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  1. Gu Ting Ye was confident that Ming Lan will take him back even after the separation. He said Qi Heng is already married. Ming Lan mentions several noble family with sons and Gu Ting Ye mention one of them is only a 12 year old boy. Then Ming Lan told him at Dr He is still single and Gu Ting Ye knew to shut up.
  2. Ming Lan scolded Gu Ting Ye for lying to her. She assumed that he was dead. She told him if he did it again she will give him the divorce papers. She said that Gu Ting Ye always called her a fox but she called Gu Ting Ye that he is the Ancestor of foxes. Gu Ting Ye saved Ming Lan with an arrow. The same style as when she was carrying the imperial edict after escaping from the palace
  3. At least Gu 3rd son has a backbone. His mother slapped him because he said he will put forward Gu Ting Ye's son as the next Marquis. Gu Ting Ye should never leave home. For the salt inspection hecreturn home, his house is on fire. This time he return his house is under seige. Both times there is a direct attack on his wife. I wondet whether Miniang will stab a wooden doll as well. Who is that lady who came with all her gold and jewelleries to buy back her "contract" papers?
  4. So lovely to watch Ming Lan's band of sisters attending Ming Lan's baby's full moon party. Loved how Miss Zhang (General Shen's wife) almost kicked Molan out of the house. Miss Zhang sat next to Molan like a threat to Molan to behave. Molan cannot say anything to Miss Zhang as she is a daughter of a duke and married to a royal. The last time someone attacked Ming Lan with a dagger ended up dead by Gu Ting Ye's sword. A soldier with a sword waving the weapon at Ming Lan would end up in a similar fate. So funny that the Emperor cannot even sleep because Ming Lan hitting the drum throughout the day and into the night. Another act for the Dowager spy.
  5. Molan got what she deserves. Her maid wanted to leave her service and marry but selfish Molan gave a flimsy excuse and delayed it so the maid took Molan's husband instead. In the end, she had no one at her side. Gu Ting Ye got his wish. His passionate wife will kiss him in public.
  6. My one word to describe Molan. She is a snob. She looks down at anyone and everything. I loved it when Sheng Hong reminded her of her failure as a wife. She is not producing a child while all her sisters already have one or two. I think she is more a direct kin to Auntie Kang as they operate the same way. Their home is a mess but they want to interfere in another family's affairs.
  7. So funny when Gu 3rd son's wife told her mother in law that the flicker of fire that burned their courtyard was in the form of a tall man named Sitou. I think the Emperor and Empress is staging an act for the Empress Dowager benefit. Gu Ting Ye, Ming Lan and baby family moments is so lovely to watch. Gu Ting Ye got the reaction he wanted from Ming Lan when she questioned him on Mistress Wei.
  8. I watched one preview that Molan was shocked that Ming Lan was able to give birth in a midst of a fire surrounding her. That is resilience, Miss Molan. Auntie Kang's mother appealed to the Empress Dowager but I think it is for the second crime ... setting the Gu House on fire. Empress Dowager I doubt can help her.
  9. Auntie Kang's husband was not involved in the negotiation of the poison incident because if he knew he will divorce Auntie Kang for sure.
  10. Gu Ting Ye and Chang Bai went AWOL because of Grandmother's incident. Chang Bai's wife is the one who sent the letter regarding what happening at home. So cute Gu Ting Ye said his wife is so meek and docile like a lamb that she faint at the slightest provocation and blamed the Wang family for causing his wife such anguish that her mannerism had changed.
  11. I believe Gu Ting Ye went to thank Qi Heng for saving Ming Lan but where did Qi Heng's wife got the idea that Gu Ting Ye would harm Qi Heng is beyond me. That woman has very poor deduction skills.
  12. Wow! I thought it was a little amazing that it was Chang Bai who handed out the "sentence" on his mother for what she did to Grandmother. I am interested in how the Ming Lan's child will turn out to be as his mother was so "active" while he was still in her womb.
  13. I must say that the older Sheng men are not good husband material. Grandmother went through the pain of her husband concubine causing her own son's death, her older sister in law dying breath was scolding her late husband and Sheng Hong poor management of his own inner court. Watch how Gu Ting Ye glared at Master Kang when he insulted Ming Lan and his arm was always around her during that confrontation. Even the Emperor is a good example of a husband that he was willing to go with his Empress to beg forgiveness. I think it was a shock to the Empress Dowager to see such a sight. I believe they are so used to scheming that they do not see the support between husband and wife.
