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Koji Seto stars in fashion-themed "Runway Beat"

Fri, July 16, 2010 (1:09pm EDT)

D-BOYS member Koji Seto (22) will take on the leading role in the next movie from director Kentaro Otani ("NANA"). The picture's current working title is "Runway Beat," and it is slated for a spring 2011 release.

"Runway Beat" is based on a mobile phone novel by popular author Maha Harada. Themed around fashion, the movie tells the stories of five youngsters. Seto plays the main character Biito "Beat" Mizorogi, a transfer student with a natural gift for fashion design who brings his class together as he plans for the school festival's fashion show.

Nanami Sakuraba (18) plays the main female character Mei. Mirei Kiritani (21) will play a super-popular model named Mikitty, while Kei Tanaka (26) plays a computer otaku. Singer IMALU (21) has been cast in her first movie role, playing the part of Mei's close friend Anna.

The film's staff also includes "Solanin" screenwriter Izumi Takahashi and "Okuribito" producer Yasuhiro Mase

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