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[Drama 2011] Gyebaek 계백 (가제)


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[MBC] Lee Seo-Jin, Jo Jae-Hyeon, Oh Yeon-soo, Song Ji Hyo




OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gyebaek/


A drama that sheds a new light on the last kind of the Baekje era, King Euija and general Gyebaek.

Director: Kim Geun-Hong

Writer: Jung Hyung-Soo

Network: MBC

Episodes: 32

Release Date: July 25 , 2011

Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea


Lee Seo Jin as General Gyebaek

Lee Hyun Woo as teen Gye Baek

Jo Jae Hyun as King Euija

Choi Won Hong as child Euija

No Young Hak as teen Euija

Oh Yun Soo as Sa Taek Bi

Song Ji Hyo as Eun Go

Jun Min Seo as child Eun Go

Park Eun Bin as teen Eun Go

Hyo Min as Cho Young

Han Bo Bae as teen Cho Young

Jun Noh Min as Sung Choong

Kim Yoo Suk as Heung Soo

Jin Tae Hyun as Gyo Ki

Nam Da Reum as child Gyo Ki

Seo Young Joo (서영주) as teen Gyo Ki

Choi Jae Hwan as King Mu

Jo Sang Ki as Nam Jo

Kim Hyun Sung as Moo Geun

Yoon Da Hoon as Dok Kye

Ahn Kil Kang as Kwi Woon

Jung Sung Mo as Yoon Choong

Im Hyun Sik as Jo Geum sunsaeng

Choi Jae Ho as Eui Jik

Kim Dong Hee as Eun Sang

Kim Jin Ho (김진호) as Wang Hyo Rin

Park Yoo Hwan as Chul Yeon

Go Yoon Hoo as Dae Soo

Lee Poong Woon as teen Dae Soo

Jang Hee Woong as Yong Soo

Han Ji Woo as Yeon Tae Yeon

Jung So Young as Myung Joo

Ryu Je Hee (류제희) as Seol Yi

Lee Min Ho as teen Moon Geun

Cha In Pyo as Moo Jin (Gye Baek's father, cameo)

Kim Byung Gi

Jung Han Hun

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Guest rainy75


Title : Gye Baek (계백)

Episodes : 32

Genre : Saguek

Airing Date : 2011/07/25 (schedule to follow after Miss Ripley)

Time Slot : Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55

PD : Kim Geun hong 김근홍 (DongYi, YiSan, Queen SeonDeok, Jumong, DaeJangGeum)

Scriptwriter : Jeong Hyung Soo 정형수 (Yacha, Dream, Jumong, Damo)

Broadcast Company : MBC

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gyebaek/

Storyline/Synopsis : About the life of General Gyebaek of Baekje.

Background History of General Gyebaek from KBS World :

The Last Great Commander of Baekje Dynasty, Gyebaek


lsj.jpg Lee Seo Jin (이서진) (Soul,Yi San,Damo)

General GyeBaek (계백장군)


Lee Hyun Woo (이현우) (God of Study,Queen Seon Duk, Dae Wang Sejong)

Young GyeBaek

a general in the ancient Korean kingdom of Baekje during the early to mid 7th century. Little else is known of his personal life—including the year and location of his birth. He killed his wife and family to prevent them from falling into the hands of Tang-Shilla alliance and to prevent the thought of them to influence his actions or cause him to falter in battle. He was 1 of the 3 Last Loyal Subjects of Baekjae. According to some sources, his real name was Buyeo Seung, which indicates that he was from the royal family.

jjh.jpg Jo Jae Hyeon (조재현) (New Heart, Hong Kong Express, Damo)

King Eui Ja (의자왕 - 義慈王)


No Young Hak (노영학) (Giant,Reputable Family,Queen Seon Duk)

Young King Eui Ja

31st and final ruler of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. His reign ended when Baekje was conquered by the alliance of the rival Korean kingdom Silla and China's Tang Dynasty.

oys.jpg Oh Yeon Soo (오연수) (Bad Guy,Queen Returns, Jumong)

Sa Taek Bi (사택비)

1560C910AE0E1FA6475AF4.jpg Song Ji Hyo (Song Ji Hyo) (Crime Squad, Jumong, Goong)

Eun Ko(은고)


Park Eun Bin (박은빈)(Dream High,Queen Seon Duk,Empress Chun Chu)

Young Eun Ko(은고)

125952174AC9AA15059B13.jpg Hyo Min (효민) (My Girlfriend is a ninetail fox)

Cho Young (초영)


Han Bo Bae (한보배) (Sign, Empress Chun Chu)

Young Cho Young (초영)


jnm.jpg Jeon No Min (전노민) (Royal Family, Queen Seon Duk,Family Honour)

Seong Choong (성충)

01-1.jpg Ahn Kil Kang (안길강) (Dream High, Chuno, Queen Seon Duk)

Kwi Eun(귀운)

kys.jpg Kim Yu Seok (김유석) (Smile DongHae, DongYi)

Heung Su (흥수)

314494.jpg Jin Tae Hyun (진태현) (Pure Pumpkin Flower,Temptation of an Angel)

