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Basic Info
Name: A Pink | 에이핑크
Nickname: Fairy Idols
Label: A Cube Entertainment
Official Debut: April 19, 2011
Debut Stage: April 21, 2011 (M! Countdown)
Official Fanclub Name: Pink Panda
Official Color: Pastel Pink
Official Sites: A Pink Site | A Cube Ent. Site | A Pink Fancafe | YouTube Channel | A Cube Twitter | A Pink International Forums | A Pink Me2day | Facebook
A Pink is a South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011. The group consists of Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo & Oh Hayoung. Hong Yookyung left the group in April 2013. They debuted on April 21, 2011, on M! Countdown with the EP 'Seven Springs of A Pink' . A Pink was awarded the Best New Female Artist award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their first win on music programs was Mnet M! Countdown on January 5 2012 with 'MY MY' that came from their second mini-album 'Snow Pink'.

Chorong | 초롱
Full Name: Park Chorong | 박초롱
Nickname(s): Rongrongie, Mama rong, Rong leadah, Rongcho
Date of Birth: 3rd of March, 1991
Height: 162cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood Type: O
Position: Leader, Sub-Vocalist, Main Rapper
Specialty: Dancing, Japanese, Hapkido, Cooking, Writing lyrics, Organising what is in front of her eyes
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. Hobbies: Watching movies, Washing dishes, Hapkido
. Habbit: To bow, Suddenly saying something..?
. Sibling(s): 1 younger sister (Park Seunghee); 1 older sister
. Role Model(s): S.E.S, BoA
. Bad Habit(s): Picking hands, Answering late
. Favourite Meal(s): Chicken feets, Americano, Cherry, ice cream
. Least favorite meals: Popcorn, Chocolate that is on top of the ice cream cone
. Favourite Colour(s): Pink, red, white | Favourite number(s): 3, 7
. Ideal Type: Someone skinny with a manly personality who has no double eyelids
. Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: Teen Top’s Niel, F.cuz’s Jinon, FT Island’s Jaejin
. Education: Byungsul Kindergarten - Bukang Elementary School - Bukang Middle School - Choongbook High School
. She lived in G.Na’s dorm with Bomi for 8 months before debut
. She was revealed through Beast’s Shock (Japanese Version) PV teaser
. Leader of the Group & Oldest
. She gets mistaken as the maknae occasionally
. Born in Buhwangri, Cheongwon
. Described herself as warm, country girl
. Whilst others described her as a prickly girl and cold (instead of warm)
. Special skill is Hapkido, learnt since childhood : 3rd grade black belt
. She didn't think she is photogenic
. She calls herself adult actress (& Bomi] a child actress) cause she doesn’t have a fresh image
. She does a 5 sets of 20 sits up
. Chorong stated she felt weird after debuting.
. Chorong thinks she looks the youngest out of all the other members.
. Chorong would like to meet Rain if she has the chance.
. Chorong was picked by Beast’s Gikwang as the A Pink member that he’s closest to. Since they only have 1-year-age-difference whilst Chorong happens to be the leader, Gikwang said he was able to talk comfortably and give advices to her regarding leadership skills.
. Chorong’s father is a Hapkido class director.
. Chorong has been learning Hapkido for 8 years.
. Chorong auditioned for JYP in 2009 together with Sistar’s Dasom.
. Chorong prefers wearing running shoes (sneakers) rather than heels



Bomi | 보미
Full Name: Yoon Bomi | 윤보미
Nickname(s): Bbomi, Bbom, Rillayoon, Angry bird bbom, Sparkling bomi, Banggu-dol (Fart idol; given by Infinite’s Sungyeol)
Date of Birth: 13th of August, 1993
Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: O
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Specialty: Cheerleading, Taekwondo, Dancing, Singing, Gorilla Imitation, Exercise
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. Hobbies: Listening to music, Eating, Taekwondo, Cheerleading
. Habbit: Picking fingers
. Sibling(s): 1 older sister (Yoon Sunmi); 1 younger brother (Yoon Jongjin)
. Role Model(s): Lee Hyorri
. Bad Habit(s): Picking her hands
. Favourite Meal(s): Budae stew, Seafood
 . Least favorite meals: Raw food
. Favourite Colour(s): Red, Black, White | Favourite Number(s): 3
.  Ideal Type: A man with no double eyelids
 . Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: FT Island’s Minhwan, F.cuz’s Daegun
. She’s the dancer of the group
.  She’s the atmosphere maker
. She learnt Taekwondo since childhood : 3rd degree black belt
. Chorong mentions that Bomi has something that pops and she is cute (a.k.a child actress)
. Bomi is very bad at preparing & packing up her things for a trip/vacation; she puts her toothbrush in her pocket
. Gayoon described Bomi as a person with a quite laid back character; and this explains why Bomi is Jiyoon’s favourite member.
. There was one time Bomi said she looked like an alien while performing on their first debut stage
. Bomi once quoted saying she really enjoys horror films which involve violence like “characters ate eyeballs” or “people were de-skinned” etc...
 . Ever since little, Bomi’s mom would call her with boyish names. She had also never done knitting and loves playing soccer with guys in her school, which is why she described herself as very boyish.



