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▶ ✩✩✩ SHINee (샤이니) Official Thread # 2 ✩✩✩ ◀


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Guest -N-hi_-R-ie

SHINee’s Onew is a drinker


Idol group SHINee recently revealed the behind story on the after party of SM Town LA’s concert while making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Nocturnal.” Unfortunately, MC Onew was unable to join them as he was rehearsing for his musical, leaving Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin to take his place.

As SHINee began talking about the after party, MCs playfully commented, “If it was a party, people must’ve drank, yes?” SHINee answered, “Over there, only 21 and over can drink so everyone couldn’t except for Onew.”

They went on to reveal, “But Onew drank extremely well on his own. He didn’t need a bottle opener and even showed off unique tricks like opening bottle caps on his own. The rest of us returned to our dorms early but Onew continued to enjoy the party and came home late.”

The boys also hinted at a special fact about SM Town’s chartered plane, revealing that the CEO sat in first class while the rest of the celebrities sat in business. One small group in particular, however, was able to sit up with the CEO.

The episode will broadcast on the 26th at 11:15 PM.

Source + Photo: Newsen | cr: AKP

^ I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Btw, wondering who's in the "small group" that was able to sit in the first class xD

Sorry for topping the page (: My internet's kinda sucked these days.. I really cannot access the boys' fansites to upload pics so.. nothing to share ~~. Anw, I just read it on shakizi, our boys will appear on SBS Inkigayo "Copyright song" with Sulli and SM Town Artists this Sunday. I'm not sure tho haha..

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Guest anju_angel

  ^ thanks for the article, can't wait for it to air too, LOL SHINee members dishing out dirt on their leader.... haha and i bet a drunk Onew would be a sight to behold ( i wonder if he gets drunk...)... XD copyright song..i hope it'll be full of SHINee's  dorkiness too like the traffic safety song..can't wait..thanks..

UGH!!, speaking of copyright..i got 2 strikes on YT cuz of SBS... :-(

100922-23 Onew after RoA


credit as tagged/ OWFancams

^ he's so adorable..greeting the fans..what a sweetheart ~<3


100914 Idol Sports Competition


source and credit: rachel / pls do not hotlink

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Guest caymicah

wow a new thread yey~

ONEW in the 5th musical is JJANG!

he looks so hyper and happy

i want to see his umma (ehem! my mother-in-law) ok! scratch that :)

pictures are lovely tooo many too enjoy :)

ohh the sm town BTS is nice.. i'll watch it even without subs :)

thanks for the sharing of things everyone

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@Nhi bb; I must go drinking with him someday!!! (;

2010.09.24- Key's Birthday Message

v LOL I thought his shirt said "Ondrew" XD


source: shinee's official fanboard


2010.09.22- Rock Of Ages (4th Perf)

Total: 11 images | click for full size






source: free and easy | credit & reupload: vivz (do not hotlink!)



^ This is too hot :Q___

credit: tumblr

v BB, palli mai gei wo la!!! <333

v v Kathy, this is the biggest size I have of Dubu's pic: - CLICK -

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^ bb i should totally get you that shirt cause you can find 'ondrew' on it. LOL

100519 Kim Su Roo Memorial Celebration Concert

sorry, this is kind of random to share right now lol!






credit: love-bomb


100824 Big Star Concert





credit: cosmicfish

@caymicah thank you for the translation! ^^ i think you left out parts of him saying, "hope lots of good things must happen in the future" and "we will....meet you guys with a good image very soon" :)

@winkme OMG!!!! they will be broadcasting DC in cinemas nationwide?!!!! this is gonna be epic! edit: you are so lucky! :D have a spazz attack when you go and watch it XD

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Guest Kathy K.

Hello guys, PIC REQUEST!

I know, this are relatively old, but I really need better quality right now T.T (if there is one):


ALSO, would you mind sharing some keypics with THIS hairstyle and outfit? Match perfectly <3


[Fancam]100923 SHINee Onew after ROA Musical (front view)

That was simply HOT. Love his hair.

I'm going to have a haircut to something similar in legth soon, so it's nice to get the feeling :D

Which part? xD The new dorm/more rooms part? That's in Eunhyuk &Eeteuk's radio show [forgot what it's called and the date xD but it was during Lucifer promotions] but the bed stepping one? It's shown in their reality show "Yunhanam" eps 10 & a little bit of 11. You can see the members waking up and getting in and out of bed for various reasons and they always step on Onew's bed lol.

