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  1. This is a nice analysis on BTS Grammy 2020 Chances and BTS Military Service Click here
  2. Here is an explanation on the BTS South Korea Economic Contribution. Someone was claiming it's media play. Read and understand what it's all about. And here is an objective reaction to Hollywood Reporter's STory on BTS And here is a Rolling Stone's Story on BTS
  3. you know you've got something special when you get back from your vacation and CNN publishes a whole richard simmons article about it https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/asia/bts-end-break-scli-intl/index.html
  4. i think it has something to do with the culture. Japan exists in a vacuum and does not reach out to the international market. Korea is the exact opposite. Here is a good video with a really good and intelligent explanation
  5. Monsta X’s scheduled appearance in Ellen and Twice’s coming documentary produced by YouTube raise a lot of questions. Black Pink seems to getting the most success internationally, why are Twice and Monsta X getting big breaks like these? Is there any truth to the theory that Black Pink plows views? How does plowing of views work? How can you increase your YouTube views? Black Pink is already supported by one of the biggest management companies in North America, Interscope Records, why aren’t they getting TV guestings on U.S. shows more often? Black Pink, Twice and Monsta X seem to be groups that are making some headway in North America. Who has what it takes to make it? The YouTuber shared some very important points: 1) Black Pink is backed by a bigger label 2) YouTube's original series with Twice implies that according to YouTube's algorythm and business analysis, Twice is more popular 3) Monsta X's Guesting in Ellen speaks a lot on their actual future in North America
  6. Bang Si Hyuk, Founder of BTS' Label, Big Hit, made several announcements on the plans for Big Hit during Big Hit Corporate Briefing: With The Community. Many concepts and words were thrown around but what do those really mean? What is IP? How does it affect BTS? What is Paradigm Shift and how doest it affect Kpop? People are always wondering whether or not Big Hit intentionally puts clues and puzzles in BTS Music Videos and shows. Spoiler: It is intentional. Watch the video and understand Big Hit and where they plan to take BTS. Understand a little bit more about the radical vision of Big Hit that nurtures the radical artist that is BTS.
  7. Just want to pop in to share a really good review about Bring The Soul. This is not just another blogger fangirling. She talks substance
  8. I just finished watching Manhunt on Netflix. I expected that her role won't be the lead since it's really an ensemble cast. I just wanted more badass action scenes from her. But, I'd still recommend it!
  9. Just about to start watching this drama. I just finished Live (Netflix). How long is each episode? Trying to do decide whether I should just do a weekend marathon
  10. As always, educated and substantial analysis about BTS' Success https://youtu.be/GnsW2mJfp4s There is no denying that SNS or social media is a big part of BTS’ success but is SNS or social media really the only reason they became successful? Here is an in-depth analysis of the role that social media or SNS played in BTS’ success from a marketing and advertising professional.
  11. Finally... somebody is writing about BTS' creativity and not just their popularity. here is an excerpt... well researched... intelligent article We need more this. the work already knows how popular they are. time to put a spotlight on their popularity. FULL ARTICLE HERE
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