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[Variety] Good Sunday - Running Man 런닝맨

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Guest nhetski

i really hope someone sub this.. seems to be so much fun! otherwise, i'll b forced to watch without understanding.. oh well, just looking at the caps makes me laugh already :)

and if it has similarities with xman, even better! i miss xman!

good job on double digit ratings for 1st ep! congrats to the cast esp mc yoo, kjk n haha :)

ps. i can't believe sjk is already 26! i thought he's only like 22 (probably oz he's been playing young roles and he looks really young).. i think he is someone to look out for.. kinda like haejin but more outgoing :)

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Guest lucky_moon

omo a great comeback and on time cuz we need to cool off our summer with MC Yoo new show.. as u guys said I really wanna see Lee Hyori a permanent member she is totally make a different and have a great chemisrty with Mc Yoo ans KJK; bring back FO memories with them, she still as violent in a nice way of course ^_^ as she used to be in games, she was pulling hair, kicking KJK and also MC Yoo get from the kicking soooooooo hilarious as usual :P the new concept of the show was entertaining I thought it will be boring but it was good but unfortunately LHR team lost cuz I was cheering for her team :lol:

they spent the whole night in the big shopping mall and whe it was morning and they played the pin code for door to open, they even failed and those who lost in the game HaHa & forget the other one had to remain in the mall but HaHa was hilarious in the left with the people "say Yoooooo" :D

anyone next week in the soccer stadium with Chunhee, Go Hara that what I seem to saw in the preview :phew:

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Guest jhu10

It would be nice to have Lee Hyori as a permanent guest, but because of her plagiarism accusations, Running Man was her last show to appear in until everything gets sorted out :tears:

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from today I'm a Lee Kwang Soo fan :lol:



I'm a Joong Ki supporter but this man is a crazyness ... so clumsy & adorable! xD


^ they match well :lol: the walkie-talkie incident was totally hilarious!


Kwang Soo = OUT 2 times! :lol:


^ but my fav part was .... hahaha nobody paying attention to him! xD poor Kwang Soo :lol:

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Guest kycha

Really???? I hope so. I really love the way Ramensoup subs, so I hope they do subs this show.

they will sub.. if RSS finish sub all FO episode :D

and no one sub this variety

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7 permanent member , seems Jang Hyuk Jae PD really like 7 , still hope LHR become permanent :wub: my delusion she cant join yet because of that bahnus things tongue2.gif

sorry nicha, it's around 3 am when i read that article, my eyes failing on me :P

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Guest jhu10

Link To Running Man --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZfE5qoAGc&feature=channel

Just in case anybody wanted to watch it online.

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Guest laurana

Just watched Running Man. Love the show! Totally exceeded my expectations.

Did not know Kwang Soo before this but he had me laughing throughout.

Absolutely dorky and funny.

Hoping that there will be subs eventually, which will make it double the fun to watch!

Thanks to all who've shared links and caps.

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Guest padoindo

not know this guy before, for the very-first-part,i find lee ssang's Gary was cool

beside well-known guys like ha-yoo-kook lol, totally great combination; shall we wait for PMS to be a guest

and I wish RSS will confirm for subbing soon :D

thank you everyone

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Guest `dang sun mei

I just finished the first episode today and I found this new show amazing. I laughed so hard! Running Man definitely made my expectations. When Hyori & Jung Eum were racing with the clothes hangers, it was so funny when Hyori finally found her match when Jung Eum pulled her hair back! But the best part for me was when Joong Ki's walkie talkie spazz during Kwangsoo's time to talk. I keep replaying that part over and over.

I loveeeeeeeeeee Joong Ki and am so glad to see him on a variety show as a permanent member.

I also can see next episode being just as epic with Chunhee (CHUNDRELLA~). At least Kwangsoo has a tall friend LOL

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Guest nicha1980

SBS has updated their official website with Running Man Pics...

hmm but these bts pics didnt show in the 1st Epi...i want to see the vid of this though...lol







credit sbs

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Guest linh27

i saw episode 1 raw, it was still very funny. KwangSoo is really hilarious, he kept getting ignored & interrupted. i hope Hyori becomes a permanent member because she is really entertaining, not many people can pull hair without hesitation like her & also her team did very well for most of the game because of her. Ji Seok Jin was pretty funny too with his bang catchphrase/gesture. i'm happy to see YJS in a new variety show. i hope some awesome group will sub Running Man.

btw, i just heard on American radio a song that used the same background music as Hyori's How Did We Get, i kind of feel bad for Hyori, the whole plagiarism thing ruined her chances of being a regular on this show, but i read at least she is busy promoting Korean beef.

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Guest jhu10

anyone know what hyori said when she just come at RM opening ? KJK head goes down when hyori come :s

hwang jung eum , hyori :wub:

She said, "Give me an umbrella, an umbrella." I guess he was laughing?

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Guest prettygirl_pc

I just watched the first epi of running man on Youtube (raw that is).. and even though i dont understand a word of korean i still managed to watch and laughed through the entire show!!!

It was soo good to see Hyori and Kim Jong on the show.. such Family vibes!! and really when Hyori is on the screen i dont even notice the other female guest!! i know that's bad but can you blame me. .. hyori just has that charisma to her!!

Jaesuk never fail to make me laugh... even if i dont understand him.. his actions are enough!!

i dont know why people keep on comparing X men to this show.. the concepts are different.. the games are different.. some netizens need to just enjoy the show instead of taking out faults in it..

I personally enjoyed the show and i hope that it keeps getting better and better reviews!! :)

I loved the photo-shooting game (where they had to be in the shot) the pics were just too hilariou!!

hope someone subs it though.. if ramensoup are going to do it then i will be the happiest person alive!

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