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[Drama 2011] Indomitable Daughters-in-Law 불굴의 며느리

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Episode 109

The doctor explained to Halmeoni the seriousness of her condition and Halmeoni asked how long she had.

President Moon said he will returned Manwoldang to Hye Ja in return for the crime Myeong Joo had rendered on her. Myeong Joo started to protest that it was to matched with an actual 100 packs of rice. Hye Ja thanked President Moon for the generosity of rendering Manwoldang back to them. With that, President Moon took his leave but he did not asked Myeong Joo to go with him hence Myeong Joo quickly gathered her luggage to follow.

Halmeoni went to see Suk Nam. Halmeoni asked whether he had the confident to take care of Hye Ja. Suk Nam was surprised. Suk Nam informed Hye Ja who was rather surprised. Halmeoni came home and asked for Yun Jung to see her. Halmeoni said she would take a rest now. Halmeoni spoke to her late husband that she would settled all the affairs in the house.

Young Shim found Myeong Joo sitting outside Manwoldang and Myeong Joo told Young Shim that President Moon had come by just now. Myeong Joo cried that President Moon just apologised to Hye Ja and did not even looked at her or bring her home. 

Shin Woo appealed to his father to allow Myeong Joo to come home as he was still a newly wed. President Moon said that was the only reason. Shin Woo maintained that he was a newlywed.

Jin Woo and Hye Won came to see Myeong Joo and persuade her to come home. However, Hye Won criticized Young Shim for allowing Myeong Joo's face to be capture by the reporter which cause President Moon to be even more furious. It was so embarrassing. Myeong Joo was furious that Hye Won thought she was embarrassing. Myeong Joo asked both of them to leave as she had deemed them supporters of President Moon.

Halmeoni admitted that it was her selfish desire to hold on to Hye Ja and hence consent to their relationship. Jang Di however objected to it. Halmeoni also admitted she sided with Yun Jung was to break Hye Ja and Suk Nam.

Myeong Joo who overheard the conversation wondered whether Halmeoni was making a last will and testimony.

Yun Jung tried to comfort Jang Di saying that with their parents being ahppy only they will be happy. Jang Di said he cannot accept the fact.

Halmeoni reflected that in all she had a good life.

On the breakfast table, Halmeoni asked Hye Ja to quickly settle her marriage with Suk Nam.

Geum Shil's husband tried to reconcile with her but got bash up by Geum Shil.

President Moon looked under the weather. Young Shim said that President Moon was under the weather because he missed Myeong Joo. Young Shim wandered how to solved her in law's dispute. Jin Woo and Hye Won left the house in pretense of an appointment while Young Shim and Shin Woo dragged Myeong Joo to see the sick President Moon.

Myeong Joo tend to the sick President Moon and President Moon finally asked her to return. However, Myeong Joo wanted President Moon to sign an agreement. President Moon agreed to all conditions.

Jang Di still refused to give in to the break up while Yun Jung maintained the elders' happiness was the utmost important. Hye Ja however was still uncomfortable about the sudden decision and was unsettled by it.

Jin Woo, Hye won, Shin Woo and Young Shim came home and greeted Myeong Joo. Myeing Joo was happy as she got what she wanted.

Young Shim was also happy to be back at the Moon household as well. Shin Woo was happy to finally have his wife in his bedroom.

Geum Shil's husband called out to Halmeoni. Geum Shil's husband begged Halmeoni for forgiveness. Halmeoni was agreeable to forgive him. Geum Shil objected bitterly.

The Moon household also settled to lunch as a family. Myeong Joo officially allowed Young Shim home much to the happiness of Shin Woo.

Hye Ja found Halmeoni unconscious

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Episode 110

Hye Ja found out the seriousness of Halmeoni's condition. Halmeoni regained consciousness and Hye Ja said she was really a bad daughter in law. Halmeoni said she need to be home to prepare her final journey. Halmeoni asked Hye Ja not to tell the younger family members. Hye Ja was so distorted from the fact and it was Halmeoni would had to console her.

Im Ji Eun said that Young Shim must be really happy that Myeong Joo had accepted her. Young Shim received a call from Myeong Joo to see her. Myeong Joo gave Young Shim a solid gold turtle. Myeong Joo said that it was her thanks for going through with her the difficult times. Hye Won noticed that the turtle was much bigger than her gold frog. Myeong Joo also official announced that Young Shim was once again the daughter in law of the house. Myeong Joo promised if she was to bear a son, she will received another such gold item. Hye Won was a little disappointed that Young Shim received such praises.

Halmeoni told Hye Ja to go with Suk Nam but Hye Ja refused in view of Halmeoni's condition.