❥ Eunji | 은지
Full Name: Jung Eunji | 정은지 ; Born Jung Hyerim | 정혜림
Nickname(s): Happy virus, Hyerim, Busan ajhumma, Satoori idol, Mother-in-law
Date of Birth: 18th of August, 1993
Height: 163cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Main Vocalist, Face of the group
Specialty: Piano, Guitar, Spokeperson, Singing, Acting, Caricature art, Cooking, Knitting; Taekwondo, Eyesmile, Trot music, Boxing, Composing songs, Writing lyrics
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·         Hobbies: Imagining music videos, Playing the piano
·         Habbit: None
·         Sibling(s): 1 younger brother (Jung Minki)
·         Role Model(s): Gummy & Lee Younghyun
·         Bad Habit(s): Sings habitually
·         Favourite Meal(s): Meat, & basically anything that her mother makes, Milk Bingsu
·         Least favorite meals: Sundaebokkeum
·         Favourite Colour(s): Blue, green, red, black | Favourite Number(s): 25
·         Ideal Type: A man with no double eyelids, has a straight nose as well as a nice face exp<b></b>ression when he smiles
·         Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: MBLAQ’s Joon & Mir, F.cuz’s Yejun
·         She’s from Busan
·         She wants Hayoung‘s height
·         She says she is the strongest of the group
·         She’s the only one in the group that didn’t appear in B2ST‘s Beautiful MV
·         She calls herself ‘Happy Virus’
·         Eunji is close with Rainbow’s Woori.
·         Bomi used to think that Eunji was very boyish during her trainee days.
·         Various idols such as Brave Girls, SJ’s Heechul, Block B’s Taeil & 2AM’s Jinwoon had complimented Eunji for her amazing vocals.
·         Apparently Eunji is nicknamed “the 2nd Lizzy” by some fans due to both of them coming from the same hometown and having the same personality.
·         Eunji was slotted as A Pink’s main vocalist as soon as she auditioned and only had to train for 6 months.
·         Eunji didn’t transfer to a different school after debut and currently attends a high school in Busan. She has to go back and forth from Seoul to Busan almost daily in order to catch up with her studies.
·         Eunji switched her dreams of becoming a vocal trainer to a singer after successfully made it through an audition.
·         Eunji has an 8 years old brother named Jung Minki.
·         “Bruce Almighty]” is Eunji’s favourite movie.



❥ Naeun | 나은
Full Name: Son Naeun | 손나은
Nickname(s): Manyeo (witch), Gotonyeo (potato girl), Son Yeoshin, Heodang
Date of Birth: 10th of February, 1994
Height: 167cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
Specialty: Dancing, Acting, Fine Arts, Chinese, English
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  Hobbies: Drawing, thinking/drawing while listening to music
·         Habbit: touching her hair
·         Sibling(s): 1 younger sister (Son Saeeun)
·         Role Model(s): BoA, S.E.S, Fin.K.L
·         Bad Habit(s): Touching her hair frequently
·         Favourite Meal(s): Any food in general
·         Least favorite meals: Cooked pineapple
·         Favourite Colour(s): Black, burgandy | Favourite Number(s): 1
·         Ideal Type: Someone who is honest and has a manly personality
·         Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: Block B’s Jaehyo, MIB’s Sims
·         1st Member of A Pink to be revealed.
·         She is the girl in both Soom, Beautiful & I Like You The Best MVs of Beast.
·         Friend of After School’s Lizzy.
·         A Pink’s center because she is the median age of group (her reason)
·         She knows Chinese
·         YooKyung gave her a nickname of “GoToNyu” cause she carries sweet potato and tomatoes in her bag
·         She wants to go on programs that give delicious food, so she can eat
·         She thinks her hair texture makes her better than others
·         Naeun sang Wonder Girls’ “Sorry Heart” during her audition.
·         Namjoo said Naeun seems scary the first time she sees her.
·         Naeun said there is a need for the girls to love and thank anti fans as anti fans help the girls grow stronger.
·         The 94-line; Naeun & Yookyung both share the same birthday with two SNSD members respectively (Sooyoung and Hyoyeon).
·         The most popular A Pink/Beast pairing is Naeun/Junhyung.
·         Naeun would like to improve her badminton-playing skills in order to be very good in it
·         She’s included in the “top 3 artistic idols” alongside Rainbow’s Jaekyung & Girl’s Day’s Yura.



