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  1. This is hilarious My respect for this drama went up a lot. Talk about being petty. Ultimately it is the big hoopla in the beginning of the drama that caused this. I have watched a A LOT of romance dramas in my lifetime, and kisses are the last thing on the list of requirements for me to like a drama. A drama can have kisses and still be terrible. This drama just became more memorable for me just because if this ending.
  2. From a different perspective, they not dating as yet, so it makes sense that we would not be seeing them do certain couply things as yet? it"s all good. Hope everything works out well in the last episode.
  3. It just occurred to me that they included a scene from a characters dream ( something not based in the shows reality) in the preview for episode 15..then cut it out of the actual broadcast. Anyway apart from romance trolling, there are parts of this show that I really like a lot...episodes I really enjoyed.
  4. Sorry to cut...but there are ways and means of toning it down that would be way better than what is being done now. For example, if do not want to show a clear kiss scene put them in the dark, film them from far away...kiss on the cheek... turn there head at an angle ...all of which would be better than what is happening now. And for me, it is not the lack of kiss that bothers me, but the trolling.... setting up the mood at the end of one episode, then completely throwing cold water on it in the next episode. STOP DOING THAT! Grrrrrr. When you do things like that as a writer, your audience loo
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