Geum Shil's husband mistaken Suk Nam as Geum Shil's suitor. Geum Shil explained that Suk Nam was soon to be Hye Ja's husband.

Jang Di suggested that they should go to the States but Yun Jung declared that they are over.

Hye Ja told Yun Jung not to bother about her matter with Suk Nam as she had decided to protect Manwoldang. Yun Jung did not understand what was going on.

Hye Won wanted to eat some noodles but Young Shim offered to make the noodles for her. Shin Woo came along and asked whether Young Shim was ready but Young Shim said that she was cooking noodles and will take 10 minutes. Shin Woo then rebuke Hye Won that was it too much to ask Young Shim every time to cook for her when she had a craving. Young Shim told Shin Woo that she wanted to do it. 

Hye Won said that cooking scent make her nauseous and it was not too much to ask Young Shim to help her in this manner. Hye Won said she knew that Young Shim had difficulty begetting children and Hye Won said it looked like they cannot be happy in front of Shin Woo and Young Shim. Shin Woo was surprised at Hye Won's insinuation. Hye Won burst inot tears because no one acknowledge her position in the household. Jin Woo tried to console Hye Won.

Young Shim asked why Shin Woo had to rebuke Hye Won. Shin Woo said that he did not want his wife being bully as he would not stand for it. Young Shim told Shin Woo that he was to apologised to Hye Won. Shin Woo agreed. However, he then suggested they should work in getting the second golden item from his mother.

President Moon told Myeong Joo that he had heard about the golden items given to both daughters in law. He argued whether she was pushing the two daughters in law into war on who begets the first grandson. Myeong Joo said she meant no such thing as she was happy be it boy or girl.

Geum Shil and her husband drank themselves into a frenzy. However, both landed sleeping together. When geum Shil woke up, Geum Shil screaming bringing Halmeoni and the rest of the ladies to view the undressed state of their couple.

Ban Gun told Halmeoni that the book was going into printing and also informed that he will be moving out as well. Soon Jung became worried.

Shin Woo apologised to Hye Won and told her that he was happy at her pregnancy. But he appealed to her not to order Young Shim about. Hye Won said that Shin Woo was not happy being an uncle. Shin Woo said he was but he was first hand Young Shim's husband and would like to protect Young Shim's feelings

Jin Woo rebuked that Shin Woo was too much and was stressing the baby but Shin Woo said they were happy with the baby but they need to consider Young Shim's feelings. Young Shim ran over and pulled Shin Woo away asking him to leave for work.

Hye Ja told Suk Nam that Halmeoni was very ill and she had made a decision to remain at Manwoldang and accompany Halmeoni until her final journey. They broke the news to Jang Di and Yun Jung that they will just remained as friends from the same hometown and asked Jang Di and Yun Jung to resume their relationship back.

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Episode 111

Yun Jung and Jang Di were delighted. Yun Jung said that she was happy but she felt something was wrong. Jang Di said that they should not think about it as it was their decision.

Hye Ja said that Halmeoni was everything to her and she cannot leave her now at such a time. Hye Ja that she feared the day when Halmeoni would leave them.

Young Shim received good news that it was fine for her to have a baby and Myeong Joo shared her happiness and thanked the Professor profusely. However, when Hye Won wanted to stayed on and get something for her condition, Myeong joo told her it was expensive.

Hye Won told the ladies she was meeting with Jin Woo and will take a taxi. Myeong Joo and Young Shim in their delight just told Hye Won they would be back home.

Jin Woo came over to meet a very upset Hye Won who felt that Myeong Joo was biased towards Young Shim.

Geum Shil's husband was trying hard to win over Geum Shil without any luck.

Jin Woo showed the ultra sound pictures of the baby and told his mother that Hye Won should be careful against any stress. Myeong Joo asked what stress Hye Won would experience.

Geum Shil noticed that Halmeoni taking medication and asked why was her mother taking medication for so long. Halmeoni asked how things were with her husband and Geum Shil said she had no intention to reconcile with her husband. Halmeoni was sadden as she wanted to leave Geum Shil in good hands too.

Suk Nam gave Jang Di advised on how to be a good man and husband.

Halmeoni took a photo of herself

Halmeoni brought out her funeral clothes and checked all the preserved urns. Halmeoni in her thoughts also spoke to her late husband that she would be meeting him soon.

Geum Shil noticed that Halmeoni was getting weaker. Geum Shil suggested taking Halmeoni to the hospital. halmeoni said she was fine. Ban Gun brought the published book of Halmeoni's memoirs and Hye ja asked whether Halmeoni was satisfied and halmeoni said she was. Halmeoni asked Hye Ja to call everyone including Young Shim, Hye Won and Geum Shil's husband.