❥ Namjoo | 남주
Full Name: Kim Namjoo | 김남주
Nickname(s): Shikshin
Date of Birth: 15th of April, 1995
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Lead Vocalist ,Lead Rapper
Specialty: Singing, Voice Imitation, Narrating, English, Dancing
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Hobbies: Copying other people, co-ordinating study/dancing, singing, eating well
·         Habbit: to bow
·         Sibling(s): None (she’s an only child)
·         Role Model(s): S.E.S, Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori
·         Bad Habit(s): Copies / imitates other people and says “ah, eh, ee, oh, ooo” habitually.
·         Favourite Meal(s): Spicy chicken, pork and kimchi stew made by her mother
·         Least favorite meals: disgusting food
·         Favourite Colour(s): Purple, pink | Favourite Number(s): 3
·         Ideal Type: A man with no double eyelids and has a good facial exp<b></b>ression ; SHINee’s Onew
·         Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: Super Junior’s Ryeowook, F.cuz’s Raehyun
·         She calls herself tireless energizer
·         According to her, she’s the strongest among them but according to Hayoung and Eunji they are.
·         She’s good in impersonations
·         She calls herself "Beyonce"
·         Most of the time, Namjoo may refer herself as “The Queen of Housewives” but in reality, she is actually “The Queen of Midnight Snacks”.
·         Namjoo actually has all it takes to be considered as A Pink’s 2nd main vocalist.
·         In “I Don’t Know”, Yookyung and Namjoo can only be seen singing their original lines, in the MV. Their respective lines has been officially swapped ever since their debut stage.
·         Namjoo‘s mother and cousin sister are fluent in English.
·         Namjoo can speak better Chinese than Naeun although Naeun’s the one who’s actually learning the language.
·         Namjoo can speak English and Chinese well.
·         Her 95line idol friends include 5doll’s/Co-ed’s Eunkyo, Myname’s Chaejin, Boyfriend’s Jo twins, Minwoo and Btob’s Sungjae.



❥ Hayoung | 하영
Full Name: Oh Hayoung | 오하영
Nickname(s): Indian princess, phychic
Date of Birth: 19th of July, 1996
Height: 169cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Maknae, Vocalist
Specialty: Dancing, Psychic Power, Writing lyrics
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 Hobbies: Ribbon craft, cross-stitching, skill stitching, sports, giving nicknames to others
·         Habbit: Licking lips
·         Sibling(s): None. she’s an only child
·         Role Model(s): Lee Hyori
·         Bad Habit(s): Licking her lips
·         Favourite Meal(s): Spicy rice cakes, Ddeokbokki, pudding
·         Least favorite meals: Wasabi
·         Favourite Colour(s): Yellow, black | Favourite Numbers(s): 5,7
·         Ideal Type: Manner man with a pretty smile
·         Idol(s) who is/are a fan of her: Mone
·         Hayoung has the ability to split an apple into half by only using her bare hands.
·         Due to Hayoung’s mature physical appearance, many people are suspicious of her age.
·         When Hayoung was little, she used to have a very close male friend. One day he suddenly confessed his feelings for her which results in Hayoung feeling really upset and cried really hard because she felt like their friendship was over.
·         Hayoung likes interviewing inanimate objects; which is the reason why Eunji calls her “4D”.
·         Hayoung is a fan of Super Junior and her favourite member is Yesung.
·         According to Namjoo, Hayoung likes copying Block B’s P.O’s rap part in “Freeze”.
·         Hayoung is very good at guessing. She was even given the nickname “The Indian Psychic”.
·         She learnt wakeboard, snowboarding, track and field, ballet, swimming and boxing when she was younger but admitted to not being good at any of them.


Former member

 Yookyung | 유경
Full name: Hong Yoo Kyung|홍유경
Nickname(s): Francheska, Wooyu (Milk), Tofu
Date of birth: 22nd of September, 1994
Height: 167cm
Weight: 51kg
Blood type: AB
Position: Former vocalist, rapper and english speaker
Specialty: Piano, Viola, English


❉ Mini Albums


Seven Springs Of A Pink
Release date: April 19, 2011

. Seven Springs of APink
. 몰라요 (I Don't Know)
. It Girl
. Wishlist
. Boo

Snow Pink
Release date: November 22, 2011

. He's My Baby
. My MY
. Yeah
. 꿈결처럼 (Like a Dream)

Secret Garden
Release date: July 5, 2013

. U You
. NoNoNo (타이틀곡)
. Lovely Day
. 난 니가 필요해
. Secret Garden
. NoNoNo (Inst.)

