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Guest LeeNaB2SiLLie4U

Sean Richard Dulake 션 리차드

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Thanks so much for starting a thread on him LeeNaB2Sillie4U !!

Loved him as "Dr. Allen" in JeJoongwon and was curious about him. He did a great job!

Hope to see him in many future projects.

Oooohhhh ....... doesn't hurt to be related to LBH whom I like a lot too. :) Good looks run in the family.

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Guest LeeNaB2SiLLie4U



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Guest dlsgp_ckdalsx3

OH! I've seen this drama, I watch it with my dad sometimes lol anyways

In the drama I thought that he was full Korean, and I thought they dyed his hair and stuff to make him look like an American doctor... nevermind hahah His asian traits are pretty dominant in some ways though

He looks different without his glasses and crazy hair :]

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Guest LeeNaB2SiLLie4U


Congrats! Definitely better role suited for sean!

154620_472551993023_365751608023_5621876_1817768_n.jpg154620_472551988023_365751608023_5621875_1530935_n.jpgSean Dulake in DEC KOREA VOGUE



full spread here http://www.style.co.kr/vogue/starstyle/photo_view.asp?menu_id=02020400&c_idx=010106060000159&ref=nf

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Guest D2xD

He's so unique and handsome.

I squeal every time I see him in Athena. He needs more, much more airtime :3

Never seen him smile (esp not in Athena) so I had to get used to it, but very cute.

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This guy definitely caught my eye in Jejoognwan. Despite all the makeup and efforts to make him look more mature, you can't hide the twinkle in his eye.

Hope to see more of him in movies and dramas. He's about the only reason I'm paying any attention to photos of Athena because he's so cute.

As for his mixed heritage, he's the most well spoken in korean and his acting is better than most other mixed bi cultural actors.

Btw, please stay away from orange/red hair.

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Guest lynatee

ahaha he is definitely a man's man like siwon. so masculine and drool worthy with this silent charisma that exudes from him without speaking a word. I love his smile ahaha siwon has nothing on you my dear dulake >.O. hes so charming and lovely to look at. i wonder how talented he is, lets hope he has the entire package (probably does since he has been casted for athena)

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March 18, 2010

New Faces to Widen the Scope of Hallyu Dramas

Source: Dynamic-Korea.com


How many outside Korea are aware that Lee Charm, the first naturalized Korean citizen from Germany used to be a TV celebrity, who at one time appeared in Korean TV dramas? Last year he was named the president of the Korean Tourism Organization, becoming the first naturalized citizen to be named to a high government post.

Hallyu drama is fast catering to changing trends. As the number of expats in Korea exceeded one million years ago, new faces are making a splash in Hallyu dramas these days. These new faces are either Koreans from overseas, half-Koreans or expats eager to take their chance to be a star in Asia.

One of the earliest signs of the big potential for actors from overseas was in the drama “My Lovely Sam-soon” (2005). At the time Daniel Henney, a U.S. model whose mother is ethnically Korean starred as a supportive friend of a girl he loves. Henney, with his good looks and the charming role he played, became an instant talk in Korea, together with the show.

Henney, learning his way around Korea as well as the language, appeared in other TV dramas like Spring Waltz and many TV commercials. With his improved Korean he later landed main roles in local movies like “Seducing Mr. Perfect” and “My Father.” This career paved his way to Hollywood, helping him star in a role as Agent Zero in the film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and as Dr. David Lee in CBS drama “Three Rivers.”

Following the successful example of Henney, more overseas actors began to make appearances in local television shows. Julien Kang, a French-Canadian actor whose father is Korean, started out with small roles in dramas like “A Star's Lover” (2008) and “Dream” (2009). He is currently making his name better known through a sitcom called “High Kick Straight to the Roof,” playing a tutor from overseas.

It's not just the dramas. The KBS weekly talk show “Beauties Talk,” in which women from different nations express their thoughts on Korean culture and compare it to their own, has been one of the great attractions on Tuesday evenings since it premiered in 2006.

