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  1. I am always checking for news everyday if other cast members have been announced.
  2. Song Hye Kyo effect According to the news trading on shares of stocks of Studio Dragon increased after drama news. Hyun Bin is among the actors who has done several works with KES so for others who do not like Kyo and laughed at KES drama news yesterday and said KES is a trash writer, surely they are new to Kdrama and they did not know that Secret Garden was written by her too.
  3. I always supported Hyun Bin and watched his projects thru all these years. Nothing will change. I also support Kyo nothing changes. I am grateful for online friendships formed. We may not be here in this thread anymore but we have a GC where we talked about KDrama stars. Thanks to this thread, I met people who want to talk about Korean dramas. As said by many of us a lot of times, we are just supporters and not shippers so we always have this Que Sera Sera attitude. Now, Hyun Bin’s lovelife is revealed. Waiting for that time Kyo will meet the one too.
  4. Happy New Year to all, despite everything that happened this year, Kyo is grateful for 2020
  5. Few hours left of 2020 by the way, out of all the colors, Chaumet's Christmas gift to Kyo was green colored pendant, must be her choice
  6. 10 years ago, they used to have same concept photoshoots
  7. In her new interview, Song Hye Kyo was asked if these past 2 years, she went back to her past self. She answered no, she is starting anew. This has parallelism to Hyun Bin's answer last year about not going back to the past. Past and all the heartaches should remain there. To be able to live happily, a person should make a fresh start and start anew learning lessons from the past.
  8. Quite huge cookie indeed and not just minor things like same poses, same color and a BGM which can be copied by others
  9. It is something that cannot be posted out here in public but, we have uncovered something today Christmas Day is not a holiday for being detectives and got a CHRISTMAS COOKIE
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