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  1. It is just a drama you will have to watch from beginning to end or it will have no meaning to you.
  2. @SonShinAe Somebody even said this story line was a "stupid idea" they thought the 'watch that turns back time' was the better one. I guess that was the most realistic of the two for them. To each their own I guess. Some might prefer pure fantasy, and that is completely fine. A lot of people loved the plot twist though.
  3. I fear the ending of episode 10 went over a few peoples heads. I still see people commenting, 'when will the old lady become young again?"
  4. Hmm... I find it hard to isolate what was true and what was fantasy, when we are getting, The Justice league - elders edition, rescuing doctor "Joon Ha" from the basement??, who apparently didn't need rescuing. So for me right now, those pictures are apart of fantasy land, until i'm told otherwise.
  5. @nrllee Thanks for the response. I did wonder myself if the police knew i him, and just marked it off as them being friendly. It is possibly that he could be part of the force. It is interesting that the show didn't reveal, what happened during the accident, before she woke up into an old grandmother. The last two times i wondered why they didn't reveal something, it was connected to some other reveal later on...namely, where JH worked...(HJ was shocked to find out later on), and the self harm incident to frame his father (reveal was part of the dream sequence.) I think there is still alot of mystery surrounding JH. It seems like things keep happening to him, and he doesn't know what is going on, but i do wonder sometimes, how much he does and doesn't know.
  6. Anybody has any thoughts/guess as to who the old man is, and why he is reacting JH the way he is?
  7. And here is my opinion. I wouldn't say the younger HJ is back as yet. I think JH (or most 26 year old men) would probably find romance with 70 year old a bit weird, so i highly doubt that the show is going that direction. I think (up to this point) this show has pretty much the same romance formula, as most romance shows: 1.Boy and girl meets... ( they have met) 2.Boy and girl may have liked each other (they have connected with each other, and hj pretty much said she likes him.) 3.Boy and girl have difficulties getting together...(well i don't know what is more difficult than being in a 70 year old body. Plus JH has his own problems) 4.Boy and girl overcome those difficulties (yet to be seen) 5.Boy and girl gets together (yet to be seen) I think the romance has already began, just paused for a bit. In the meantime, older HJ can connect with JH in a more friendly sort of way. I didn't want to say this, because this show is so unpredictable... I don't know, but i feel like the dream, could have been more than a (fan service) dream by HJ. Let me leave it at that. From the soompi article posted above:
  8. Re the highlighted. I think there is a story there too. It could be that they haven't mentioned it, because it is connected to some other big reveal in later episodes.
  9. One of the things i love about this show is that you can't predict what is going to happen. And things never happen the way that you think they are going to happen. And sometimes you question things in the moment, and then later on you are like "oooooh, this is why that happened!"
  10. Yeah she threw it off..but I was thinking that if she even found it again and got it working, it would be like using water to dry up water.
  11. I'm curious as how they are going to get KHJ looking like her 25 year old self again (even for a short time). If you really think about it...she shouldn't be able to use the watch to make herself younger, when it is the usage of the watch that made her age rapidly in the first place.
  12. With the longer preview it seems even better thought i thought it would be.
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