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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | Current Drama "Blind"


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Guest dollie.

I'm excited about Taec starring in a drama yet nervous for him at the same time. Hopefully he'll do well and not follow the path of Yunho's acting career. Go Taec! Fighting!

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'Beastly idol' 2PM member Taecyeon was tricked by Moon gunyoung, Seowoo, Chun Jung-myung's hidden camera trick.

On the 6th, the first face to face meeting of the new KBS 2TV mini-series 'Cinderella Sister' drama cast took place. Taecyeon was part of an awkward situation with the fellow cast members Moon Gun-young, Seowoo, Chun Jung-myung's joke.

On the 8th, an associate stated that Moon Gun-young, Seowoo, Shun Jung-myung played a hidden camera joke on Taecyeon since it was his first time as an actor and to help him loose his tensions.

The concept was Seowoo having a crush on Taecyeon and Chun Jung-Myung disciplining the young Seowoo in front of Taecyeon. Chun Jung-myung disciplined Seowoo in front of Taecyeon angrily and said how she was thoughtless and immature in her first meeting with Taecyeon. Unable to handle the pressure, Seowoo went to Moon Gun-young and cried in her arms. Taecyeon didn't know what to do and was very surprised and said to the officials that he had no idea what was going on.

In order to fully fool Taecyeon, Moon gun-young Seo and Chun Jung myung did not tell Kim Young Jo PD.

Kim Young Jo PD explained, "The scenario exercises and the face to face appearance was to bring enthusiasm and create a friendly atmosphere. All actors on the show are working enthusiastically and have high expectations."

Kim PD continued, "Although it's Taecyeon's first time acting, I believe he will be able to carry out the character's role well."

'Cinderella Sister' is based on the fairy tale of Cinderella, and the mistreated Cinderella will take revenge on her evil stepmother.

This drama will start filming on the 19th.

Take out with full credits. There shouldn't be any removal or addition to the credits.



Moon Geun Young, Ok Taec Yeon, Late night Makgulee gathering -- why?

Recently, 'Korea's little sister' Moon Geun Young and 'Beast Idol' Taec Yeon had gathered together for some Makgulee (traditional Korean alcoholic beverage). On this day, actor Chun Jung Myeong and actress Suh Woo had also joined in, emptying more than 50 bottles of Makgulee, surprising everyone around them.

The reason they had this gathering was for the new KBS drama 'Cinderella's Sister' that is going to air on March 31st. They chose Makgulee as the choice beverage because it is an important part of the drama's backdrop.

*Irrelevant info omitted

Take out with full credits. There shouldn't be any removal or addition to the credits.


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Guest yukidag

I'm looking forward to see him in drama.

I'm sure he'll do just fine. I read it somewhere that today is the first day of his drama filming.

Good Luck Taecyeon!!!

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Preview video for season 2 reveals a different Family Outing!

Posted on February 15, 2010 by sookyeong


The preview to ‘Family Outing 2′ has been revealed.

The first episode of Family Outing 2 will be aired on 21st February. And on the last episode of Family Outing 1 aired on 14th February, the preview was released on the show.

From the video, it can be seen that the atmosphere for the new Family Outing is different as a strong feel of competition can be felt from the members. And Yoon SangHyun was even featured saying “This is really miserable”.

What is special for this new Family Outing show is the appearance of idol stars like So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon and 2AM Jo Kwon. Even ‘Kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon was featured in the teaser saying, “This is the first time I face with such a situation” showing his surprise on how the show turned out for him.

Meanwhile, the show will start airing from 21st February on every Sunday at 5.20pm.


2AM-2PM trainer, TaecYeon was not in good shape at first, but overcame it with hard work”

Posted on February 13, 2010 by sookyeong


2AM-2PM's trainer talked about the members’ integrity and also praised them on their passion for exercise.

The trainer for the 2 groups was featured on MBC lunar new year special Section TV Entertainment Relay aired on 12th February. He said, Even though they are really busy, they still work hard at exercising.

He added, And the irony is, 2PM TaecYeon’s body was not in a good shape, but with great hardwork, he has now as good as athletes, and that's how he got the nickname of Jjit Taecyeon.