Shin Woo found Young Shim preparing breakfast and Young Shim said the housekeeper was off. Shin Woo said how can a person who need to work outside be also making the breakfast. Shin Woo asked where Hye Won was.

Hye Won came running and said she would take over but felt nausea after tasting the soup. Jin Woo came in and asked why Hye Won was at the kitchen when Young Shim could take care of it. Shin Woo was furious and said that Young Shim was someone who had to work outside and not the one to do the housework. Hye Won said that Shin Woo was mad at her again. Jin Woo asked why Shin Woo could be a little more understanding about Hye Won's condition. 

Shin Woo said that Young Shim worked outside and come home also need to do the housework was deemed unfair. Young Shim was also entitled to the same treatment. Myeong Joo and President Moon came in and asked were they arguing. All of them denied they were.

Young Shim asked Shin Woo not to be the way he was for the family peace. Hye Ja called Young Shim regarding having a party for Halmeoni.

Hye Ja revealed to the ladies on Halmeoni's condition. Halmeoni did not tell them as she did not want them to worry. Geum Shil said they should have know of it too.

Everyone settled down after dinner under a solemn mood to those who knew and Geum Shil's husband said that it was indeed a wonderful meal befitting Manwoldang's 300 years history.

Suk Nam thanked Halmeoni for the invitation and Halmeoni asked that he take great care of Yun Jung. Halmeoni also asked Suk Nam to look after Hye Ja like his younger sister. Suk Nam said that he would.

Both Jin Woo and Shin Woo said there would care for their spouses. Halmeoni said that they had been Manwoldang people and hope they keep up with Manwoldang's pride. Both Young Shim and Hye Won said they would remembered and keep it. Halmeoni told Yun Jung to be happily prepare for her wedding and Soon Jung to be as happy as she was now. Halmeoni left Geum Shil into her husband's care.

Halmeoni asked to hold Viviana and started to cried bitterly. The other men found it uncomfortable with the sober atmosphere. Geum Shil asked whether it was a congratulation party or is it someone who had died.

Geum Shil's husband started to sing a song and everyone clapped along. Halmeoni said that she was tired and would like to retire. Hye Ja and Young Shim accompanied Halmeoni. Halmeoni closed her eyes and left the world.

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Episode 112

Geum Shil was devastated at the death of Halmeoni. Hye Ja consoled that Halmeoni was together once again with her husband. All the Manwoldang ladies were coping with the grief.

A funny scene of Geum Shil's husband finding out where he could be of some used to the Queens' Group. Jin Woo and Shin Woo just looked at Geum Shil in awe.

The family reported all that was at Manwoldang to Myeong Joo and President Moon. However, Myeong Joo still noticed that Jin Woo and Shin Woo was still having a cold car. Hye Won asked Jin Woo to give in as the elder brother. Jin Woo said he would not give in.

Jang Di suggested that they would stayed in Manwoldang and accompanied Hye Ja. Suk Nam gave Hye ja a coat and a note that he was leaving. Geum Shil told Hye Ja said she was grateful that Hye Ja was still at Manwoldang and was still at her side.

Hye Won pricked her finger making a costume for Viviana as she had fallen asleep. However, she texted Young Shim to help. Shin Woo asked how Hye Ja was coping and Young Shim said although she seemed strong but her voice was still weak. Shin Woo said they would find the time and visit Hye Ja at Manwoldang. Young Shim thanked Shin Woo for his thoughtfulness. 

Young Shim received the message by Hye Won to meet. Young Shim looked at the costume and saw no problem in completing it. Shin Woo who overheard the conversation disagreed as Young Shim would not able to get any rest with the activities at Manwoldang. Hye Won aplogised but she told Shin Woo that she also worked as hard. Shin Woo said that it was nothing compared to Young Shim's effort.

Jin Woo who overheard this was furious that Viviana needed a dress. Shin Woo said he understood but why was Young Shim have to do it. At this moment, Hye won had stomach cramps.

The doctor informed that everything was fine. Hye Won apologised for scaring Jin Woo and jin Woo was just thankful everything was fine.

Hye Ja started her memoirs as the head of Manwoldang. Ban Gun left Manwoldang and wished Soon Jung would be able to meet a good man. Soon Jung burst into tears and said she would and told Ban Gun to watch for it.

Suk Nam and Hye Ja spent some time together before he left.

Young Shim brought Viviana home from her party and Hye Won thanked Young Shim for finishing the dress.

Jin Woo met Shin Woo at his office and asked him to moved out as it was obvious that Hye Won and Young Shim living together caused friction. Shin Woo disagreed as Young Shim just found some favour with Myeong Joo.

