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The REAL leg percentage calculation

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Oppa telling us to do rope skipping to increase the leg percentage. LOL. 

we need it for blackmail materiallll @Lawyerh ahhahahahahah....  joking.... @triplem 

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Guest Hemera

i calculated my mom's percentage the other day...and her's was like 45.xx%...about 1% less than mine..but her legs look like they go on forever..whereas i look short


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Guest Sophisticate

91.4/165.1 = Decimal: 0.55360388

Yes, I measured at my crotch.

So... 55%?

But I always knew I had long legs, so w/e.

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Guest loveutomorrow

Everyone always says that I have really long legs, but I never really believed them...

88/168 = 52.38~ ish %

>< yeah, my body's pretty short, even though my whole self is tall ㅠㅠ

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Guest LovelySeoul

74.5cm/160cm x 100= 47.6%

im content =) if i lose some weight my legs would be perfect haha

-oh no topped a page T_T

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