The trainer also commented, Actually the real beastly guys are 2AM. Their builds are really good.


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Cass Beer CF- Taec version[30sec]


(credit: 2pmonline)

[Official Ver.2] Yoon Eun Hye-Nichkhun & Taecyeon Cass Beer CF [60s]


(credit: Taegwang13)

[HQ] 2PM - Crazy4s(SPRIS CF) MV Dance Version


(credit: KpopFun2)

[HQ] 2PM - Coca Cola CF [30s Version]

(credit: KpopFun2)

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Guest magarine

Some cut from family outing 2. Taec used LV wallet. :)

cr: UnknownCarrot3

To open Idol's Bag - Jokwon ,Yoona , Taecyeon ( Feb.21.10 )


Yoona , Jokwon ,Taecyeon Cuts 1 ( Feb.21.10 )


Jokwon ,Yoona , Taecyeon Cuts 2 ( Feb.21.10 )


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Thank you for the clip magarine :)

Upcoming rival dramas hold first rehearsals

February 20th, 2010 // by javabeans

Two upcoming romantic-comedy dramas will be competing head to head when KBS’s Cinderella’s Sister and MBC’s Personal Taste premiere on the same day. Both dramas also recently began work with their first script rehearsals, soon to be followed by first shoots.

Granted, I’m aware that a big chunk of this hype is purely that — hype built up via press releases and the media. But still, I’m going to take it as a good sign that both productions are said to feature wonderful chemistry between their lead couples, who are (in order of their photos above) Lee Min-ho and Sohn Ye-jin in Personal Taste and Moon Geun-young and Chun Jung-myung of Cinderella’s Sister.

Cinderella’s Sister held its first script reading a week ago, on February 12, in the Yeouido district of Seoul. The day brought together its four main leads (which include Seo Woo and Taecyeon in addition to Moon and Chun), as well as the veterans in the supporting cast, led by Lee Mi-sook in the role of the stepmother. A rep from production company A Story said, “There’s no need to talk up the quality of acting skills of the ‘premium actors’ gathered here, and their enthusiasm during the script rehearsal was explosive.”

The four younger cast members had previously met and bonded over makgulli, a Korean rice wine, which is featured in the drama as Moon’s father (Kim Gab-soo) runs a makgulli business. Moon’s character is described as an “ice princess” for her cold exterior, while bubbly Seo Woo is instead a “princess of laughs.”

Several days later on February 17, Personal Taste held its rehearsal at the Ilsan Dream Center. Sohn Ye-jin arrived early and busied herself reading over her script, while Lee Min-ho’s fans came to Ilsan to deliver snacks to the team in support of their star. In addition to Sohn and Lee, also in attendance were supporting actors Kim Ji-suk and Wang Ji-hye as the main love rivals, Ryu Seung-ryong as a senior architect, as well as Jo Eun-ji, Jung Sung-hwa, Ahn Seok-hwan, and Bong Tae-kyu.

The rehearsal was a second meeting for Sohn and Lee, who had met after both were cast. The production boasted of the couple’s commitment to character and “fantastic chemistry.”

PD Sohn Hyung-seok said, “Today’s script rehearsal was a chance for us to acquaint ourselves as we talked with one another. The process may be tough, but I hope we can enjoy the work and achieve a good result.”

Personal Taste followed the rehearsal with poster shoots on the following day. Both dramas premiere March 31. (SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday contender will be Kim So-yeon’s Prosecutor Mata Hari, which premieres a little later in April.)

Via Star News, My Daily, MHJ21


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Taec clears up about ring scandal with yoona once again. lol

[100221 HQ] YoonA & Taecyeon talking about their Couple Ring Scandal

CR : KpopFun3



SNSD's Yoona and 2PM's Taecyeon has spoken out to justify the scandal rumors.

In SBS's "Family Outing Season 2" or "FO2," which aired February 21, Yoona and Ok Taecyeon rode the same car to a destination for a mission.

Ok Taecyeon prepared a hot coffee can for Yoona and showed his caring side. After working together in a program and being surrounded by scandal rumors, the two had moments of awkwardness.

