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Guest Tofu_Cloud
they're TOO tall xD buh most of them can rap which I found interesting :D
they dont measure them barefooted and then use that exact measurement to put on the profile... the entertainment industry is smart and changes everything remember on celebrity profile the company adds 2-3cm on their height since it doesnt matter cuz during event they always wear heels. So if u deduct 2cm from them there height is actually really good
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I actually have to get use to looking at them because honestly all of them right now look the same. I don't know maybe it just the hairstyle. Anyway I watch their video with sub and I got to say Bo Mi is really pretty and she seem to be outgoing. I don't know who but one of them can really sing :) So when are they debuting? Or they debuting around the same time as 4minute comeback? They all so young . . . . .

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Guest chewygum


First mini-album: Seven Springs of Apink


01. Seven springs of Apink (1:33)

Composed and Lyrics by 슈퍼 창따이

Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이, 배영호

02. 몰라요 (Mollayo - I Don't Know) (3:42) [TITLE]

Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이

03. It girl (3:23)

Composed and Lyrics by 김건우 a.k.a Secret K

Arranged by 김건우 a.k.a Secret K , 송기홍 in BlueBridge

04. Wishlist (3:33)

Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 신사동 호랭이

05. Boo (3:08)

Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이

Pre-order it at YESASIA!

Source: Yesasia

Translated: @Ryuinnie @ Twitter.com

Shared: Teemania @ A-Pink.net

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Guest adikkeluangman

‘A Pink’ lands two top tier CF deals with “Cottiny” and “Ceylon Tea”


Despite having yet to debut, upcoming girl group ‘A Pink‘ are already landing themselves CFs deal apparently worth hundreds of millions of won.

The girls have been nicknamed ‘Elf Idols’, and the image has helped them in garnering contracts, like with jewelry brand “Cottiny“, and beverage brand “Ceylon Tea“.

A Cube Entertainment revealed that the girls were contracted for six months and will be receiving top tier pay for their work as advertisement models.

Last month, the girls headed for Jeju Island with Jaurim’s vocalist, Kim Yoon Ah, to film their “Conversations of Dreams” CF, which will be released on April 11th.

Representatives stated, “Because of the A Pink members’ pure images, we’ve been receiving a lot of love calls from the advertising industry.”

On April 12th, the girls will be releasing their main album jacket photo, followed by concept teasers in preparation for their official debut.


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Guest shinhdeplol

the girls participated in a CUBE Family photoshoot last weekend. that means they're part of the family too. YAAAYY CUBE AND A CUBE ARE ONE <3

BEAST, 4minute and Gina have been showing great support for the girls <3 i hope they'll become BIG :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

A PINK’s album cover for ‘Seven Springs of A PINK’ unveiled


On April 12th, 7-member girl group A PINK revealed the concept for their debut album, “Seven Springs of A PINK“, through their official homepage.

The girls have already drawn a lot of attention for their innocent beauty, and it’s being highlighted in this new picture. ’Seven Springs of A PINK’ is expected to shake up the hearts of men with the girls’ clean and spring-appropriate looks.

A PINK has also generated buzz for being rising CF stars; they’ve been picked to endorse a jewelry brand as well as a beverage brand before they’ve even officially debut.

According to A CUBE Entertainment, A PINK will reveal their teaser for ‘Seven Springs of A PINK’ on April 13th.


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Guest kiddie_keroro

YAY A Pink<3

Well, I've been monitoring these girls ever since I got to know them in March.

They're all great and talented, even though lots of people think that they're too young BUT... I have a great expectation for them. 

In fact, they haven't even debuted yet, but they've already done a CF for Cottiny and Ceylon Tea. They even done a photo shoot for High Cut.

While in A Pink News, you can see just how adorable and lovely these girls are. They sometimes show their talents here.

So far, my bias in A Pink is Eunji. I fell in love with her voice and smile<3<3

Not to mention that I love all members too (:

Hopefully they manage to catch everyone's heart so they will continue to receive much love in the future.

A Pink fighting!!

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Guest kiddie_keroro


There isn't a lot of time until the single release of Cube's new girl group Apink. Show a lot of love and support^.^!! 



A Pink's album will be revealed at midnight! Please anticipate~^^


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Guest kiddie_keroro



OMG thanks for sharing it here! The girls look stunning, and Eunji! I really love your smile XD

A Pink<3<3<3

I have BIG expectations for you all, so good luck with your debut!

Hwaiting (:

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Guest adikkeluangman

A Pink releases “Seven Springs of A Pink” MV teaser


On April 13th, new girl group ‘A Pink‘ released their highly-anticipated music video teaser for their debut album, “Seven Springs of A Pink“!

Done under the concept of ’spring ladies’, the seven members expressed the different charms of the Spring season and emphasized their innocent beauty.

With a mysterious narration and an ethereal melody line, K-Pop fans are already looking forward to more from Cube’s new family members.

Watch : HERE


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Guest chopper!

..that's it, i've become old now. only one girl is older than me lol T____T

anyways, i love a pink's songs. they are so sweet and cute! i know a lot of people hate that concept, but i love it! reminds me of kara's songs so much. the feeling and concept is so perfect for spring and summer (= uplifts my mood!

i only know eun ji, and she's my fave^^ great voice! still can't get over the fact that they're younger than my brother too! hahaha my dongsaeng group x)

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