Kyo Ki (교기)


Seo Young Joo (서영주) (Can You Hear My Heart, Hero)

Young Kyo Ki

1429730E49B60D47A8139E.jpg Choi Jong Hwan (최종환) (The Duo, Dong Yi, Jejoongwon)

Mu Wang (무왕) Father of King Eui Ja

130D7C10AE008800A652E0.jpg Park Sung Woong (박성웅) (Kim Tak Goo, East of Eden, The Legend)

Kim Yu Shin (김유신 )

14404110AE571D2BE853C2.jpg Yoon Da Hoon (윤다훈) (Indomitable Daughters-in-Law, Life is Beautiful, Can Anyone Love)

Dok Kae(독개)

csk.jpg Jo Sang Ki (조상기) (Royal Family, Pasta, IIjimae)

Nam Jo (남조)

hanjiwoo.jpg Han Ji Woo (한지우 ) (Sparkling, Jungle Fish)

Yeon Tae Yeon (연태연)

74_107_people_422669.jpg Lee Pung Woon(이풍운) (Chosun Police3, 2009 Alien Baseball Team)

Dae Su (대수)

0670-1.jpg Jeong Seong Mo (정성모) (Baker Kim Tak Goo, Queen Seon Duk, Kingdom of Winds)

Yunchung (윤충)

01-2-1.jpg Jung Han Heon (정한헌) (Reputable Family, Queen Seon Duk, Jumong)

72c44cd1.jpg Kim Byung Gi (김병기) (Merchant Kim Man Deok,Kingdom of Winds, Jumong)

pyh.jpg Park Yu Hwan (박유환) (Shining / Twinkle Twinkle)

Buk Jo (북조)

Guest Star

CIP.jpg Cha In Pyo (차인표) (Dae Mul,Reputable Family,White Tower)

Moo Jin (무진)

Gyebaek's father

Casting News

Actor Lee Seo-jin cast in new historical drama

Jo Jae-hyun to turn king in new historical drama

Cha In-pyo joins MBC historical "Gyebaek"

Oh Yeon Soo casting

MBC Section TV news report on Gyebaek 03/07/2011

Han Ji Woo casted in Gyebaek

GyeBaek Poster Revealed

Young Gyebaek Greetings from MBC website

On Location Gyebaek Poster Taking

T-Ara Hyomin cast for "Gyebaek"

Song Ji Hyo cast for MBC’s historical drama, ‘Gyebaek’



계백 OST Part.1 (MBC 월화드라마)

01 알고 있나요 Do you know - 양파 Yang Pa Youtube

02 닿을 수 없는 Can't reach - 백청강 Baek Chungkang Youtube

TNS Ratings

Episode - National (rank), Seoul(rank)

Ep1 - 7.5 (-) , 9.6 (13th)

Ep2 - 8.6 (17th) , 11.0 (11th)

Ep3 - 9.6 (13th) , 12.2 (5th)

Ep4 - 9.3 (10th) , 11.3 (6th)

Ep5 - 10.7 (12th) , 12 (9th)

Ep6 - 11.2 (8th) , 12.5 (8th)

Ep7 - 10.3 (7th) , 13.2 (5th)

Ep8 - 10.8 (8th) , 13.2 (7th)

Ep9 - 11.7 (7th) , 12.9 (7th)

Ep10 - 12 (7th) , 13.6 (8th)

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Guest rainy75

i think with this article, 안길강 Ahn Kil Kang (QSD ChilSeok) joins Gyebaek also..

‘계백’ 또 악역 안길강 “알고보면 따뜻한 남자”



Poster released




Jeon No-min 전노민

Seong Choong (성충)




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Guest Sela_07

So who is playing General Kim Yushin?. I must say I love both Gyebaek and Yushin. It's a pity that they werent on the same side.

Thank you leek and rainy75 for the infos.

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So who is playing General Kim Yushin?. I must say I love both Gyebaek and Yushin. It's a pity that they werent on the same side.

Thank you leek and rainy75 for the infos.

yup, thanks for the infos. im excited to watch this drama because of the fight scenes. i like Gyebaek because of Lee Seo Jin.....

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This would be the perfect sequel to Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC) and The Ballad of Seodong (2005, SBS).

The tale of Baekje kingdom that was conquered by Shilla in 660.

The son of Princess Seonhwa and King Mu (The ballad of Seodong) was dethroned by General Kim Yu-shin and Kim Chunchu (Queen Seondeok).

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Guest Sela_07

This would be the perfect sequel to Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC) and The Ballad of Seodong (2005, SBS).

The tale of Baekje kingdom that was conquered by Shilla in 660.

The son of Princess Seonhwa and King Mu (The ballad of Seodong) was dethroned by General Kim Yu-shin and Kim Chunchu (Queen Seondeok).

Aye :). King Uija did not deserve this great warrior. Cant wait to hate him in this series hahaha.

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Guest MisterBarca

Aye :). King Uija did not deserve this great warrior. Cant wait to hate him in this series hahaha.

