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Guest *lyrynne*

Songs are out! I'm sooooo impressed! I can't believe this group is from Cube! So different! Vocals, concept and song selection! OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Will definitely root for this group! I wanna see them on live shows already!

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omg, i've just heard their album, THEY'RE REALLY GOOD!! xDD

All of the tracks are nice, i'm really impressed =]

I'm getting addicted to the title track- 몰라요 & wishlist xD

they have really nice voice, can't wait to see the mv & their debut stage,

since I wanna match the voice with their faces...

I think they're gonna make it far in the kpop industry! Go go A-Pink!!



^Love EunJi's smile in the pic ;)

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Guest adikkeluangman

G.NA cheers on A Pink as they prepare for their debut


xjwtq.th.jpg 5fprv.th.jpg 1aso.th.jpg 5qlkk.th.jpg

G.NA has gone out of her way to cheer on rookie girl group, A Pink.

On April 13th, G.NA tweeted,

“My roommates A PINK… seeing the teaser, it is really sweet ke“

G.NA has a close relationship with the girls of A. Pink because they are from sister companies Cube and A Cube Entertainment.

The “Black & White” singer also revealed four pictures of herself with A. Pink’s Park Chorong and Yoon Bomi. She wrote,

“Although we live separately now, let’s try to joyfully work hard! Love you!… Now before separating with A. Pink’s leader Chorong and Bomi.. ^^“

With G.NA in the center and the A. Pink members flaking her sides, the three took cute pictures with their pink Mickey Mouse pillow.

Fans commented, “Sly girls. Hurry and come out“, “Is G.NA going to be a senior now? Time sure flies keke“, and “The picture is glowing… really brightly“.


A PINK will reveal their debut concept through “A PINK News”


A PINK’s debut concept will be revealed for the very first time via TV.

On April 15th, TrendE’s “A PINK News” will reveal the girl group’s debut concept for the very first time. The program will run footage documenting the days leading up to their debut, and will focus particularly on BTS clips from their album jacket photoshoot and wardrobe. Fans will get to see how A PINK’s stage outfits are created by stylist Lee Eun Ah, who has previously worked with SNSD and G.NA.

A PINK members stated, “We want to differentiate ourselves from the other girl groups with our refreshing and innocent images.”

In addition, the episode will introduce everything about member Jung Eun Ji in its ‘This Week’s Hot Person’ segment. Known to be a close friend of Superstar K2’s Kang Seung Yoon, Jung Eun Ji revealed that she possesses powerful vocals that could rival her friend’s. The episode will also reveal the story behind her tears that she shed during the interview.


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Guest QWI09

basically I like all of their song~ it's been a while since I've seen a group that was worthy of a debut.

I will look for their future performance.. I hope for the best for their performance on M.countdown

well,, and I also kinda like them because they remind me of SNSD' debut days..

fresh, pretty, cute,, etc. Really looking forward.. Good luck for them ^^


A Pink talks about their strict diets and intense daily schedules

Girl group diets have always been a hot topic ever since the daily calorie intakes for SNSD, KARA, and many others began circulating on the internet. Maintaining the much-coveted ‘S-line’ has practically become a duty  for girl groups, especially with the speed at which pictures spread on  the internet. Netizens are especially brutal when it comes to spotting a  bit of weight gain, which inevitably leads to girl groups exclaiming, “The pain of starving is less than that of the pain of receiving a negative response from netizens.”

A Pink is under the same scrutiny, and so they’re tied to a strict diet regimen. Sports Seoul caught  up with the girls mid-rehearsal at 5:00 PM, right when their manager  turned off their practice music and brought in their dinner.

The menu consists of a salad (lettuce, three baby tomatoes) and  canned chicken breast. They were able to mix their chicken breast into  their salad only after their manager stripped the chicken of all the oil  in the can.

The girls chowed it down in the blink of an eye, and when asked if  they didn’t think the chicken was too dry, the girls replied with a  laugh, “It’s still better that it’s there, since it’s meat at least…”


Still, the girls eat three meals a day.  Chorong revealed,  “We’re all at the age of growing, so we all have a big appetite. If we  don’t eat three meals a day, we get hungry and tire easily during  rehearsals. Even if it’s three meals, they’re still controlled…”

For breakfast, they eat radish stock soup or brown rice, and 40g of sugarless cereal. The girls shyly added as a secret, “We grab a handful more when the manager isn’t looking. Even after we eat all of that, we still get hungry after two hours.”

For lunch, they eat corn or sweet potatoes and two bananas.  “It’s  still the meal that we feel the most full from out of the day.” If  they’re still unbearably hungry, the members are allowed to eat  buckwheat noodle soup.

At 5 PM, like mentioned above, the girls end conclude with a dinner  of salad. Inevitably, they’re still hungry after a day of intense  rehearsals, so they’ll still snack on bananas or nuts like almonds  throughout their practice.

After rehearsal ends, they quiet their hunger pangs by going straight  to sleep when they return to their dorms. When asked what they wanted  to eat the most, they revealed, “Chicken, pizza, coke. We want soondae-soup as well.”


With their impending debut drawing near, what’s a regular day like  for them? Literally, their day consists of eating, sleeping, and  rehearsing.

Park Chorong and Son Na Eun receive two hours of  acting lessons from 9 AM to 11 AM, while the remaining five head to  school for their morning lessons. They all group together at 12 PM and  eat lunch together till 1 before going straight into an intense  rehearsal schedule. Until 5 PM, they take lessons in vocal training and  choreography rehearsal.

