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Joo Won 주원 [Current Drama 2024 - The Midnight Studio/ 야한(夜限) 사진관]


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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

wow he is really not photogenic..

i mean he looks so much better in the drama

i thought it was weird that i can not find myself to hate him while watching the drama even thou his character is such a jerk.. but now i know why, this guy is so handsome u cant bear to hate him

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Guest DeadSmile

he has such a small face and like the longest male legs ever. i <3 his long legs. totally hottie. :D he makes everyone's heads look big loll

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Guest cherry_bombshell

@mashimaro_is_luff, i agree with you, there's something off about him in some of his photoshoot, i still can't get what it is, but i guess it's because the eyeliner and the blush on, shading wtv makes his face thinner. Definitely like him more in BKKTG.

And i'm totally love his voice in His song, 'My Love'. I repeat his song again and again and again >_<

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Guest City_Girl

He's my newest crush! I heard he was featured in KBS Entertainment Weekly last week or this week. Whomever knows the link where to watch it, please share.

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I'm currently watching Baker King and I just popped in because I was curious about him. I can't believe that was his first drama. He's very good - quite natural.

He sings in the OST of Baker King?

* listens

His voice is quite good.

I hope I get to see more of him in future.

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[iNTERVIEW] Actor Joo Won
Korean actor Joo Won [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

My name is Joo Won. My given name is MoonJoon-won. My father came up the name Joo Won for me after I made it intocollege. It means 'what the Lord wants and what I should do for the Lord.' 

I was born in Seoul on September 30, 1987 but I currently reside in Yong-in. 

My family is composed of my parents and mybrother who is five years older than me. Mybrother and I are the type of siblings that if we don't talk outside of thehouse you wouldn't think we were related. One can say that my brother is a'real man' because he is well-built and has a tough personality, whereas I amthinner and the soft type. 

I suddenly grew tall when I was in eighthgrade. Up until then I was always second or third shortest inmy entire class but during vacation I grew 20 centimeters. I used to sit way upfront in the classroom but moved to the back and even though my friends changed [their personalities] I was always introverted until I began theater. (laugh)Right now I am 185 centimeters tall and weigh 67 kilograms.

I take after my father personality-wise and looklike my mother appearance-wise. My mother is quite the beauty. She even triedout for a talent search during her younger years and I heard that out of thethree examinations she made it through the first two. 

I am currently enrolled in the School of Artfor acting in theatre, film and television at the Sungkyunkwan University. I reallyenjoyed acting when I first started college but I enjoy forming relationshipsmore. That is why I went to the set whenever one of my seniors had a productionand I helped with the lights and making the set. I liked how more and morepeople looked for me. 

There are several scenes in KBS' "Bread,Love and Dreams" where I get slapped andactress Eugene hits really well. What I mean is that even though I got slappedby her it didn't hurt. I was okay after getting slapped in the face but shefelt really bad afterwards. However, it hurts even though actor Yoon Si-yoondoesn't hit you. (laugh) While we were rehearsing, Yoon Si-yoon was so immersedin his acting that he wasn't able to distribute his strength when he grabbed meby the collar bone and I got this bluish bruise on my chest. When actor ParkSung-woong saw the marks, he told me that Yoon Si-yoon gave him a bruise as well. (laugh)

Honestly, I think I am gifted in baking. (laugh) I had so much fun learning how to bake and I continued to do so on the set. Thestaff members told me that I should open my own bakery. I received rave reviewsfor the bread that I made for the people at my agency. I have the mostconfidence in baking red-bean bread and peanut topped bread. 

The worst thing that has happened at aperformance was during "Grease." I was supposed to appear on stage looking cool while playing the guitar on the second floor but I was inhurry and I slipped and slammed both my shins on the steps. I was in so muchpain that tears ran down my face but I kept smiling and just sang. 

I really wanted to make my character Melchiorin the music "Spring Awakening"look like a child. I also lookyounger than Kim Moo-yeol who is older than me. I thought that I should try tomake him look like an innocent middle school student because I gained someweight at the time. In the crying scenes I cried like a child who lost 100 things rather than just three. 

