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A brother who only makes troubles and a brother who's willing to sacrifice his life to save his not-blood-realated-sister

A sister whos ill and weak but surounded by her loveones and a sister whos strong but always alone

Started with admiration and a wish to help each other...and grow to deep love

As for Risa's brother i don't think he'll really change much but at least he did let Risa of the hook and gave her green light with Kengo

I agree that part with Kengo and police was a bit un-said...as if half of ep is missing...and i would not mind if there were more love scene for Risa&Kengo

Last scene was so simple but just perfect :wub:...yet...i'll always remember scene after Maria's exhibition when she said that all people was there and that she's so happy...only thats missing is Risa...look on Kengos face was so sad :(

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OMG This has to be my absolute favorite J-Drama of all time! I like how it wasn't focused solely on the romance but it was a slice-of-life type of drama as well which made it realistic and all the more moving. IDK but the brother of the female lead seemed really lascivious not to mention their sibling relationship bordered a lil on incest EW. I like how her and the male lead came together, it started off as an arranged thing that slowly developed into trust and love. 

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