Uija was apparently a great king in the first half of his reign and really pressed Shilla to the max.

I think once Tang decided to invade Baekchae, there was really not much that anyone could've done--even if Uija did not become the dissolute pleasure-seeker later in his reign.

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The Last Great Commander of Baekje Dynasty, Gyebaek.


Victory is not only for winners. The defeated can also be victorious, even after losing a battle. General Gyebaek of Baekje Dynasty courageously fought until his death with 5,000 men in the Battle of Hwangsanbeol, while knowing from the start that it would be impossible for him to win the battle. General Gyebaek’s last battle marked the tragic end of Baekje, and 1,300 years after his death, he still remains a symbol of Baekje Dynasty.

The Unknown Life of Gyebaek

Not much record remains on Gyebaek. Even in ‘Samguk Sagi: History of the Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Samguk Yusa: Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms,’ which records the history of the Three Kingdoms, Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, there is no record of Gyebaek’s year or place of birth nor any information on his lineage. In ‘Daedong Jiji’ written by Kim Jeong-ho in 1865, it is recorded that Gyebaek’s name is Seung and has the same last name as Baekje. This led to the inference that his last name is Buyeo, the last name of the Baekje royal family. In ‘Buyeoji,’ published in 1928, it is written that Palchoongmyeon is named after the 8 loyal subjects of Baekje, including Gyebaek. From this, historians inferred that Gyebaek was born in today’s Buyeo County.

Several stories that describe the extraordinary aspects of Gyebaek have also been passed down. One story tells that when Gyebaek’s mother fainted while giving birth to him, a tiger took the baby and suckled him. According to another story, every time Gyebaek climbed Cheondung mountain (천둥산) in Buyeo, pine trees fell like reeds, and when he stepped on rocks while training, marks were left on the rocks. Gyebaek, who was talented with martial arts since childhood later becomes an unforgettable name for his last battle in Hwangsanbeol.

The Battle of Hwangsanbeol

Baekje Dynasty was once the most prosperous and powerful out of the Three Kingdoms. However, in the 600s, Baekje battled vigorously against Goguryeo and Silla over territorial claims. After losing the area near Han River to Silla, Baekje formed an alliance with Goguryeo and Japan, and began to atack Silla. As a result, Silla allied with Tang Dynasty and sent an allied force of 50,000 men to attack Baekje. All of the loyal subjects of Baekje advised King Uija to prepare for the attacks, but the king ignored their counsel and continued to enjoy his parties. When enemies advanced towards Tanhyeon and Baekgang, strategic locations of Baekje, King Uija sent General Gyebaek to stop the enemy. Gyebaek leaves for Hwangsanbeol in July 660.

The Last Hero of Baekje in Hwangsanbeol

The allied forces of Silla and Tang Dynasty set July 10, 660 as the date to take Baekje’s capital, Sabi. The Tang troops, which came to about 130,000 men, landed on the river mouth of Geum River and headed towards the capital. The Silla army of 50,000 men led by Kim Yu-shin approached Hwangsanbeol, today’s Nonsan, South Chungcheong province, but were held back by Gyebaek’s army of 5,000 men who were determined to die on battlefield. On July 9, when the Silla troops arrived at Hwangsanbeol, the Baekje forces which were divided into 3 camps received them and won victory in 4 battles.

5,000 against 50,000, it was an impossible battle to win from the beginning. Gyebaek believed that it would be better for his family to die in his hands than to live in shame as slaves of the enemy, so he killed his family. He was determined to fight until his death and this encouraged the Baekje soldiers to fight desperately against the approaching enemy.

However, when two young Hwarang Bangul (반굴) and Gwanchang (관창) died in battle, the Silla forces were able to raise their morale and launched a full-scale attack against Baekje. The entire Baekje army died in battle in Hwangsanbeol, allowing the Silla troops to unite with the Tang army and capture Sabi. This leads to the collapse of Baekje Dynasty, which had lasted for 678 years.

The Long-lasting Bravery of Gyebaek

History is written by the victorious, thus records of the defeated tend to be lost and forgotten. Yet General Gyebaek’s bravery continues to live on in the hearts of Koreans today even after 1,300 years. Gyebaek’s loyalty to the country and courageous fight against the enemy makes us think about the meaning of nation to an individual and how a man should live his life.

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Guest leegirl

Apparently, the rumor that Miss Ripley will be extended for 4 episodes is not true

Gyebaek will start as schedules on July 25

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Guest laridum

I'm actually really excited for this one. I haven't watched a Baekje drama yet. I'm utterly fascinated by the Three Kingdoms period and the differences between the three kingdoms. I know dramas are hardly the best historical source but I still find them really interesting. Will be fun to watch this and maybe rewatch Legend and Queen Seondeok.

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Guest Dangermousie

Oh wow, this looks and sounds amazing and I love LSJ in period dramas the best. Cannot wait for this! Who is Oh yeon Soo playing, Gyebaek's wife?

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Guest Sela_07

Lee Hyun Woo playing the role of young Gyebaek also played young Kim Yushin in QSD. I like this kid and love seeing him in sageuk.

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