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  1. This is only in response to the word "escape" : He was actually already in the US for the filming of TVN's show 4 Wheeled Restaurant.
  2. Logging in in nearly a year ( I'm so lazy!) Anyway,so,so,so glaaad to see Dongwan in more activities. Haven't watched his new KBS show yet. Hopefully it will be subbed and that it will reach viewers well.
  3. Yep just 24days to go. A little more patience we can do it! I also don't mind if we have a 2018 version of od songs coz I don't have their albums that are pre-The Return aside from Brand New lol I'm just waiting for the album so I can get Move finally (and save on shipping have to be financially realistic ) Except my dilemma now is it seems it's not the only album waiting for release!!! I was never gone, btw, just too lazy to log on to Soompi! I read your updates on my email since loading time on mobile takes forever
  4. Maybe compilation of older songs of their choice for the special album? I'm guessing this is not the 14th album
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