Pink Blossom
Release date: March 31, 2014

. Sunday Monday
. Mr Chu (on stage)
. Crystal
. Fairytale of love
. So long
. Mr Chu (orignal)
. Mr Chu (inst.)


Pink Luv
Release date: Noveber 24, 2014
.Not an angel
.Love like a fairytale
.LUV (inst.)
.Good morning baby
.My darling (BnN)


❉ Albums


Une Année
Release date: May 9, 2012

. Une Année
. Hush
. Cat
. 4월 19일
. Bubibu
. Step
. Boy
. I Got You
. Up To The Sky (Feat. Joker)
Pink memory
Release date: July 16, 2015
.Flower petal
.What a boy wants
.I do
.It's amazing right
.Promise U / Pinky promise
.Remember (inst.)
Pink season (first japanese album)
Release date: August 26, 2015
.Pink season
.Nonono (japanese version)
.Bubibu (japanese version)
.U you (japanese version)
.I don't know (japanese version)
.Remember (japanese version)
.Mr chu (japanese version)
.My my (japanese version)
.Hush (japanese version)
.Not an angel (japanese version)
.Good morning baby (japanese version)
.LUV (japanese version)
.April 19th (japanese version)

❉ Digital Singles


It Girl
Release date: June 22, 2011

. It Girl (Remix ver.)
. It Girl (Original ver.)
. It Girl (Remix ver.) (inst.)

April 19th
Release date: April 19, 2012

. 4월 19일 (April 19th)

Release date: July 6, 2012

. BUBIBU (Remix Ver.)
. BUBIBU (Original Ver.)
. BUBIBU (Remix Ver.) (Inst.)

Good morning baby
Release date: January 13, 2014

. Good morning baby

Apink BnN
Release date: June 27, 2014

. My darling
Promise U
Release date: April 19, 2015
First japanese single- NoNoNo
Release date:October 21, 2014
.NoNoNo (japanese version)
.MyMy (japanese version)
Second japanese single- Mr Chu
Release date: February 18, 2015
.Mr Chu (japanese version)
.Hush (japanese version)
Third japanese single- LUV
Release date: May 20, 2015
.LUV (japanese version)
.Good morning baby (japanese version)
Fourth japanese single- Sunday Monday
Release date: December 09, 2015
.Sunday monday (japanese version)
.Petal (japanese version)






. 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards — Best New Female Artist
. 19th Republic of Korea Entertainment News Awards — Idol Music Rookie Award


. M! Countdown 1st Place — My My (January 5)
. Music triangle 1st place- All for you (September 19)
. 26th Golden Disk Awards — Best Newcomer Artist
. 7th Asia Model Festival Awards — New Star Award
. 21th Seoul Music Awards — Newcomer Award
. 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards — New Artist of The Year
. 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards - Outstanding Female Singer
. MTV Best of the Best - Best Video Female
. 5th Korea Drama Awards Reply 1997 Best Couple (Eunji and Seo In-guk)
. 5th Style Icon Awards Reply 1997 Top 10 Style Icons (Eunji and Seo In-guk)
. 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards"All For You"Reply 1997 Best OST (Eunji and Seo In-guk)
. 1st K-Drama Star Awards "All For You" Reply 1997 Best OST (Eunji and Seo In-guk) , Reply 1997Best Couple (Eunji and Seo In-guk), Reply 1997 Rising Star Award(Eunji)
. 4th MelOn Music Awards"All For You"Reply 1997 Best OST (Eunji and Seo In-guk)
Soompi Gayo awards "All for you" Reply 1997 To Drama/Movie OST song (Eunji and Seo in-Guk)

. 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards - Hot Trend Awards
. Show Champion 1st Place — NoNoNo (July 17)
. Music Bank 1st Place - NoNoNo (July 19)
. Next generation global star
. Kpop 10singer award
 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards"All For You"Reply 1997 Songs of the Year(Digital Awards [September])
(Eunji and Seo In-guk)
49th Baeksang Arts Awards Reply 1997 Best New TV Actress(Eunji)
. 2nd APAN Star AwardsThat Winter, The Wind Blows Best Performance (Eunji)
SBS Drama AwardsThat Winter, The Wind Blows Best New Actress (Eunji)