  14. I believe the punishment is 50 slaps. I worried more for the Eunuch's hand. He is not doing a good job as the Concubine can still protest at every slap. I believe the evil in women here is the result of the position they are in. Stepmother was married literally to look after the old Marquis children and his love went away together with her dead sister. I think her change over was when she heard the old Marquis praying to meet his first wife in the next life. She had no standing in that family so her life will be seen in vain if she did not scheme for power.
  15. Based on the many hints of the drama given online, the ending for Auntie Kang will be that she is sent to a penal workforce, Big Madam Wang will be sent to a temple to repent never to return unless permitted and Stepmother goes mad.
  16. I believe Gu Ting Ye wants Ming Lan to blossom to her full potential without restrictions under his roof but Ming Lan had a cultivate a full wall of defense living in the Sheng household. So I can understand his frustration but he is so cute with all the cheesy stuff. So funny when Sitou told him that Xiaotou is not talking to him due to the cold war between Gu Ting Ye and Ming Lan, Gu Ying Ye asked whether Sitou blamed him too. Can't wait for Ming Lan to be on warrior mode again when she help General Shen's principal wife.
  17. It is indeed sad that General Shen lost his first wife because the assasins stormed into their home and mistaken thought that lady was the current Empress and beheaded her. So they wanted to repay that "debt" by having General Shen marry the younger sister so that the Zhou family can enjoy the privileges. Understand the reign of thoughts but they had conferred the Duke of Ying's daughter to marry General Shen for political alliances. That is why Ming Lan had commented that General Shen household is in discord because of taking a concubine by royal decree when Empress Dowager tried to push out her maids to Ming Lan. I just loved Nanny Zhang "cursing" at Auntie Kang and she felt flat on her face exactly like Big Madam Wang.
  18. So lovely that in the absence Gu Ting Ye, it is Grandmother to the rescue. It is interesting to watch the Stepmother and Auntie Kang project their villianess. Stepmother's way is always through emothions while Auntie Kang is pure violence. If I not mistaken, grandmother berated Auntie Kang's character in front of Big Mother Wang that she should be meddling in her own household such as controling her own husband who I believe has up to 9 concubines instead meddling in other household where she is not related at all by bloodline.
  19. I did a marathon watching both season 1 & 2 in a long stetch. I must say I enjoy both because despite what realm they both are in their love is the same. It was so cute to be jealous of their own self. Season 3 the actor who played Liu Shang will be the adult Mo You Yue. Xiao Tan will just love looking at her son as she fancied Liu Shang's looks.
  20. Wow! I loved the throwing away the chopsticks. Everyone in that table is shocked at the show of temper. Gu Ting Ye came and scolded them all that they dared abused his wife's good will of protecting the Sheng family reputation. Ming Lan's father can just gasped out short "coughs". Molan had just open up a whole can of worms when she syeppwd on the tiger's tail.as Ming Lan outright said that Molan and her mother planned out the whole "seduction" and it was seconded by Ruolan. Ming Lan had build this whole "fortress" of defense against public opinion that it so much a part of her, she cannot let go. Gu Ting Ye offered her a whole freedom to be her own woman is really new to her.
  21. It is because they are such a team that compliment each other ... playing the good cop, bad cop that the Stepmother said that she need to break them as they are a formidable foe as a pair.
  22. Once again Sheng Hong proved that he is a disappointment as Ming Lan's father. Despite what he learned of Concubine Lin's deceit, he still favoured his two children from Concubine Lin. He argued with his main wife over the choice of bride for Chang Feng and fall for Molan's act over her request for her mother to be place in the ancestry hall. I dared Sheng Hong to slap Ming Lan is Gu Ting Ye's presence as Gu Ting Ye outrank everyone in that room. Sheng Hong will not be able to physically fight a "General"
  23. Loved it when Gu Ting Ye plainly told Qi Heng that the lovely Miss Sheng is married to him now and when she dies she will be buried in the Gu family tombs. He once again reminded Qi Heng no one wait forever. People just moved on.
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