhh! I feel like screaming when i saw it! hahahaha  can't wait to read your fanfic about our wonderful sweet loving OTP wookie-sunah^^

I love both of them, they have so much chemistry, I hope they will keep posting message in me2day even after "scent of a women' has ended.

I wish that they could come to singapore to do fan meeting! :wub:

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Guest incarnadine

Hi donnapie! Just thought I'd drop by *sheepish grin* ahh pfft, who am I kidding, I'm in love with this couple, too. blush.gif

Anyway, I have something to share from the LDW thread. Basically, in an earlier interview of KSA and LDW (not sure if this was during the presscon or an onsite interview), KSA and LDW were asked to describe each other. Of KSA, LDW said:

"I got a shock when I saw her in person. Her face is really small like a child's and her beautiful appearance gives people a comfortable feeling, that's her charm."

Then, in a later interview, this time with LDW alone, he had this to say about his ideal woman:

"Ideal type will change too. I used to like females who are intellectual and carry themselves well. Now, sometimes I like those who can become friends and be comfortable with. If she's smart and has vision, it'll be better."

See a pattern here? :rolleyes::phew:

*takes over to steer the ship*

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Thanks for creating this thread Donnapie and you can definitely count me in :)

I am a regular lurker at SOAW thread and I really enjoy your spazzing of our couple. I regularly check your blog for updates on the two.

I thought I would not get over my MinJoong/HyunMin couple. So glad I watched this drama and enjoyed the very natural off and on screen chemistry of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook :wub: I hope they date for real and get married and make little Sunny and Wookie babies :D

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Guest incarnadine

Dramabeans recently translated and consolidated a bunch of articles on LDW over the past weeks. You can check it here >>

Lee Dong Wook: "I Want to Conquer the Universe."

In the article, he said of Kim Sun Ah:

"Lee described meeting Kim Sun-ah following their shoot for Episode 11, when Ji-wook finds out about Yeon-jae’s diagnosis: “She and I were both in the same state — the moment we saw each other’s faces, we started tearing up, thinking, ‘What happens with us now?’ We’d developed a sense of compassion for each other. Because I was crying, I couldn’t act. [Laughs]”

"“When I heard she was cast as my co-star, I thought that she could help me out a lot. Kim Sun-ah is thoughtful and looks after people when we’re on set, and has a way of making things fun for her co-star. That’s why I could film the bicycle date and the tent kiss scenes while smiling. [Laughs]”

He always seems to laugh when he talks about KSA. Giddy, perhaps? :D

They're so cute.

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Guest etee7114

Donnapie dearest, I told myself I should not be stalking so many soompi threads but whom am I kidding, right? I've just got to come here and bask myself silly in the hot trail left by the SOAW's OTP.

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Guest blooming

Hello Donnapie,

Thanks for opening this thread. I really like this couple.

If ever you write a fanfics about our Tango Couple please add me on the pm list.

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Guest donnapie

Thanks fellow shippers! I hope that we can make this thread our second home now that Scent of a Woman is over.

Keep the contributions coming.  I'm sure all of us would like to hear more about our OTP even outside of the drama.

There was an interview with Sun Ah posted on Media Daum's site and bananaleaf took a shot at translating it from the SOAW site and just sharing for those who might not have the chance to visit the thread.


" "아무래도 제가 인복이 많은가 봐요.(웃음) 사실 드라마를 찍다 보면 결과도 중요하지만, 만들어가는 과정과 현장에서 만나는 사람 사이의 관계도 큰 의미가 있는 거잖아요. 동욱씨는 굉장히 여러 가지 매력이 있는 배우예요. 솔직하고, 개구쟁이 같다가도 또 어떤 때는 오빠처럼 챙겨줘요. 기본적으로 상대를 배려할 줄 아는 배우라 호흡을 맞출 때 굉장히 편안해요. 요즘 동욱씨한테 빠진 여성분들이 많아서 주변에서 동욱씨에 대해 궁금해하는 경우가 많은데, '내 남자야! 건드리지 마!' 하고 농담을 하기도 해요.(웃음)"

Many ladies have been asking about DongWook but I tell them "Hands off! The man is mineee! You can look but no touching" (laughs). I was just kidding but not really.

:lol: LOL.

Gotta love Kim Sun Ah's candidness...

I was laughing like crazy at how she was trying to pass off that sentiment as a joke but then she quickly reverted as if telling herself who she is kidding...

GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I hope this two can become real!


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I really like this couple.I never hope this.I think Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah should become a real couple............that's great!!!!!!! Lee Dong Wook cooperated with many actresses but Kim Sun Ah is the most suitable with him much, emotional couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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