. Digital Bonsang award
. Bonsang award
. Hot performance of the year
. First militar chart award
. 20th Korea Entertainment arts awards
. Show champion 1st place- Mr Chu (April 9)
. M Countdown 1st place- Mr Chu (April 10)
. Music bank 1st place - Mr Chu (April 11)
. Music core 1st place- Mr Chu (April 12)
. Inkigayo 1st place- Mr Chu (April 13)
. M Countdown 1st place - Mr Chu (May 8)
. Best female dance
. MTV the show 1st place- LUV (December 2)
. Music bank 1st place- LUV (December 5)
. Music core 1st place- LUV (December  6)
. Inkigayo 1st place-LUV (December 7)
. MTV the show 1st place-LUV (December 9)
. Music bank 1st place-LUV (Dcember 12)
. Music core 1st place- LUV (December 13)
. Inkigayo 1st place-LUV (December 14)
. MTV the show 1st place- LUV (December 16)
. M countdown 1st place-LUV (December 18)
. Music bank 1st place-LUV (December 19)
. Music core 1st place-LUV (December 20)
. MTV best of the best- Best female gorup
. MTV best of the best- Best collab (Eunji and Huh Gak)
. M countdown 1st place-LUV (December 25)
. Music bank 1st place-LUV (December 26)
. Inkigayo 1st place-LUV (December 28)
. Best female idol group- Bugs awards
. 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival Trot Lovers Best Young Actress(Eunji) 
. Start of the year- MBC entertainment awards (Naeun-WGM)
.KBS Drama awards "Trot lovers" Popularity award actress (Eunji)
.Music core 1st place-LUV (January 03)
.GDA- album bonsang
.GDA- best performance
.Music core 1st place-LUV (January 10)
.Korean entertainments arts award-group award
.Seoul music awards- bonsang award
.Gaon chart kpop awards-chart December
.Best new artist (Japan)
.Gold disk award (Japan)
 .The show 1st place- Remember (July 29)
.Mnet 1st place- Remember (July 30)
.Music Bank 1st place- Remember (July 31)
.Melon music awards- top 10 
.Star awards- Daum 2015 fancafe awards
.Seoul music awards- Bonsang award

. [MV] BEAST: “Beautiful” (all members except Eunji)
. [MV] BEAST: “Soom” (Naeun)
. [MV] BEAST: “Shock” Jap Ver (Chorong)
. [MV] BEAST: “I Like You The Best” (Naeun)
. [CF] Celyon Tea (ft. Kim YunAh)
. [CF/collab] Skoolooks - “Skinny Baby” (with Beast)
. [MV/collab] ACube for seasons Green- "Love day" (Eunji and Yoseob)
. [MV/collab] ACube for seasons White- "An year ago" (Eunji, Namjoo and Hyunseung)
. [MV] BtoB: "Insane" (Chorong)
. [MV] Huh Gak: “The One Who Used to Love Me” (Naeun)
. [MV] Mario: "MAYDAY" (all members except Eunji)
. [MV] Huh Gak: "It Hurts" (Naeun)
. [MV] SPEED: "Sad Promise" (Naeun)
. [MV/collab] All for you ( Eunji and Seo in guk)
. [MV/collab] Just the way we love ( Eunji and Seo in guk)
. [CF/collab] Skoolooks - "5(Oh)! My Baby" (with Beast)
. [CF/collab] Fanta - "Fanta time" (Eunji with Niel and Lee Kwangsoo)
. [MV/collab] ACube for seasons Blue- "short hair" (Eunji and Huh Gak)
. [MV]SPEED: it's over (Naeun)
. [MV] Huh gak: 1440 (Hayoung)
. [MV] Huh gak: Frozen (Hayoung)
. [MV]K-hunter: marry me (Bomi)
. [collab] Huh Gak "Know we're going to break up" (with Eunji)
. [collab] M.I.B "let's talk about you" (with Bomi)
. [CF/collab] Skoolooks- Mini (with B.A.P)
. [MV/collab] ACube entertainment artists "Christmas song"
. [collab] Phantom- seoul lonely ( with Namjoo)
. [MV/collab] Acube for seasons Sky-blue- "Break Up To Make Up" (Eunji and Huh Gak)
[MV/collab] Jiggy Dogg- The best thing i did (with Hayoung)
. [MV/collab] David OH- I know i know (with Bomi)
. [MV/collab] MBC 100 commemoration song (Eunji with other artists)
. [collab] Lee Seungchul 70 anniversary commemoration song- The day we meet (Eunji with other artists)
. [MV/collab] Acube for seasons blue season 2- Photograph (Namjoo with Youngjae)
. [collab] Lovely (Bomi with Seulong)
. [collab] Don't wait for tomorrow, start now (Eunji, Namjoo, Myungsoo and Hoya)
. [MV/collab] Yoon Hyun Sang- Let's eat together (with Bomi)
. [collab] Damian- Sweet now (with Namjoo)
. [collab] Did you forget (Namjoo and Bomi)
. [collab] I'm fine ( Eunji, Solar, Luna and Ailee)