In order to prepare for future variety show appearances, they also  don’t forget to come up with a few personal talents to show off.


After eating dinner from 5 to 6, the girls rehearse nonstop until 3  AM the next day. This is the most intense period for the girls, as  they’re trained specifically for live performances like it’s the real  deal.

Bomi stated, “Because our stage outfits consist of short skirts and high heels, we have to practice with them on to prevent mistakes.”

Concluding their busy day back at their dorms at 3 AM, the girls still take the time to reflect. Na Eun expressed, “Mainly,  we discuss what went good and what went bad during the day. We try to  exchange opinions and make a list of what we need to concentrate on for  the next day. We’re all extremely happy that we’re able to achieve our  dreams right now, even though our rehearsals are tiring.”

Source: Sports Seoul #1, #2 via Nate

via: allkpop.com

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Guest Wingedbunny

I was anticipating their debut like any other girl group since i always give any rookie group a chance but Apink has certainly captured my interest! I like every song on their debut mini album :) Especially the title track and boo. They mini is very appropriate for spring too, because it has that fresh feeling.

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all songs on their album are very cute and poppy- in a good way; they said they were trying to emulate the style of oldschool pop groups like SES and FinkL, and it can't be any more true. Their songs sound very bubble-gum pop in an oldschool way (the way I like it :P). I can see the SNSD comparison, but still think A Pink did a good job in setting themselves apart from other girl groups. They have a very refreshing, spring-like image.

So far I like Bomi the best. She has a good voice, and is very cute ^^ Eunji is of course an amazing singer. Can't wait to see them perform live.

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Guest QWI09

[NEWS] A Pink busily rehearses for their official debut

On April 18th, Sports Seoul went behind the scenes of A Pink’s rehearsal studio as the girls prepare for their impending debut just days away. Standing before a full wall of mirrors, the girls could be seen practicing the same move over and over, trying out different concepts like ‘cute’ and ‘powerful’.

Drenched in sweat, reporters noted that their movements were very mechanic, like wind up dolls in a sense. Unfortunately, the girls have no option but to work without rest, as they were just two days away from the release of their debut track, “I Don’t Know“.


“I Don’t Know” is a feminine and sweet dance track that brings out the youthfulness of their members. Although it may seem just innocent upon first glance, their dance incorporates some powerful moves that require perfect synchronization by the members.

When Jung Eun Ji (18) makes a mistake, the room erupts in laughter. The oldest, Park Chorong (20), helps out by advising, “You have to pick up your arms with a bit more power.”

The girls revealed that the mirror that stood before them was both a positive present and a negative poison. It’s only the mirror that will catch the mistakes in their choreography or point out an uneven line-up. Unfortunately, the mirror also disappears when they have to stand on stage, making the girls realize that they can’t just depend on the mirror alone.


During their break period, none of the members could be seen resting. Kim Nam Ju (16) stands before a mirror and practices her smiling and other facial expressions while the other members head to their vocal training room for further practice.

Jung Eun Ji and Yoon Bomi (18) both play the role of mentor and student with each other by teaching skills in which the other lacks. As the team’s main vocal, Jung Eun Ji calmly shares her skills with Yoon Bomi, the team’s lead dancer.

In turn, Eun Ji tells Bomi that she “can’t bend her back as well because it hasn’t been that long since she’s begun her dance training.” Bomi returns the favor of Eun Ji’s training by helping her out with her dance.

The members revealed, “We rehearse our choreography over 100 times a day. It’s really hard to dance while singing live, especially since we have to wear high heels on stage. In order to prepare for our debut, we’ve been rehearsing with our high heels on and repeating our choreography.”


The seven members also all boast individual charms and stories. Leader Park Chorong was born and raised in Chungwon and has beautiful features, much liker her ’sparkling’ name.

Son Na Eun (17) studied and dreamed of becoming an artist for the past 13 years and holds a youthful charm that makes her look as if she’s just popped out of a comic book. She’s also noted for being the leading female in B2ST’s music videos like “Soom” and “Beautiful“.

Maknae Oh Ha Young (15) is currently in her third year of junior high, but unlike her young age, she has a mature vibe. “Nobody believes that I’m the team’s maknae,” she shyly states. “But there are people that remember me more easily because of my mature looks.”

Jung Eun Ji is nicknamed the ’second Lizzy‘, as she’s from Busan and speaks in their distinctive dialect. Full of aegyo and friendliness, she carries a charm much like that of After School’s Lizzy, making her a shoe-in for future variety shows.

Hong Yoo Kyung (17) claims herself to be a fan of BoA. She first followed her friend to a dance academy and began learning how to dance before she got chosen to become a singer. Thanks to her doll-like looks, she isn’t an unfamiliar face to viewers, as she was a CF model for Korea’s LG Electronics when she was seven.

Yoon Bomi is a third level Tae Kwon Do athlete that once dreamed of representing her country. After discovering her hidden talents in dance during elementary school, however, she switched dreams to becoming a singer.

The girls’ debut track, “I Don’t Know”, was composed by Super Changddai of 2PM’s “I Hate You” fame. The members said, “Lately, girl groups have been coming out with repetitive hooks and powerful dance songs. In contrast to that, we’re aiming to use our innocent, clean image, much like the groups of the 90s like S.E.S. and Fin.K.L.”

When asked if that was their weapon to surviving the girl group rush, Park Chorong replied, “We didn’t intend to go that route, but seeing as how each of our members held that same innocent image, we decided that it’d be best to play it up.”

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

via: allkpop.com

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