MBC's Sunday morning show “Surprise” features male and female actors recreating strange events and mysterious happenings from around the world and has recorded steady ratings since it first began in 2002. It has also become quite common for other variety shows to have overseas actors – though they have to speak Korean to some degree – at least as guest stars.

The same can be said for historical dramas, where usually western actors simply had no role to play due to the historical background. With the latest trend to go beyond stories of the Joseon era (1392-1910), which was a hermit kingdom for five centuries, foreign actors are at least showing up on camera as traders and merchants from Persia, Rome and other countries. “Queen Seondeok,” a drama that deals with stories of the Silla Kingdom (57 B.C. – A.D. 935) has plenty of those merchants appearing in the show.

The most dramatic experimentation took place with the 20-episode mini-series “Tamna the Island” (2009) when the producer cast a foreigner as the main character. Pierre Deporte (adopted Korean name: Hwang Chan-bin), who is French but can speak Korean thanks to his Korean stepmother, starred as an English castaway on Korea's Jeju-do Island in the 17th century (Tamna is the old name for Jeju-do). Although it didn't rate as well as expected, it spawned many enthusiastic followers that still laud the new ideas and bold experiments.

In the recent weekend drama “Assorted Gems” (2010) Michael Blunck starred in the leading role as a U.S. student who wishes to be a monk in Korea. Unlike a few other half-Korean or foreign actors who had to go the extra length to catch up with the language, Blunck had no trouble showing off his fluent Korean throughout the show. He has lived in Korea for 10 years and though he never acted before, his comfortable screen presence has added to the popularity of the show.

The growing presence of Korean-American actors taking large roles in major TV dramas is most evident in the ongoing medical drama “Jejoongwon” which began to air in mid-January this year. The drama, named after Korea's first modern hospital established in 1885, features many medical missionaries who have newly arrived in Joseon in the late 19th century. . The story deals with episodes stemming from when old Korean culture met the new culture from the West, especially in the field of medicine. The roles of medical missionaries like Horace Newton Allen (1858-1932) and John W. Heron (1856-1890) are played by Sean Richard and Ricky Lee Neely, respectively, both from the United States and half ethnically Korean.

Sean Richard, whose mother is Korean, majored in acting and built his career through stage performances in New York. “I wish to break down the prejudice that overseas actors have to be simply handsome and tall,” Richard said in an interview. He won the role of Allen out of 100 actors who auditioned.

He admitted it wasn't speaking Korean but acting in Korean that proved to be more difficult then he thought. However, he got used to late night acting. In Korea one of the difficulties of acting includes long hours of waiting and waiting, quite often running out of time, chased by pressing schedules – something that many foreign actors have adjusting to.

“I work till late then have soju with the staff. That's the fun of Korean TV production I guess,” said Richard. “There's a sense of companionship in the Korean workplace, the gathering you have after the hard work instead of just heading home separately. I think I like that.”

Ricky Lee Neely is a model and has appeared in smaller roles in other Korean dramas like “On Air” and variety shows. He gained attention by marrying musical actress Ryu Seung-joo last year.

“It's good to see that I'm not alone in trying to build an acting career in Korea,” said Neely in his interview and expressed his wish, too, for local viewers to see him beyond just good looks.

More overseas actors are expected to show up in this particular drama based on the historical background. Catherine Baillie from the KBS Variety show “Beauties Talk” is playing female doctor Lilias Horton (1851-1921), meaning that Horton's fiancé and future husband Horace Grant Underwood (1859-1916), one of the first Presbyterian missionaries to Korea, and Oliver R. Avison (1860-1921), another medical missionary to Jejoongwon, are soon to appear.

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June 11, 2011

Lee Byung Hun and Sean Richard at ScreenSingapore 2011

Source: Life in Singapore Cyworld // ScreenSingapore

Actors Sean Richard and Lee Byung Hun participated at the Red Carpet Gala Premiere and closing of ScreenSingapore 2011 International Film Event.