Both stated, "After the scandal, I was criticized by the fans." Yoona also mentioned, "Even my older sister asked 'Are you really dating him?' and I thought to myself that I needed to be more careful."

Yoona and Taecyeon showed their rings close up on the camera to prove that it wasn't the same ring.

Credit: Sosiz & Soshified

Translation: typicalharu@soshified.com/forums

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Taecyeons huge transformation: 100 kilos tubby guy in Cinderella Sister

Monday, February 22 2010 Written by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.


Recently, Beasty idol 2PM Taecyeons decision to star in the drama, Cinderella Sister, has garnered interest from the general public. Teacyeon cast as Han Jungwoo, a smart and straight- forwarded man with strong personality, who found himself head over heels in love in Eunjo. (Starring Moon Geunyoung who is famous for her movies, My little bride and Innocent step.) Nevertheless, more interesting fact is Han Jungwoo, a role taken by Taecyeon, was 100 kg. tumbler-like kid while he was studied in high school.

As we have known that the image of sexy beasty idol is a craze among people now. However, in this drama, we are going to witness another side of 2PM Taecyeon which is completely different from one on stages.

A person related to filming this drama said Han Jungwoo seems to be tough person on the outside, but he is craving for love on the inside for his mother left him since he was young. Therefore, He has had take care of himself all along that he was even in a fight for foods. One day, he met Eunjo and fell in love with her so he determined to be a cool guy to win her heart. He struggled to lose his weight to transform himself into a handsome guyWe think the charm that Taecyeon has got suits this character.

The first episode of Cinderella Sister will be aired on this March 31.

Source: News.Chosun

Translations: Kor-Thai by Wawa @2pmalways / Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K. @2pmalways

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Thank you for the pics! He's so HOTTTTTTTTT :wub:

Taecyeon in Cinderella’s Sister

February 22nd, 2010 // by javabeans

Soon after the first stills were released for Cinderella’s Sister, we have our first look at second lead Ok Taecyeon in character as Jung-woo, who grew up with a difficult (read: poor) childhood and therefore loves to eat (assuming that he didn’t have much growing up). As an adult, he’s a rather simple guy who is single-mindedly in love with with the one girl who used to cook for him, Eun-jo (Moon Geun-young).

As he is an idol singer with boy band 2PM, there’s some doubt as to how well Taecyeon will acquit himself in his acting debut. However, a source from A Story, the production company behind the drama, expressed the team’s faith in Taecyeon, saying that viewers can expect to see good screen presence and sensitivity.

We won’t know how well he’ll carry himself on the acting front till next month, but the boy is looking pretty good. (Not as good as Chun Jung-myung, though! I leave you 2PM fans free to claim this one.)


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Idol star Taecyeon up for Cinderella’s Sister

January 25th, 2010 // by javabeans

In the drama, Taecyeon will play an innocent character named Jung-woo who maintains a steadfast love for Moon Geun-young’s Eun-jo, leading to a love triangle with her and Chun Jung-myung. Cinderella’s Sister will follow Chuno and premiere on March 31.

innocent? :D:P

thats why he cut his hair like this.


so cutee and looks so handsome at same time :blush:

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Guest exbow

Moon GeunYeong, I can feel the idol in TaecYeon in a distance but he is well-mannered

Posted on March 8, 2010 by sookyeong


Actress Moon GeunYeong takes a radical transformation from being the nations little sister for a tough image.

On KBS 2TV Park SooHong Choi WonJungs YeoYoo Man Man aired on 8th March, the viewers were taken to the filming scene of upcoming drama Cinderella Man to take over the timeslot for drama Juno.

Moon GeunYeong was seen in eyeline and smokey makeup. She plays the role of Song EunJo in the drama, and her comment on her role was, She is a wild kid. She is a character who could not receive love and then more she was rejected of it, the more she closes the door of heart becoming a very lonely child.

Also Moon GeunYeong is playing alongside 2PM TaecYeon in the drama. TaecYeon plays Jung Woo who is the sunflower for EunJo. Moon GeunYeong commented, I felt TaecYeon as an idol from a distance, but he is very well mannered.

Meanwhile the drama will start airing from 31st March.



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