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▶ ✩✩✩ SHINee (샤이니) Official Thread # 2 ✩✩✩ ◀


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Guest Emtenanshinee

Thanks 4 all The shares :)

@tsukushi Thanks BB! for the translation!


20Th Key's Day   Happy Brithday To Key






(( Source: As tagged !!! ))



100923 Taemin at Star Big Show Dance Grand Prize


OMG~~!!! Taemin ♥♥ looks so Handsome OO ....


100923 Onew at 'Rock Of Ages' Musical


source: Key point ll credit & reupload : Emtenanshinee ll do not hotlink

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100923 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Curtain Call (5th Perf)

total pics | click for full size

OMG! this pic! *Q*







total 5 pics | click for full size





100919 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Musical (3rd Perf)

total 5 pics | click for full size




source: 85246


100915 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Musical (1st Perf)

click for full size


source: desire89

reupload: mayky

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2010.09.23- Rock of Ages (5th Perf)

click for full size


source: onewside | credit & reupload: vivz


^ He told the audience that his umma came to watch him and he was extra hyper today. He jumped off stage and walked through the audience's seats O_O. Oh and he got kissed again by Kim Jaeman XD

source: vanilla latte

^ Here's another HD fancam! It seems like his own rock concert XD

credit: Randy19977@YT

Btw, Jjong was so cute hiding behind his nuna's back in that pic shared by Huishan bb ^^

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Guest anju_angel

100923 Taemin @ Dance grand Prix

OMFG!!!! Why?!!  T^T


source and credit leeplay

100923 Onew after RoA

credit touchtheshine001

100923 RoA







credit and source as tagged/ pls do not hotlink



v @lala_land: IKR!!! i don't know how to react ... thanks for the info..can't wait to hear the song

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Guest lala_land

omg anju that gif of taem bb ㅠㅠㅠ

SHINee sang a song named Haru (하루) for Hallyu drama 'Haru' ^^ Glad to know SHINee is part of the Hallyu wave ㅋㅋ

Low quality version here! shining day! so sweet!

You can visit the website of Haru here.

Hangul Lyrics

fallin love 내손을 꼭 잡아줘

i wanna be 내곁에만 있어줘

oh happyday 내모든걸 줄꺼야

I can't stop 너만을 나 사랑해

oh shinee day 네 행복한 미소와

so sweet 네 수줍은 설레임

take my heart 날 너에게 줄거야

I can't stop 널향한 내 사랑을~ LOVE

나 두근두근거려 너를보면 볼수록

이심장이 너무도 뛰는데에

자꾸자꾸 늘어 매일매일 조금씩

어제보다 오늘더 사랑해

저 햇살보다 더 빛나는

파도에 가득한 우리 추억들

너무 떨리는마음 나를 바라봐주는

너를 사랑한다고 소리쳐어~

fallin love 내손을 꼭 잡아줘

i wanna be 내곁에만 있어줘

oh happy day 내모든걸 줄꺼야

I can't stop 너만을 나 사랑해

oh shinee day 내 행복한 미소와

so sweet 내 수줍은 설레임

take my heart 난 너에게 줄거야

I can't stop 널향한 내 사랑을~ LOVE

cr: 욕구불만1@샤갤

^ not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

23 Sep 10, Onew after ROA musical


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onew is doing a great job!!

his picture from the r.o.a is killing me!

Taemin too!!

AND, happy birthday to our beloved KEY^^ Stay healthy and happy,love u^^

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thanks everyone for all the great SHINee goodies! :) Happy Birthday KeyKey! :)

I just saw Tae-min's performance on Big Star Show Dance Grand Prix and he did a good job. He seemed a little nervous,but he still gave it his best. It's too bad he didn't win. :(

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Guest dingyikming89

100923 Taemin @ Dance grand Prix

OMFG!!!! Why?!! T^T


source and credit leeplay

^I can't stand this boy~ He's getting hotter & sexier~!!! Even After School's Kahi couldn't resist him~!! XD

I'm hoping that someone would upload a fancam of Taeminnie dancing to Secret's "Madonna"~!!^^

For Minho lovers


Credit: M-2a-C@deviantart


^ This artwork is freakin' cute~!! I bet you guys know who is who, right? XD

Credit: koreas@deviantart

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Guest herbstea


So happy to celebrate Key's 20th birthday & SHINee 2nd thread at the same time. Many many thanks to all the Awesome Shawols here for all SHINees' pics, vids, info & more. Love u all, SHINee & Key.