. Cottiny (all)
. LG U+ Zone Telecom (all)
. Ceylon tea (all)
. Converse (all)
. Skoolooks with BEAST/B2ST and B.A.P and Siwan (all)
. El Sword (all)
. Sudden attack (all)
. Hazzys (Naeun, Eunji and Chorong)
. Peripera (Naeun)
. Touch in sol (all except Naeun)
. Fanta (Eunji)
. M-limited sports (Eunji)
G9 Mobile shopping (all)
. Legion of heroes (all)
. Pancoat (all)
. Diamant (all)
. Duoback (Naeun and Chorong)
Variety appearances

TrenD Apink news season 1
. KBS Oh my school (Chorong, Eunji, Naeun)- episode 25
.SBS 1000 song challenge (All except Chorong)
. KBS Oh my school (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji)- episodes 26 and 27
. MBC Quiz to change the world (Eunji)- episode 105
. KBS Oh my school (Chorong, Bomi, Yookyung, Hayoung)- episode 28
. Y-star God of cookery road (Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo)- episode 29
.SBS 1000 song challenge (Bomi, Eunji, Hayoung)
.Y-star God of cookery road (Eunji)- episode 30, as the MC
. SBS Strong heart (Bomi)- episodes 117 and 118

. MBC 2011 Idol star athletics championships
. MBC Every 1 Weekly idol
TrenD Apink news season 2
. KBS Birth of a family season 1

. MBC Exploration of genders (Eunji)
. KBS The ressurection of royal family (Eunji)
.KBS 1 vs 100
.SBS 100 million quiz show (Eunji)
.JTCB Idol premiere quiz show (Bomi, Eunji)
. KBS 1 vs 100 (Chorong, Bomi)
. SBS Star king (Bomi, Namjoo)
. KBS2 Sponge zero (Bomi, Naeun, Namjoo)- episode 432

. MBC Weekly idol (all except Eunji)
KBS Escape crisis number 1 (Bomi, Namjoo)- episode 336
. KBS2 Sponge zero (all except Eunji)
 tvN Taxi (Eunji)- participated remotely on phone
.MBC 2012 Idol start athletics swimming champiosnhips.

. KBS2 athletic competitions (Bomi)
. SBS 1000 song challenge (Eunji, Namjoo, Yookyung)
.MBC Idol crown prince special (Eunji)
.KBS Love request (Yookyung)
. SBS Go show (Eunji)- episode 21
. SBS Strong heart (Eunji)
. Y-star YTN News: Issue & People (Eunji)
.QTV 4minute travel maker (all except Eunji)- episodes 7 and 8

.TrenD Apink news season 3
.MBC  2013 Idol star olympics championships
.tvN Taxi (Eunji)- episode 271
. MBC Every 1 Koica dream (Chorong)
.SBS 1000 song challenge (Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo)
. KBS Hello counselor (Chorong, Eunji)
. MBC Quiz to change the world (Bomi, Eunji, Naeun)- epiode 221 with Eunji as MC
.SBS Night of tv entertainment (Eunji)
Hwasin – Controller of the Heart(Eunji)- episode 8
SBS Strong heart (Bomi, Eunji, Hayoung)- episode 327