Thank you and sorry for unclear request :) I knew and liked them from their debut, but just recently I've become a real fan, so I have still most episodes of Yunhanam to watch.

Btw, I would love them to do next show!!! :D

LOL AT DRUNKEN ONEW ARTCL. They really like bashing their leader, rotfl :P I would so like to join him, really!!!

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2010.09.01 - MBC Celebratory Concert

Total: 4 images | click for full sizes


♥ ♥ ♥

2010.08.31 - DMZ Docs Festival

Total: 4 images | click for full sizes


* * *


sources: ONEW & KEY ; spring-rabbit

credit & re-upload: winkme ( don't hotlink, take out with full credits !!! )

毎回豪華メンツのステージが繰り広げられる韓国の<ドリームコンサート>がなんと映画化!「K-POPドリームコンサート History'07~'09」が

11/13(土)から全国の映画館で上映されるそうです。 (よ)

- KPOP Dream Concert History 2007~2009 is going to be screened on November 13, 2010 (Saturday) in Cinema's Nationwide.

* * *

今 年のドリコンも来年1月から上映されるとか。東方神起/Super Junior/少女時代/SHINee/Wonder  Girls/KARA/2NE1/2AM/4Minute/T-ara&超新星などなど、スクリーンで観られるのですね~。これは楽しみ!観に行 きます♪ (よ)

- This Year's Dream Concert ( Dream Concert 2010) is going to be screened, Next Year (January). Tohoshinki / Super Junior / Shojyo Jidai / SHINee / Wonder Girls / KARA/ 2ne1 /

2AM / 4minute / T-ara / Cho Shinsei etc...We can watch this on the screen~. This is gonna be fun! Going to see ♪

source: Tower_KPOP's twitter ( Tower record Japan's Twitter) |Trans: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

official site with trailer video: http://dreamconcert.brokore.com/

This is so DAEBAKKK! D: SHINee & other artists on the BIG SCREEN! definitely going to watch!!! *▽*

@ kathy.K here you go ~ (:

2009.12.09 - Gift Concert with UNICEF

  Total: 6 images | click for full sizes




  source: daiskey | credit & re-upload: winkme ( don't hotlink, take out with full credits !!! )


  becoz he is too pretty to not share these pics LOL


  source: onjongkey | credit & re-upload: winkme ( don't hotlink, take out with full credit !!! )



  size: 723 X 1024 | click for full size




  I think someone is requesting a dubu replay days pics, so here they are (: | For dubu 'rs

2008.06.20 - Mnet M Countdown  

Total: 4 images | click for full sizes



2008.05.22 - Mnet M Countdown

Total: 4 images





2008. 06. 15 - MADAM B Salon

Total: 8 images





2008. 07. 17 - Mnet M Countdown

Total: 4 images | click for full size



sources: stargraphy, mnet, It's Onew 

credit & re-upload: winkme  ( don't hotlink, take out with full credits !!! )


v caymicha ; The picture was posted but the translation wasn't posted yet (:

Thanks for the translations~Glad to hear that Key went to Daegu to spend time with his family LOL at minho's hand XD

v v Hai CMJ ~ IMU <3333 Thanks for the links! *watches later* why back to lurker mode? LOL

@ jachohjac ; Yea, It's so epic!!!! SHINee in the Big Screen *▽*

@ cham ; Yup bb! only in Japan -__-"

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Guest caymicah

i dont think this is shared yet

if it is pls do tell me :)

KEY's birthday post


Hello i'm key.. hu hu*

Yesterday was my birthday, many people celebrated my birthday so im very happy~

How is your chuseok**? I went to Daegu city and spent time with my family and friends.

Did you enjoy? (maybe about chuseok)

I wish you all happiness! and see you soon! bye bye!

*like phew phew

**Korea's Thanksgiving Holiday

translation by: peytonsawyer @ shineeingworld.webs.com

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My first post in the 2nd thread.. xDD

*WAVE* Hee..

*back to lurking mode*

EDIT:~ ^^Hey hey!! Miss u too Narumi bb! <3

I'm having majorly important exams for the next 2 months.. And still got tons to study.. >_<

Keep the thread alive hun! You've been doing an awesome job! :D

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:D how's everyone been doing?? :)

so im here again to share some gifs.. sorry if my gifs are from old clips.. i havent had the time to watch recent videos of shinee~ hehehe

well hope u like them..