Interview TODAY clip:

Tom Hanks at the Singapore Premiere of his New Movie 'Larry Crowne' (Sean Richard at 8:02, Lee Byunghun & Zhang ZiYi at 8:39 and Tom Hanks closing the clip)

| Size: 80.20MB |







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June 12, 2011

'Jejungwon' Sean Richard and Lee Byung Hun are cousins

Source: Nate 1 l 2


After the wide assumption, half-Korean actor & celebrity Sean Richard Dulake (27) is indeed top actor Lee Byung Hun's cousin.

Lee Byung Hun's management agency BH Entertainment on the 10th confirmed that Sean who is an artiste with the company is also the first cousin of LBH.

Sean Richard debuted early last year in SBS medical period drama 'Jejungwon' acting as a western physician Dr. Allen after going through the audition process. With a striking appearance and acting potential, the young actor is expected to succeed as Daniel Henney had been able to achieve.

Born to a British father and Korean mother, Sean is known by his American name. The actor who graduated in Business Administration from the prestigious Boston University, started acting in a play in New York and gradually performed in shows to gain more acting experience.

BH Entertainment stated that Sean who is the son of Lee Byung Hun's aunt came to Korea in 2008 and studied Korean for about one and a half years before starting to be involved in the Korean showbiz industry. He wanted to achieve his dream acting in Korea on his own talent thus never relying nor mentioning the strong relationship with Lee Byung Hun.



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Thanks to xesre8 for sharing the article scans at LBH thread :)

June 13, 2011

I've only known American culture

By: Charlene Chua The New Paper Singapore PHOTOS: Kelvin Chng


Athena 2010

If there's one thing Sean Richard could do about his profile on the Internet, it would be to correct the "fact" that he was "born in Korea".

In truth, he was born in Los Angeles to a Korean mother and British father,

He's also here for the ScreenSingapore film festival and is newly signed on to Lee Byung hun's management company.

The 27-year-old told The New Paper: I don't know who wrote that about me and put it on the Internet. "I've lived in the US most of my life, so I've only known American culture. I decided to try acting in Korea as my mum's from there and I heard that a lot of mixed-blood actors are acting there right now."

He's referring to models-turned-actors Dennis Oh (who has a Korean mother and American father) and Daniel Henney (with a Korean mother and Irish American father).

Richard made his debut two years ago and has acted in Korean dramas Athena: Goddess of War and Jejoongwon.

"Opportunities for foreign actors in Korea now may be quite scarce but I love acting. I don't compare myself to the other foreign actors. We should just all support each other instead."

Athena (2010) is the spin-off of the highly successful Korean drama IRIS (2009) which starred Lee. But how did Richard get into acting?

He was short when he was in high school. At just 1.4m tall in his second year, Richard joked that the only muscle he would use was his mouth. After a late growth spurt (he's now 1.77m), he pursued an acting degree in college before making the move to Korea two years ago.

Said Richard: "My parents still live in LA and it's hard when something good happens and I come home and have no one to share it with.

But I think it's when you're young that it's the best time to challenge yourself."

- Charlene Chua / TNP


Sean Richard and Lee Byung Hun at the interview with The New Paper Singapore over the weekend.


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Good to see BH Entertainment getting more active now.. hopefully for the benefit of all fans concerned..

August 25, 2011

Please refer BH Entertainment Facebook to reply the survey

211214_113828472036002_3235059_q.jpgSource: BH Entertainment


1) what is the most popular KOREA's TV series(drama) at your country? and how do you get the informations or pictures or other videos from? if there are sites, then please tell us.

2) what is the best 'Korea's (Hallyu) entertainment program' at your country?


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September 12, 2011


즐거운추석되세요♥ Happy thanksgiving day everyone, thank you for your support all the times

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November 5, 2011

Sean Richard at the Opening of Samantha Thavasa Outlet at Lotte Main Store

Source: Arts News


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December 9, 2011

Copied from mscity78 (BH Ent) & InStyle Korea twitter page ^^




BH엔터테인먼트 모든배우 총출동입니다~3년째 진행중인 자선화보촬영장입니다

The 3rd annual InStyle-BH Entertainment Charity Pictorial in progress

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