.MBC Every 1 weekly idol
. KBS escape crisis number 1 (Bomi, Naeun)
Y-star God of cookery road (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji)
.KBS 1 vs 100 (Eunji)
.KBS Mama mia (Bomi)
.JTCB Hidden singer (Bomi, Eunji, Hayoung)
. SBS Barefoot friends (Eunji)- episode 21
. MBC Story show (Eunji)
.SBS Running man (Eunji, Naeun)- episode 162
. KBS 2 days & 1 night- episode 314
. MBC Real men
.Youtube Apink diary
.SBS Star king (Eunji, Bomi, Hayoung)
.KBS2 Happy together (Eunji)- episode 325
. SBS Running man (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji)- episode 177
. KBS2 Yoo Hee- yeol's sketchbook
.MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol (Bomi)-regular host/MC
.MBC We got married season 4 (Naeun, with the other members appearing as guests)
.MBC  2014 Idol star athletics championships
. MBC New year's special (Eunji, Hayoung, Namjoo)
. MBC Infinity challenge
.MBC Four sons and one daughter (Eunji)- episode 5
. KBS2 1000 song challenge ( Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, Hayoung)
.KBS 1 vs 100 (Naeun)
. KBS Family's dignity: full house (Bomi, Eunji)
. KBS2 Escape crisis number 1 (Naeun)
.KBS Hello counselour (Eunji, Namjoo)
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol
.Mnet Beatles code 3D (All, except Bomi. Eunji participated remotely on phone)
. Arirang After school club (ep. 57)
.KBS The king of food (Bomi, Eunji)
. JTCB Shinhwa broadcast (Eunji)
. KBS Vitamin (Hayoung)
.MBC Music travel yesterday (Eunji)
.KBS Cool kiz on the block (All, except Eunji)
. SBS Star king (All, except Eunji)- episode 362
.MBC Quiz to change the world (Bomi, Eunji)- episode 247
.MBC We got married:Global edition (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji)
. KBS Golden bell challenge
. KBS Safety first (Naeun)
.KBS The human condition
.KBS Love request
. Arirang Pops in soul

.SBS Running man-episode 197
.SBS Running man (Naeun, Bomi)- episodes 202 and 203
.MBC World cup cheering Show- with Eunji as the MC

KBS2 Yoo Hee-yeol’s sketchbook
KBS2 Gag concert (Eunji)

MBC Every 1 Weekly idol (Hayoung)-as temporary guest host
MBC Every 1 Apink showtime season 3
. MBC Every 1 weekly idol (Bomi, Namjoo, Hayoung)-3rd anniversary special episode
KBS2 The Human condition (Bomi)
KBS2 I’m a man ( Eunji)
.SBS Running man (Eunji)- episode 218
.Oven radio
.KBS Hello counselor (Bomi, Namjoo, Hayoung, Naeun)

.MBC every 1 weekly idol (Eunji participated remotely on phone)- episode 147
.KBS Escape crisis number 1(Bomi and Hayoung)
.KBS Let’s go Dream team:season 2 (Namjoo and Bomi)
.MBC every 1Weekly idol
.KBS2 Immortal song 2 (Eunji)

.KBSWorld 2 days & 1 night: season 3
.CJB SBS Oh my baby (Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, Hayoung)
.MBC every 1 Weekly idol (Hayoung)-as temporary guest host
.KBS Vitamin (Bomi and Hayoung)
.KBS2 Full house (Eunji)
JTCB Hidden singer (Bomi, Hayoung)
Arirang After school club-episode 127
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol (Hayoung)- as temporary guest host.Eunji participated remotely on phone
.KBS Entertainment awards (Eunji)
.SBS Star king (Bomi and Namjoo)
.SBS Smile people
.MBC Real men- all of Apink, with Bomi casted as a member for female soldier special
.JTCB Dating alone (Eunji)
.MBC Section tv (Eunji)
.MBC 2015 Idol star athletic championship
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol (Hayoung)- as temporary guest host
.Tutoring across generations (Namjoo, with Eunji, Naeun, Chorong and Hayoung making cameos)
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol special- In Saipan (two episodes)
.SBS Slimmy lunch box (Bomi, Namjoo, Hayoung and Chorong)
.MBC Mask King (Eunji)
.SBS Midnight tv entertainment (Eunji).
.The brave teenagers (Bomi and Chorong participated remotely on phone)
.SBS Running man (Bomi)
.Youtube Apink diary
.JTBC Off to school (Eunji)
.KBS YHY Sketchbook
.The Qmentary
.Apink V app
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol 
.KBS Hello counselor (Eunji and Hayoung)
.Vitamin (Bomi and Hayoung)
.1 vs 100 quiz show (Eunji)
.My little television (Namjoo)
.KBS 1 night 2 days
.MBC Every 1 Weely idol (Hayoung- regular host/MC)
.JTBC Off to school (Namjoo)
.MBC duet song festival (Namjoo)
.The greates inheritance (Bomi)
.Sugar man (Bomi and Namjoo)
.Two days, 1 night (Bomi)
.Cool kiz on the block (Chorong)
.KBS entertainment awards (Eunji)
.MBC Mask king (Namjoo)
.MBC Every 1 Weekly idol (Bomi as temporary guest host)
.KBS Hello counselor (Hayoung)
.JTBC Hidden singer (Bomi and Hayoung)
.SBS Healing camp (Eunji)
.MBC Duet song festival (Eunji)
.Same bed, different dreams (Eunji)
.MBC People of full capacity/The geeks (Eunji)
tvN Reply 1997 (Eunji-lead and Chorong/Bomi-cameos)
. MBC All my love (Chorong-supporting)
. SBS The Great Seer (Naeun-supporting)
. jTBC Childless Comfort (Naeun-supporting)
. Marrying The Mafia 5: Return Of The Family (Naeun-cameo)
. SBS Salamander gurus and the shadows (Naeun-cameo)
. Legally Blonde (Eunji)
. SBS That Winter, The Wind Blows (Eunji-lead)
. tvN Reply 1994 (Eunji-cameo)
. Full House (Eunji)
. KBS Trot lovers (Eunji-lead)
. Saving santa (Eunji- voice dub)
. tvN Plus nine boys (Chorong-supporting)
. tvN 20 years old again (Naeun-supporting)
. Tom little and the magic mirror (Namjoo- voice dub)
. KBS Sassy Go Go (Eunji-lead)
. KBS webdrama Love detective, Sherlock K (Bomi-supporting)
. Webdrama Detective Alice (Namjoo-lead)