^^ i miss taemin's hair :D

and since we all miss lucifer...




^^ favorite <33



*sorry for lagging your computer... :(*

CREDITS TO: pandatofulove@tumblr :)

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Guest Emtenanshinee

Thanks 4 all the shares ! :)

l'm glad to  key went 2 Daegu to visit his family X) l hope the other members did too <3

100923 Onew at Musical "Rock Of Age "






source: Key Point ll Credit & reupload : Emtenanshinee ll Do Not Hotlink

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^ SHinee as dwarfs? cute :)

^^ CMJ. IMY. thanks for the yt links :)))

My first post for the 2nd thread. Congratulations to every one.

Keep spreading the "Shinee" love. <33333

Belated Happy birthday to our amazing almighty Key<333

narumi:: so they're going to show Dream Concert in cinemas? but only in Japan?

vivz bb: that hair flipping Onew is so HOT *_*. he's into his bad boy image~

tsukushi and vivz for the FA translation.


Some cute gifs from SK.

100918 STAR KING







cr: as tagged/jungin9335 @naver

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Guest anju_angel

100916 Taemin Dancing to Madonna@ Dance Grand Prix

O.O  OMG!!!!! *incoherent and speechless right now*

credit: leeplay

100916 A Bored Taemin @ Dance Grand prix Recording

credit: Taemtation

^ the way he clapped is cute...

100923 RoA




source and credit as tagged/ pls do not hotlink

vv@ linyin: you're welcome. I've been waiting for it too. i still cannot get over the vid ..hahahah XD..he's so cute shaking his bootay.

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Guest sophianguyen

[100924] Eunhyuk “The ones holding the authorities in SM are the SHINee juniors”


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk said on broadcast “SHINee holds the authority in our company.”

On MBC Chuseok special broadcast on the 24th September of “Happy Day”, the theme of “Idol Stars of Republic of Korea, conquer the world” covered the SMTown concert in LA and Shanghai.

In the beginning of September, Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho were seen joking around in a friendly way at the airport before their concert in LA.

Suddenly, Eunhyuk said to the producer “The ones holding the authorities are the cute magnaes” and continued “Recently, Minho is in trend, (therefore) I can’t do anything to Minho. (SHINee) the juniors are the ones holding the authorities in our company.” Leeteuk agreed with the statement as well.

Simultaneously at the broadcast of this day, Leeteuk stated with a laugh “Because the performance is in America, (I) prepared an electronic dictionary in order to be able to speak good English.”

Source: newsen.com

Korean to chinese translation: 好想看SMT现场的W @ Sjfamily.cn

Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

SHINee Minho's confession "Super Junior Siwon hyung, I really want to be like him"

SHINee’s Minho’s confession to Super Junior’s Choi Siwon “I want to be like you”.

On the 24th September broadcast of MBC Chuseok Special “Happy days”, the theme of “Idol stars of Republic of Korea, conquer the world” covered the SMtown concert in LA and Shanghai.

What’s worth mentioning was Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & SHINee’s Taemin who came out after the concert ended, as Minho felt sorry due to his mistakes on stage, but they gave encouragement to one another. Minho then saw Siwon who’s sitting on a chair at the corridor and ran over hurriedly. They had a warm embrace. Suddenly, Minho said to the producer “Siwon hyung, I really like him a lot, he is the hyung I want to be like. He’s good at doing things (in terms of matters in performing acts) and at the same time, treats me very well.”

Source: newsen.com

Korean to chinese translation: shinie @ Mrminho.com

Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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OMG he so sexy and cute!!! look at that smile! Thanks Anju. been waiting for that fancam.


whats with the ghost? whiz18 thanks for the gifs.

100522 Taemin at manager's wedding


credit: as tagged

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100923 ONEW @ Rock of Ages Curtain Call (5th Perf)

total 7 pics (More from shared by Jac bb) | click for full size





source: nakisaru

♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤

total 31 pics | click for full size











sourec: onewlee

♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤

100922 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Curtain Call (4th Perf)

total 7 pics (more from rubiya) | click for full size



source: rubiya0417

♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤

100914 SHINee @ Idol Sport Day

total 5 pics | click for full size





source: nineteen

reupload: mayky

♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤♬ ❤

100914 아이돌 운동회 - Key

source: nineteen

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