Happy Bithday to Key's 20th birthday. May you stay healthy, happy & hv a beautiful, wonderful, amazing life in every minutes everyday.


Cr: Me

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Guest live laugh love

Happy 19th Birthday Key~!!! ♡


I'm a bit late, but it's still the 23rd where I am, ㅋㅋ. The last year as a teen for the Almighty Key~ ^^ Hope he had a fantastic birthday and enjoyed lots and lots of yummy cake and foods. I hope he'll always gain strength and pursue what he's passionate about and what makes him happy.

10.09.24 Kyuhyun Twitter Update


Kyu line, hotly heating up the last day of Chuseok. A wine party in the manner of cold city boys, we're shining super max ~ ^^

A big thanks to everyone for all the lovely shares! Verryy much appreciated. I've been drowning in schoolwork the past few days and running around with precious little sleep, but the rough patch has finally passed and now I have so much backtracking and picture-saving to do! (: And a hug for Narumi for the lovely second thread.

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Guest babyblue-

^^ Jinaaaa~ <3

Thanks for the shares! & thanks tsukushi & Vivz jie for the translation! <3

100923 Rock of Ages - 5th Musical



Source: Danmi

100821 Korea SM Town Concert

Total: 9





Source: Bel Canto



Source: nakisaru

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Guest redevilica

available in


KPOPELLA download

Big Star Dance Grand Prix Chuseok Special (2010-09-23).avi [751.08 MB]

MC: Taecyeon (2PM), Baek Ji Young | Chansung (2PM), Taemin (SHINee), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Hyuna (4Minute), Gahee (After School), Lee Hong Ki (FT Island), Shindong (Super Junior), SECRET

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Guest Kathy K.

^^ Only You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

lol they are so silly :]

I laughed so badly when I suddenly heard it while doing something elese for a moment. So off-tune! SO RARE AS FOR THEM. lol XD

In the previous thread Mentality answered me:

They got a new dorm and it has more rooms now so everyone doesn't have to be in one single room anymore. I thought the five beds was cute but it's pretty sad to live like that. It's worse than college dorms [with the max being 3 in a room] and they had to step on Onew's bed to get out. Lol.

HAHA, I LOLED XD Where was that said/shown?

Need to backlog a bit. But... DID THEY CURLED ONDREW'S HAIR? SOOOO CUTEE~! <3

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Guest anju_angel


100916 Taemin " El Tango di Roxanne" dance rehearsal @ Big Star Dance Grand Prix HD

v HOT :Q___

100914 Taemin @ Idol Sports Competition (3 fancams HD)

^ Taeminnie throwing a bouquet of flowers at the spectators,

i just imagined the havoc it must have wrecked among the fangirls XD


100914 Taemin playing football (soccer) fancam 2 @ Idol Sports Competition

100914 Little lost boy Taemin taking sands out of his shoes @ Idol Sports Competition

credit: leeplay

vv Thanks for the trans JAC  XD

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Guest NanaTaemin

Yay new thread (: congrats

Happy Birthday Key <3

Taemin is SO HOT in that show GOD!


Onew Rock of ages pictures are so awesome ~


I miss them performing (':

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100924 UFO (Key/Onew)

[Key] zzazan~ Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It was a well-spent day! Be blissful! ^^ Goodbye♥

[ONEW] Finally! Chuseok arrived! Must eat *songpyeon! Enjoy the festival with your family! And also with SHINee★

*songpyeon is a traditional type of ricecake that is eaten during chuseok


Chinese translation: yui兔

English translation: Jachohjac

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