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▶ ✩✩✩ SHINee (샤이니) Official Thread # 2 ✩✩✩ ◀


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100923 KBS Star Show! Dance Grand Prix (Chuseok Special)

Chaeyeon, Shindong (Super Junior), Taemin (SHINee), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), HyunAh (4minute), Sulli f(x), Fei (Miss A), Park JunHyung, Kim JiHye, Lee HongKi (FT Island), Gahee (After School), Rainbow, Infinite, Secret

100923 MBC Youth of Alkkagi Competition (Chuseok Special)

Super Junior, SHINee, FT Island, Supreme Team, 4MINUTE, T-ara, Rainbow, IU, f(x)’s Luna, Eru

Visit 360kpopshare to download

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100923 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Musical (5th Perf)

total 9 pics | click for full size


jinki was so high yesterday cos his beloved mom was there watching him. :)



source: withonew

reupload: mayky

went to bed an hr ago and woke up again to watch soccer and found that withon updated, too. ^^''

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Guest kwalkinz


cr. boxie @ tumblr

Sooo, I'm a day late (couldn't get online >.<) but happy 19th/20th birthday Key!!

Hope your birthday was great and you continue to be healthy and FABULOUSS<33


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Guest Kathy K.

^ He told the audience that his umma came to watch him and he was extra hyper today. He jumped off stage and walked through the audience's seats O_O. Oh and he got kissed again by Kim Jaeman XD

source: vanilla latte

^ Here's another HD fancam! It seems like his own rock concert XD

credit: Randy19977@YT

COULD THIS GUY BE MORE CUTER??? It's been a LOOONG time since I've seen such a beautiful thing <333 He looks wonderful in this musical!!! I'M JUST BLOWN AWAY...

He's more self-confident, doesn't look too clumsy (:D), he has a wonderful rockish image, absolutely gorgeous hair, which I really adore, and when I compare this image to his usual, it's SO DIFFERENT...! That's exactly why I love it.

Different faces of our lovely adorkable leader.

kjGFIUEWGIksjhusghlkalHALIFHGWPIGHlhlihoihUSADJHOI I can stand how BEAUTIFUL he is.

And it really looks as if he starts to treat the musical as his very own, real rock concert! WONDERFUL! I would literally faint being there somewhere near him <333

100923 Taemin @ Dance grand Prix

OMFG!!!! Why?!!  T^T


source and credit leeplay


I'm hot.

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credit: shineecp @ YT

will edit when i find translation!(:

@live laugh love THANK YOU FOR THE TRANS!! :D


Jonghyun @ Idol Sports Competition




credit: 04081990

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Here it is still the 23. but only 10 minutes till 12. am.

Happy birthday beautiful Diva, stay healthy and honest.


Thank you for all the shares and translations.

The Fanaccount brightened my day.

Taemins dance was so <3 i melted. I enjoyed Minho +  JJongs performance too

so cute. And Onew seems he really enjoys the musical, he seemed

so happy.

found this fanvideo on youtube: credit to TouchTheSHINe001@youtube

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Guest live laugh love

10.09.23 Key Star Call

Hello! This is SHINee’s Almighty Key. Yes, everyone, today is the day I was born. Ta-da. Yes, I really thank you a lot for congratulating me so much, and uh, I’m putting in a lot of effort this way and that way to try and read it all, ha ha ha ha. And also, because it happened to overlap with Chuseok I was able to share much happiness. I will continue to work hard together with the members. Thank you so, so much and I will become a Key who shows a better image in the future. Thank you, bye.

English translation: live laugh love @ soompi

* There were a couple points where it was difficult to make out exactly what he said, so there may be a minor mistake or two.

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Guest tsukushi

^ thank you for the translations! It's great to know he had a good time ^^

OMG yay they sang the OST for Haru! "Shiny days" kekeke

Anyway I don't think this piece of news has been shared? Only the picture before? Surry if it has ^^;

[NEWS] 100922 Super Junior, BoA, SHINee, f(x) reveals behind the scenes of SM Town LA on MBC ‘Day of Good Mood’


Boa – Super Junior – Shinee – f(x) and artists from SM Entertainment reveal behind the scence of SM TOWN concert in LA in the program ‘The Day of Good Mood’

What happened to BoA, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) in the aircraft charter for SM TOWN LA?

September 24th, MBC ‘The Day of Good Mood (기분좋은 날)’ will take fans to sit on the aircraft together with the artists of SM Entertainment and show behind the scenes of the trip to LA for SM TOWN.

Leeteuk and Yoona are the MC of the live update in the aircraft to make it more fun, while Eunhyuk, Heechul and Kyuhyun slept immediately after sitting on the plane. Besides, Kangta and Kim Minjong acting as special stewards for take care others too.

Sunny was playing game, Seohyun was organizing her schedule while Sooyoung was watching movie. Tiffany was reading a book. We can see that everyone has many different activities on the plane.

The star of Asia BoA has shown her charm on the stage at LA Staples Center with so many warm loves from her sister and brother in SM family. Boa said ” In the future, I wish I can have self-discipline”. On that day all others have a party to celebrate 10th anniversary or Boa and also 15th debut for Kangta.

For Tiffany, she looks very happy because she haste her family which is living in LA before Chuseok. Sungmin said “I wanna change a wallet for my mom” He said and prepare the special gift. Yunho said before appearing on stage that he wants to meet his younger sister.

This program will broadcast on 2010, September 24th at 7.30am KST


Translated by: mook_yeye

shared by kokoro9kyu@chokyulate.net, yoyo_yoyo@soompi

This looks so fun!

v Hi Rositaz! You're welcome ^^

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^ tsukushi, Thanks to you&vivz for the translation ♥♥ It was so funny and cutee *-*

Jina ;Thanks for Key star call trans!! <33 Key

Rainy: esos dibujos estuvieron hermosos Peru loves Key and SHINee <33


[CAPS] 100921 Key @ Star Real Video

Total: 14 caps | click for full size








Source: as tagged ; Credit&Reupload: Rositaz

v wondering what they said about SHINee o:


v WIFEY ♥♥♥

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100923 ONDREW @ Rock of Ages Curtain Call (5th Perf)

total 3 pics | click for full size



source: desire89


total 39 pics | click for full size









source: pannypink



source: V.oice (shakizi)


[Fancam]100923 SHINee Onew after ROA Musical (front view)


source: nunadak

reupload: mayky

@huishan; omg! that jjong w/ his nuna is so cute, bb! enjoy watching it so much! btw, the other girl jjong put his arm around her neck, the one who had her hair tied, is that his umma?

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^ I was about to share the same pics bb! lol Cute Dubu <3

100914 ONEW @Idol Sports Competition

Total:9 pics | v his richard simmons!!





Source:spring rabbit ; Credit&Reupload: Vivz

v thanks for the vids Huishan bb!

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In the previous thread Mentality answered me:

HAHA, I LOLED XD Where was that said/shown?

Which part? xD The new dorm/more rooms part? That's in Eunhyuk &Eeteuk's radio show [forgot what it's called and the date xD but it was during Lucifer promotions] but the bed stepping one? It's shown in their reality show "Yunhanam" eps 10 & a little bit of 11. You can see the members waking up and getting in and out of bed for various reasons and they always step on Onew's bed lol.

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Guest anju_angel

Thanks for all the shares

100820 SBS 20th Anniversary Festival





-18 images- click for full size

source and credit: Kim-brothers/ re-uploaded and shared by anju/ pls do not hotlink

100922 Rock Of Ages





credit as tagged/ pls do not hotlink

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