. Let us just love-Protect the boss OST
. All for you (Eunji with Seo in guk)- Reply 1997 OST
. Just the way we love (Eunji with Seo in guk- Reply 1997 OST
. It's you (Eunji)- 3 days OST
. One minute ago- Barefooted friends OST (Eunji with Kang hodong)
. Saving santa OST (Eunji and Suho)
. Lovely (Bomi with Seulong)- Some guys, some girls OST
. Tom little and the magic mirror OST (Namjoo)


Music Videos


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Guest chewygum
Third member has been revealed. Her name is Oh Ha Young. It was reported that A PInk is scheduled to debut by the end of March 2011 and will be having a reality show showing their debut preparations.  Oh Ha Young, Son Na Eun, Park Cho Rong Credit: http://a-pink.net
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Guest lazy_breeze

seeing them dance in the b2st beautiful mv, they seem to be pretty awesome at dancing. im really excited for their debut. i havent been this excited for a groups debut since snsd. but yeah, hopefully my obsession wont die this time. =P

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Guest Yuciekins

I've been waiting for these girls for a while now! I'm confident they'll be a great new addition to the Cube family...I'm not really usually into the sweet girl groups but it looks like that's their first image, they were really sexy and awesome in the Beautiful MV though XD. I still can't wait.

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Guest chewygum
20110309_news.jpgCredit: allkpop + A-PINK.NET
A Cube Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, ‘A Pink‘, will be walking fans through their debut process, thanks to a new program from cable channel ‘TrendE‘. Titled “A Pink News“, the program features weekly footage surrounding both the girls’ day-to-day lives, and their busy preparations for their debut. The program will take on a unique ‘news/documentary’ concept; the show will be endowed with captions and certain effects to make it seem as if it’s a real news program. Each episode will feature a different celebrity guest as its anchorman/anchorwoman. As well, the show will include fun segments like ‘Today’s Important News’, where on-scene reports of the day’s most important events will be summarized for viewers. Meanwhile, ‘The Week’s Headlining Figure’ segment will engage in interviews with each of the A Pink members. The pilot episode is scheduled for March 11th, and will feature MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O. as its guest anchors. As for its interview subject, the episode will focus on Son Na Eun, the first member of A Pink who was revealed late last month. Be sure to check out “A Pink News” when it airs at 11:30 PM KST through TrendE! Credit: akp + a-pink.net
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New member reveal Jung Eun Ji 20110310_apink_chung.jpg

A Cube Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, ‘A Pink‘, has revealed their talented fourth member and main vocalist, Jung Eun Ji! Through their official Twitter, A Cube Entertainment uploaded a video of Jung Eun Ji performing Jennifer Hudson’s “Love You I Do.” Revealed to be a 19 year-old from Busan, the member stunned netizens by bringing a feel of true soul with her voice. Said to be happiest when she sings, Jung Eun Ji was introduced as the ‘happy virus’ of the group because of her sweet and outgoing personality. Check her performance below! After introducing Son Na Eun, Park Chorong, Oh Ha Young, and now Jung Eun Ji, fans can look forward to the revealing of the remaining three members through the label’s official Twitter soon.
Credit Allkpop via Newsen Video My link
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Guest superstar`kiss

I definitely remember Naeun since she's had the most exposure.^^ I hope to see these ladies succeed and I can't wait to see what they have to offer. Cube family<3 Gahhh, they're all so young!

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Guest bombb_

hong yoo hyung looks a bit lika zea's kwang hee.. >> only one isnt older than me. i feel old. and they all really kind of look the same..

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