I made an appearance on Mnet's "SuperstarK" last year. I saw the footage for the
 first time after they [cast ofthe show] came to our set for the musical mission. I even questioned myselfsaying "Who is that?" because I was a bit chunky back then and Ilaughed to myself reading the comments like "Who are you? I came to see Goo Ma-joon." 

The song that I sing the most whenever I gokaraoke is Sung Si-kyung's "Two People." I like balladsand I like the tunes "On the Street" and Yoon Jong-shin's"Reincarnation." 

Once I sang the song "Look at Me,Gwisoon" while at a musical event. Iprepared a different song during the rehearsal but the other actors didn't wantme to ruin the atmosphere so I changed it an hour before the event. It was fun,even though I had to memorize the lyrics in a hurry. 

I began to hear that I looked a lot like actorKang Dong-won after making my debut. I wasquite surprised to hear that I resembled such a handsome actor and it’s greatto know that I have similar qualities to someone else. (laugh) From now on Ihope to add onto those qualities and show more of myself. 

I want to become a humanitarian with whateverjob I take on. My mother always told me that I should be someone whohas a lot of affection and is humane regardless of the job or position that I'min. 

I recently took part in a recording for KBSvariety show "Happy Together 3." I workedreally hard on the show because I thought I would come off as someone who isboring since everyone on the show is so funny. My hidden talent? I didn'tparticularly have one but I did everything that they wanted like singing or reciting lines. I feel that being on entertainment programs are really hard. Ithink the show will air on September 30 on my birthday. 

Reporter : ChoiJi-Eun five@
Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@, Jang Kyung-Jinthree@
10AsiaAll rights reserved>

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Guest alphabetagamma

yes finally i found this thread... :sweatingbullets:

i really luv his character in baker king kim takgu and his voice sounds good in the ost

anyway thanks for sharing the picts..he's gorgeous :wub:

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He's such a cute, handsome & talented actor ^^ thanx for all the pix, updates, articles ^^

wub.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOO WON wub.gif

Joo Won recently showed off his singing and dancing, catching viewers’ attentions. During this episode, Joo Won sang Park JinYoung’s Honey perfectly, which he said he enjoys singing at karaoke. The actor became a singer during this short performance, earning him a round of applause.

check the video below ^^


79798282 @youtube

SourceLee Soo Yeon @newsen.com /

Translationch0sshi @kpoplive.com

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Actor Likes Women with Potbelly


Actor Joo Won, the star of the KBS drama "Bread, Love and Dreams," has revealed his rather unusual ideal type of woman.

During the Star Quiz corner of KBS-2TV's "Happy Together" on Thursday, he said he first looks at the back and stomach of a woman.


He recollected, "Once I fell for a girl with whom I performed together in my college years. She wore a dress during a performance and her back looked magnificent." The other cast members asked him to elaborate on a "pretty back." He said it should be smooth and spotless.

He also said he likes women with a small potbelly rather than a flat stomach. He said his former girlfriend in fact gained 8 kilograms since they started dating because they liked to feed each other.

The cast members said in one voice that his ideal type is very close to comedian Sin Bong-seon, who said, "The cleanest part of my body is indeed my back, and I'm the only celebrity who has an obese belly."

The actor also showcased his singing ability with the song "Honey" by Park Jin-young.

Other guests on the show were Park Seong-wung, Taehyeong and Nayeung, who also shared interesting stories.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won


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Guest andy<33

someone has juwon predebut pic (i mean when he was still doing musical before BKKTG)

because i watched arirang recently and i see there are cute juwon predebut pic xD

i hope he will gain proposal from production house to do another drama...

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Guest puffypie

Oh my god finally found this thread about Joo Won. Just finishing king of baking td. It is really good serie...and this serie make me find another favorite actor....Joo Won. Cannot believe that i really hated him at the beginning but in the end totally in love with him. He did so many bad things even to the one he loves but he really redeem himself in the end. Actually, i like MS and YK couple a lot besides all the hurtful stuff they had some cute moment especially the third kiss scence between both of them when he asked her to marry him (eventhough he was such a jerk after that) and then he came to term with YK by saying what he held init.... i love u YK... so touching moment. Hope to see more of him in the serie in the future though. For the first drama he did really well...like him a lot

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