Viviana came with a English storybook for Myeong Joo to read. Myeong Joo faked a stomachache to avoid reading the book. President Moon told Viviana that Myeong Joo was not highly educated and to bring English storybook to him.

Jin Woo called on the family for a discussion. Myeong Joo was shocked to hear of the separate living arrangements. Myeong Joo told Hye Won and Young Shim to follow her. Myeong Joo took them to Manwoldang and asked Hye Ja to bear responsibility for the chaos in her household.

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Episode 113

Hye Ja brought out Halmeoni's memoirs for Young Shim and Hye Won to read as self reflection. Young Shim and Hye Won had fun over the small disputes they had before over their titles.

Yun Jung and Soon Jung were surprised to see Young Shim and Hye Won. Geum Shil said they were sent back by Myeong Joo for retraining.

President Moon asked Myeong Joo to bring home the daughters in law as it looked really ridiculous. Shin Woo said he would bring back Young Shim but Myeong Joo told the two brothers if there wanted that to happened, they need to make peace. The brothers were reluctant.

Jin Woo still did not want to give to make peace with Shin Woo.

Jan Di gave Yun Jung a proposal ring.

Shin Woo found Jin Woo drinking and asked why was he not sleeping. Jin Woo said he cannot sleep and Shin Woo said it was the same for him. Jin Woo asked Shin Woo whether he wanted to drink. The brothers were getting some where with their peace making.

Jin Woo and Shin Woo appeared in front of Hye Ja and promised not to make any chaos in the family. Hye Ja asked whether the two brothers were of the same consensus. Jin Woo and Shin Woo said Yes

Myeong Joo gave out an agreement to the two couples. The agreement was they were to leave if they caused anymore trouble and the women were to return the gold animals back to her.

President Moon then asked all of them to live harmoniously from now on. All of them voiced their agreement. Hye Won was happy to be home. Shin Woo was also happy to have his wife back and gave Young Shim a hug. Young Shim and Shin Woo agreed not to be separated. Shin Woo requested that Young Shim called him "Yeobo". Young Shim called him sweetly "Yeobo" and Shin Woo grabbed her and worked on making a baby.

Young Shim was now pregnant and still working on as a shopping hostess. Im Ji Eun asked whether was it not too difficult for her and Young Shim it was so far not.

President Moon rewarded Young Shim's team for a good job.

Halmeoni's book had placed Manwoldang in a visitor's list and guests come in to look at the house. Suk Nam still carry on sending letters of his travels

Myeong Joo was taking English lessons.

Geum Shil's husband finally came out with his album.

A student approached Soon Jung but Ban Gun called her out by her daughter's name and the student got a shocked in seeing ban Gun and was thinking that he was Soon Jung husband and had two kids.

Ban Gun asked why was Soon Jung wearing such a short dress in such cold weather and Soon Jung scolded Ban Gun for referring her as  her daughter's mother. Soon Jung said that the student was her type and asked Ban Gun to be responsible for her now. Ban Gun said that he would for both her daughter and her. Soon Jung was delighted.

Yun Jung quarreled with Jang Di over the wedding dress. Yun Jung liked a mini dress but Jang Di had an old fashioned taste.

Hye Won and Jin Woo had a baby daughter. Hye Won asked about the golden turtle but Myeong Joo said it was only for a boy.

They all gathered at Manwoldang for Halmeoni's memorial. In the end, they sent up lantern with their wishes for their future.

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@Jackie1048:  THANK YOU SO MUCH for finishing the recaps!   It was marvelous watching and discussing this drama with you and the other viewers at that time.  This is one of my favorite dramas.

I've always wondered what each daughter-in-law said in the final voice-overs.  Was it anything of significance?

Thank you, again and Happy New Year to you and your sister! <:-P

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Episode 113 - Wishes

Hye Ja : Mother, are you watching us now? The children are doing well and are all here together. Father, that person(her husband) and Hong Gu, please be at eased

Geum Shil : For the person who presence had been formidable, my mother, who are are you looking on now?

Yun Jung : I am getting married, Halmeoni. You will wished me well for the heavens

Soon Jung: I gave birth to Byul Ri and have a daughter now

Hye Won: Please asked Sam Si Halmeoni (deity responsible for births) to give me a son the next time. Do not know whether Hyung Nim (Young Shim) is pregnant with a son now and it has got me worried

Viviana: Halmeoni, this is Viviana. I missed you very much

Young Shim: Till your death, I had received much love from Halmeoni. Halmeoni will always be living in my heart. Even though, I seemed to have left Manwoldang but I will forever be one of Manwoldang's women and Manwoldang's Indomitable Daughter in law

This is to the best of my understanding of the Korean language. I hope it is of some help to enjoy the drama

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