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[Variety] Good Sunday - Running Man 런닝맨

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Guest jklove_07

Translation of the first episode preview

[1부- 런닝맨]

[Part 1 - Running Man]

새로운 액션 버라이어티. 드디어 그 정체가 밝혀진다!

런 닝맨으로 선발된 최정예 멤버들, 그들의 역사적인 첫 만남!

'일요일이 좋다 - 런닝맨!' 전설의 시작을 함께 하세요.

A new action variety. It is finally revealed!

The best members picked to be Running Man, and their historic first meeting!

'Good Sunday - Running Man!' Let the mythical start begin.

▶ 거대한 도시 전체가 잠든 야심한 시각, 런닝맨이 달리기 시작했다!!!◀

▶ Late night when the giant city has fallen asleep, Running Man has started running!!!◀

모든 출입구가 봉쇄된 초대형 쇼핑몰의 폐점시간,

개점 시간 전까지 곳곳에 내려진 미션을 수행해야 한다!

탈출에 필요한 비밀번호는 총 다섯 자리!

지령을 따라 장소를 찾아가는 동안 상대팀에게 잡히면 일시정지!

치열한 두뇌싸움과 격렬한 몸싸움을 거쳐 탈출에 성공한 멤버는 과연 누구일까?

The biggest shopping mall's closing time, where all exits have been sealed

Before the department store opens, the missions spread out all over the mall needs to be solved!

The secret password leading to the escape has 5 digits!

If you get caught by the opposing team whilst following the mission, you have to pause for a moment!

Which member would escape through all the mind games and the harsh physical fights?

▶긴박감 넘치는 레이스! 대세는 '런닝맨'이다!◀

▶A thrilling race! The trend is 'Running Man!◀

멤버들에게 도착한 지령. 그런데 만만한 미션이 아니다?!번호가 숨겨진 장소를 찾아가야 할 뿐만 아니라

상대팀에게 잡혀서도 안 된다!!

쫓고, 쫓기는 레이스가 거듭될수록 드러나는 멤버들의 성깔(?)

탈출하고 싶은 당신, 걷지 말고 뛰어라!

A mission for the members. But it is not an easy mission?!

You not only have to find the place where the secret code is hidden, but you cannot be caught by the oppositions!!

As the race keeps going on and on, the members personalities gets revealed

Those of you who wants to escape, Run! not walk!

▶초특급 게스트들의 거침없는 몸싸움!◀

▶The most special guests' rough fights!◀

처음 시작은 아리따웠으나, 최후는 비참했다?!

저녁에는 상큼발랄했던 그녀들, 게임이 시작되자 돌변하다!

냉철한 승부 앞에 이미지도, 체면도 버렸다.

남자들마저 벌벌 떨게 만든 그녀들의 치열한 배틀 속으로!!

A beautiful start, but a miserable ending?!

The girls were lovely and bubbly in the evening, but they changed as the game started!

No more image and ego in front of the harsh result of the games.

The competitive battle of the girls who made the guys shiver in horror!!

▶ 예능 신인들의 대활약!◀

▶The variety rookie's play!◀

꽃미남 송중기, 그는 정말 보이는 것처럼 완벽할까?

4차원 이광수, 돌연변이처럼 나타난 버라이어티의 대박신인!

힙합 시인 '리쌍의 개리'. 숨겨왔던 예능의 끼 폭발!

첫 회부터 빵빵 터트려준 예능 초보들. 그들을 기대하시라!

Pretty boy Song Joong Ki, is he really perfect as he looks?

4D Lee Kwang Soo, a big hit variety rookie who appeared like an alien!

Hip hop poet 'Leessang's Gary'. An explosion of his hidden variety talent!

The variety rookies have made big laughter from the 1st episode. Look forward to their roles!

7월 11일 오후 5시 20분 첫 방송!

'일요일이 좋다 - 런닝맨'이 여러분의 곁으로 찾아갑니다!!

11 July, 5.20pm the first episode airs!

'Good Sunday - Running Man' comes to you!!

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Guest nicha1980

thank you for the translation jklove....cant wait to watch it...gahhh when will sunday?

Good news for FO Fans...Look like Lee Chun Hee is one of the guest for 2nd Episode...


2회게스트가 기사엔 이천희와 송지효라 했는 데 여성이 한분 더 있네.

런닝맨의 성패는 돈갖튀처럼 미션수행의 박진감여부에 달려있네.

미션수행시 패떴의 아침당번게임처럼 뭐지? 이런생각이 들면 끝인데

멤버들이 열심히하고 미션수행의 내용을 충실히하면 망삘은 아닌 것 같다.

날유옷을 보니 미션에 멤버로 참가하네.

credit dc yjs


Official Logo...


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really can't wait to see 1st Episode of running man ^^

thx for all updated news about Running man

It'll be last program for LHR too ^^ Good to see her in this program with MC Yoo and KJK again ^O^

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Guest jklove_07

padoindo,we hope so too...lol ;)

more bts pics from the latest taping...

credit cyworld

So Goo hara as the next guest? hehehe

she was funny in one of the Happy together episodes I saw ^^

wonder who the other guest is.. :P

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Guest teukiie

Will Chunhee & Hara be in the same episode?

Anyway, the summary of the preview sounds AMAZING!

So excited for tomorrow!

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Guest sunny_dance


nicha, thanks for the caps!

i want to watch this sooo bad!

looks like they had a lot of fun.

can't wait for the torrent up! =]

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Guest nicha1980

Next week guests are Chun Hee,Goo Hara and Song Ji Hyo...

LHR and HJE only appeared for 1 epi...;(

more cap...


credit as tagged

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Guest nationfairy

woww... thanks for caps nicha... you're so fast... :lol:

but too bad, LHR just for 1 episode... :(

episode 2 is chun hee? :w00t:

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Guest sunny_dance


thanks nicha and semi-fly for the links! time to see what the hooha is all about! =P

i just noticed the main cast is all guys, hence the name running man. xD

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